Do Starbucks K-Cups taste like Starbucks? (Best Starbucks K Cups for Iced Coffee + More information

Taking iced coffee during the summer can help you keep cool down. Would you like to make one with a Keurig? If yes, you should find the best Starbucks K cups for iced coffee.

If you enjoy making coffee, you probably know how challenging it can be to get the right taste. Though I used to buy my coffee from Starbucks, I started learning how to make this at my home. When I bought a Keurig coffee maker, I started looking for compatible K-Cups.

Starbucks had a couple of options that I bought to make iced coffee. I came up with this post to help you discover the best K Cups for iced coffee at Starbucks. By the end of this post, you will also learn if Starbucks K Cups taste like Starbucks. Enjoy!

Best Starbucks K Cups for Iced Coffee

Starbucks pike place roast

Though making iced coffee may not be different from preparing regular coffee, the flavor you pick can determine how it will taste. You can achieve great taste by buying a Pike place roast k-cup from Starbucks. This is a famous K Cup that delivers a versatile flavor. Since it is a medium roast, you can use it when making iced cold coffee or hot coffee.

This K Cup contains toasted nuts and notes of cocoa that have a pleasant aroma and rich flavor in iced coffee drinks. It is not only compatible with the Keurig coffee maker but comes in a user-friendly pod. You don’t require any prior experience to utilize this K-cup. This Starbucks K Cup is also healthy since it does not have any cholesterol.

The pack contains at least 24 pods in 4 boxes. This means that you get a total of 96 K-cup pods. It can therefore take you a long way, especially if you don’t drink coffee every day. This K-cup is made using Arabica coffee beans.

Starbucks sells not only caffeinated pike place roast but also decaffeinated for those who are looking to cut back on caffeine. Though these are among the best Starbucks K Cups for iced coffee, they look fuller than they are. Despite this, you can enjoy the K-cup with an iced coffee. You don’t have to worry about getting a burnt flavor when choosing this K-cup.

Starbucks Dark roast Sumatra

Best Starbucks K Cups for Iced Coffee

Making iced coffee is easy since you only need to brew the regular coffee through the Keurig machine and then add some ice cubes. You can improve the taste of this coffee by getting a compatible K Cup. This is a dark roast K-cup that has a nice spicy aftertaste. Like the previous Starbucks K-cup, dark roast Sumatra is made of 100% arabica coffee beans.

The Sumatra blend has an earthy aroma and contains lingering notes of dry herbs. The Sumatra volcanic soil offers the coffee beans of this K-cup its earthy notes. Since this dark roast K-cup does not have acidity, you don’t have to worry about developing heartburn when adding it to iced coffee. Many coffee drinkers also enjoy it due to its smooth flavors.

The spicy coffee k-cup comes from an Indonesian island. Once you buy this K-cup, you will get 60 pods that you can regularly use every time you brew coffee. Since Starbucks meets high-quality standards, you can buy this K-cup without any quality concerns. If you buy this K-cup from another store, you should ensure that it comes with the Starbucks logo to avoid paying for a counterfeit product.

Starbucks French Roast K-Cup

If you enjoy making dark iced coffee at home, consider adding this Starbucks K-Cup to your drink. Many coffee lovers choose this K-Cup since the pods are easy to use. It is made from 100% arabica coffee beans. This is a great K-Cup for the health-conscious since it does not contain any cholesterol that could lead to weight gain.

This is ideal for Keurig brewers and contains 96 K-Cup pods. It is light-bodied and has low levels of acidity. Starbucks French roast has notes of sweet smoke and dark caramel. Though some people like the roasty flavor of this K-Cup, some find it to be less strong than other types of dark coffee.

Note that Starbucks does not offer any decaffeinated version of this K-Cup. Though the company changed the look of this K-Cup, you can still enjoy the same great taste as before. Some customers, however, reveal that it has loose foil lids.

