What is in Starbucks grilled cheese? (what does Starbucks grilled cheese taste like + more information)

Crispy grilled cheese tastes amazingly delicious. Anyone who has taken the delicious treat always wonders, “what is in Starbucks grilled cheese?”

Starbucks grilled cheese combines mozzarella and white cheddar cheeses on sourdough bread and is topped with Parmesan butter spread. I recently treated my mother to a Starbucks grilled cheese and served it with tomato salad.

It was her first time with the Starbucks grilled cheese, and she could not believe how amazing it tasted. She kept saying, “this is pretty good”, and she forced me to teach her how to make it. After that experience, I figured out I could introduce it to you and teach you how to make it at home if you haven’t already. Read on.

What is in Starbucks grilled cheese?

The grilled cheese has mozzarella, white cheddar cheese, parmesan butter, and sourdough bread. The mozzarella cheese originated from Italy and was traditionally made using buffalo milk. It is rare to get water buffalo milk, and the cheese is currently made from cow’s milk. The traditional cheese was quite different from most cheese because it was not aged but eaten fresh immediately after making it. Mozzarella cheese is easy to make, and most people prefer to use it with recipes such as vegetables, seafood, meat and salads. The cheese is soft and easy to cut.

Cheddar cheese is made worldwide and is believed to originate from Cheddar village in southwest England. Although cheddar cheese was made traditionally, some manufactured cheese is now labelled cheddar. The white cheddar used in grilled cheese has a similar manufacturing process and nutritional content as the orange one. They are the same save for the color. It is made from cow’s milk, and it is different from mozzarella cheese because it is aged.

Parmesan butter is made from Parmesan Cheese, Powdered Cellulose, Canola Oil, and Unsalted Butter. You can also make it home with the regular butter, Parmesan cheese, garlic, thyme pepper and salt. From the ingredients, the butter is more delicious and more nutritious than regular butter. It, therefore, makes a significant impact in terms of taste in the Starbucks grilled cheese.

Sourdough bread is naturally leavened without the use of commercial yeast. It forms a good base for the combination of the other ingredients of the Starbucks grilled cheese.

Starbucks grilled cheese Calories and Nutrition

The Starbucks grilled cheese has 523 calories in a 143g serving. The calories are considerably high for such a small quantity. If you are not an active person or you have no regular exercise routine, you should avoid such because it can result in a considerable increase in weight gain. The grilled cheese is rich in protein because in a 143g serving, it contains 21g, which is more than 40% of the daily protein requirement for an adult of average weight. The salt in the cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese and Parmesan butter contributes a significant amount of sodium- 1040mg. It is also important to note that the cheese contains 70mg of cholesterol. The cholesterol is contributed by the dairy milk used in the manufacture of cheese and butter. The high amount of cholesterol and salt is not good, especially for people with hypertension. The grilled cheese should therefore be taken sparingly. The 143g serving contains 27g of total fat. I consider the amount significantly high because the serving is pretty small and may not be the only source of fat for the day.

Although cheese is delicious and is a significant source of proteins, it should be taken with a measure to avoid excesses, especially fat, sodium and cholesterol.

The table below shows the full nutritional content

Serving size 143g Calories 520

Total fat



Saturated fat



Trans fat









Total carbohydrates



Dietary fiber









What does the Starbucks grilled cheese taste like?

Starbucks Grilled Cheese Sandwich Review - Thrillist

The best way to taste the Starbucks grilled cheese is in the Starbucks crispy grilled cheese sandwich. The first thing you notice about it is that it smells really good. The smell is even stronger and more attractive when the sandwich is served hot. From experience, the grilled cheese has a nice fancy taste. The taste stays longer and keeps coming back if you belch. Although I like the taste while eating the sandwich, I don’t like it when it lingers long after I am through.

In a review, one of the customers described the taste as “really good” and noted that the blend of cheddar and mozzarella cheese tasted like a fancier grilled cheese. He noted that it did not taste like a slice of real grilled cheese but instead like microwaved cheese. It was not the quality of Starbucks products that a person would expect.

Taste is relative, and each person must decide for themselves whether it is good. I challenge you to try, and chances are that you will really like it.

How can I make the Starbucks grilled cheese at home?

What is in Starbucks grilled cheese?

How to make the Starbucks grilled cheese at home?(Copycat recipe)

Kai Jordan
If you love the Starbucks Grilled cheese, and you cannot get it from Starbucks for whatever reason, don’t worry. You can make it at home, and it will be as tasty as one from Starbucks.


  • Cheese Grater
  • Table knife
  • Non-stick frying pan
  • Source of heat


  • parmesan butter
  • Butter
  • White cheddar cheese
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Sourdough


  • Using a cheese grater, grate the parmesan butter, white cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese to make it soft.
  • Mix the parmesan and regular butter and spread on the outside of a slice of sourdough bread.
  • Layer the mozzarella cheese and white cheddar cheese on the inside of the sourdough bread.
  • Repeat to cover a second slice with the mixture of the regular and parmesan butter on the outside and place it on top of the other slice to cover the mozzarella cheese and white cheddar cheese.
  • Repeat this process for the number of slices you want to make or depending on the number of people you need to serve
  • Place layered pieces on the non-stick cooking pan and let them grill for about 1 to 2 minutes or until they are crispy.
  • Enjoy your delicacy

How do you order grilled cheese from Starbucks?

You can order grilled cheese at Starbucks by requesting crispy or crispy cheese on sourdough. You can order from the app by opening the Starbucks app from your phone or windows 11 computer. Click on the menu or search for the crispy grilled cheese on sourdough. You can customize by clicking on the sandwich options and adding sriracha. If you decide to customize, indicate the number of Sriracha packets you need. Then finish your order by paying and indicating the delivery option that suits you, contact or non-contact.

Final thoughts

Starbucks grilled cheese is a must-try if you like sandwiches and if you like cheese. The combination of mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese and Parmesan butter create a great taste.

FAQ section

Is the grilled cheese from Starbucks vegan?

No, the cheese is made from cow milk.

How much is grilled cheese from Starbucks?

The sandwich costs $5.25

When did Starbucks introduce grilled cheese

It was introduced on June 24 2014

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