Does Starbucks have apple cider? (At Starbucks, what is the apple cider drink called? + More information)

Does Starbucks have Apple Cider? If you are a Starbucks fan and Apple Cider is your favorite drink, here is a chance for you to find out if it is offered at Starbucks plus all you need to know about it.

Yes, it does have Apple Cider even though it has a unique taste. While Starbucks might not have the traditional Apple Cider as is, it has a drink that mimics the taste and comes highly recommended by those who know it. It is a unique version of Apple cider and it goes by the name Caramel Apple Spice. The first time I tried it, it was so tasteful that I added it to my list of favorites. Interestingly, it is effortless to order. Most interestingly, it goes hand in hand with the fall season. While considered Starbucks’ most underrated drink, there are still people who love it and keep ordering it as their go-to classic.

How does Starbucks make apple cider?

Starbucks regards its recipe as a secret, even though it is an easy one. When making it, they follow the following steps.

  1. First, baristas make steamed apple juice.
  2. Once they have the steamed apple juice ready, they add in Oprah chai syrup. 1 pump is added, for a tall size, 1.5 pumps for a grande size, and 2 pumps for a venti.
  3. If the customer needs their Apple cider spicier, all the barista needs to do is add in more extra chai syrup.
  4. Another way to have it is with cinnamon-spiced cider and then top it with caramel and whipped cream.
  5. From there it is ready to serve.

At Starbucks, what is the apple cider drink called?

is the apple cider

It is called Caramel Apple Spice. Even though it is a holiday beverage, it is available all through the year. If you consider yourself a fan, this is a go-to classic that you will never have to miss.

You could consider it a fancier choice than hot apple cider. It is made up of steamed apple juice, mixed up with cinnamon syrup, delightful caramel sauce drizzle, and topped with whipped cream. Though it is a version of apple juice, calling it apple juice would be an insult! This heavenly goodness has the rich spicy taste of cinnamon flavor that you would look forward to any day.

Might you want to customize your drink? This is entirely possible though not from the app. If you are ordering it in person, you can add in flavors such as 2 pumps of pumpkin syrup, or unsweetened iced tea. For the toppings, you can add in freckles of cinnamon dolce topping, or crunchy caramel which will add a little oomph to your drink.

How do you order an apple cider drink at Starbucks?

Barristers are not normally trained on the menu so you may have to slow it down when placing your apple cider order. To start it off, you can ask the barista for a grande cup topped with caramel drizzle. To fill it up, ask for apple juice complemented by two pumps containing cinnamon dolce syrup. To set it apart from the rest, you can go ahead and add a dollop of sweet vanilla cold cream foam. If you want it sweetened, even more, ask for caramel drizzle and cinnamon sugar on top. This should give it a crunchy taste. That said, sit back, wait for your order and make sure to savor the taste of each sip.

This drink is a perfect complement when you want to curl up on the sofa with a book in hand, enjoy a crisp afternoon walk in the park with your dog, or even just add a little pep into your steps as you work on a project. You can order it with any pumpkin snacks.

What is the content Nutrient of an Apple Cider?

Starbucks apple cider drink

If you are concerned about the nutrition content of this delicious drink, here is a breakdown:

Calories 589 kcal
Sodium 58 mg
Carbohydrates 151 grams
Fiber 1 gram
Calcium 124 mg
Vitamin C 2.2 mg
Potassium 396 mg
Sugar 145 gram
Iron 1.9 mg

FAQ Section

Does Starbucks apple cider have caffeine?

No, it does not have caffeine. It has steamed apple juice, whipped cream, a dolce of cinnamon syrup, and caramel drizzle sauce.

How can one order hot apple cider at Starbucks?

Feeling chilly and want to warm up? While there isn’t a traditional hot apple cider on the menu at Starbucks, there is a drink that comes pretty close in taste. It is called Spiced Apple Pie. To order it, ask the barista for it and to switch it up, you can add in graham crackers, cinnamon sprinkles, and whipped cream in spirit for the holidays. This is how the masters order it! You will love it!

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