Starbuck via medium roast sweetened iced coffee

Starbucks K Cups for Iced CoffeeStart a new day by enjoying this K-Cup from Starbucks. These are instant coffee packets that you can enjoy without brewing. To use, you only need to empty the K-Cup into some cool water and wait for at least ten seconds before stirring. You can then add some ice and start consuming.

It is, therefore, more convenient than other Starbucks K-Cups. This K-Cup contains 36 packets in each box. They are naturally sweetened with the right amount of cane sugar. This is an excellent option for you to enjoy iced coffee without investing in a Keurig coffee maker. The problem with choosing this option is that you have to pay more for each cup of coffee. Some customers also reveal that it lacks flavor.

Like most Starbucks K-cups, this instant medium roast is made using 100% arabica coffee beans. A single packet can make 16 ounces of iced coffee. Since this K-Cup is instant, you can enjoy some iced coffee at any time. Ensure you don’t let it sit for long after making iced coffee since it can form a thick clump. Some customers also reveal that it develops a weird smell when you mix the K-Cup with water.

Informative section

Does Starbucks sell their K-Cups?

Yes. You can find different K-cups that you can use as you make iced or hot coffee from Starbucks. This can add flavor to your coffee. The Starbucks K-Cups come in varying flavors that appeal to customers with different tastes. While most of them are suitable when brewing coffee, Starbucks even offers an instant K-cup.

Before choosing any K-Cup from this coffee brand, you should determine how many pods are available, the roasting level, the types of coffee beans it is made from, and how it tastes. You can learn more about its tastes by going through most customer reviews on online platforms.

Are K-Cups cheaper than Starbucks?

Yes. This is why many coffee addicts switch from buying Starbucks drinks every day to making their coffee with K-Cups. These types of coffees are compatible with Keurig coffee makers. You can buy a Keurig machine to start making your coffee, then flavor them with K Cups.

Though the initial cost of a Keurig coffee maker is high, it can save you more cash than buying Starbucks drinks every day. If, for instance, you order a twelve-ounce coffee from Starbucks every day that goes for $1.75, you can end up saving around $1.25 every day by making your coffee at home using K-cups and the Keurig brewing system.

Even after subtracting the cost of buying the brewing system, you will still save a significant amount by the end of the year by choosing K-cups.

Do Starbucks K-Cups taste like Starbucks?

Best Starbucks K Cups for Iced Coffee

Though K-cups can save you money in the long run, some coffee fans do not like them since some have poor taste. If you are used to regular Starbucks drinks, you may not find the taste of Starbucks K-Cups as appealing. Most of the flavored coffee K-Cup at Starbucks doesn’t taste the best.

You can improve the taste of Starbucks K-cups when brewing coffee by following a few hacks. For instance, clean your Keurig brewing system to eliminate any buildup of dirt that can lead to an unpleasant taste. Rather than constantly buying light roast K-Cups, you should try medium or dark roast K-Cups when making coffee drinks since these have a stronger taste.

How much does Starbucks K-Cups cost?

The price varies from one type to the other. For instance, Starbucks Pike Place costs $30.45 while Starbucks French roast K-Cup costs $41.09.

Which K cup tastes most like Starbucks?

Most people reveal that Pike Place K-Cup tastes more like Starbucks. This has a great flavor since it has toasted nuts and notes of cocoa. Many customers also like the pleasant aroma of this K-Cup. The Starbucks breakfast blend K cup also tastes like Starbucks. This has a pleasant citrus flavor.

Does Walmart sell Starbucks K-cups?

Yes. You can find different Starbucks K-cups at Walmart. Some of the popular options that many people choose from Walmart include Starbucks breakfast blend, Mocha flavored coffee K-cup, Starbucks K-cup Sumatra, and Starbucks classic hot cocoa K-Cup.


Starbucks K-Cups have become quite popular since they come in different varieties and therefore cater to the preferences of different customers. They allow you to brew coffee at home. We have discussed some of the best Starbucks K Cups for iced coffee to help you find out where to start. Enjoy!

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