How much are Venti pink drinks at Starbucks? (all you need to know)

Starbucks has an expansive list of super delicious pink drinks, and they are super come in all sizes. So, how much are venti pink drinks at Starbucks? Read on to find out.

I can’t get over the Starbucks pink drinks, from the Frappes to the refreshers. This coffee chain seems to know exactly what I want in a drink. Although drink prices vary with location, a venti pink drink in most stores across the United States will cost you $5.65 or less . I know most customers know the price of just one pink drink, and I am about to change that in this post. I will give you a generous list of Starbucks’ best pink drinks and their prices, so tag along.

How much are venti pink drinks at Starbucks?

Strawberry crème Frappuccino

This is a no-caffeine Starbucks Frappuccino made with milk, crème Frappuccino syrup, classic syrup, ice, and summer’s favorite berry, strawberry puree. On average, the venti size should cost you $4.95. The price can be slightly higher in some locations.

Pink Drink

This sweet drink started as a secret menu refresher before finding its way to the official Starbucks menu. It graces your day with sweet passion fruit accents and the signature Starbucks strawberry acai. The venti cup, which holds 24 fluid ounces costs $5.65.This price is subject to change and can vary in different locations.

Dragon Drink

How much are Venti pink drinks at Starbucks?
Starbucks summer vacation drink, dragon drink. Source: Starbucks

This is the ideal summer vacation drink with its tropical coconut flavor in mango juice and dried dragon fruit. A venti serving will set you back $4.75, depending on your location. This refresher comes in a deep magenta color that oozes a special delightful flavor, suitable for the scorching summer heat.

Violet Drink

This refresher brings together nature’s finest blackberries and the all-time favorite hibiscus flavor. As if that is not enough, the coffee chain swirls it with some coconut and ice to give you a tropical feel. This heavenly combo will set you back $4.85for a venti, which is quite reasonable for the size and the drink quality.

Starbucks Matcha Pink Drink

When you are looking for a moderate caffeine boost, matcha green tea is your best bet. This tea works wonders in the already amazing pink drink to bring a distant earthy taste. However, you will have to part with $5.65 to enjoy the goodness of this drink in a venti cup. Additionally, you have to order it in steps, as it is in the secret menu.

The Pink Starburst Frappuccino

How much are Venti pink drinks at Starbucks?
The Pink Starburst Frappuccino. Source: Pinterest

This is another masterpiece from the Starbucks secret menu. You will have to order step by step by asking for a venti lemonade at the bottom, followed by a crème Frappuccino base, add some raspberry syrup, a dash of vanilla syrup, and blend with ice and whipped cream. Finish the drink with more whipped cream and prepare to part with a clean $4.75.

Pink Raspberry

As the name suggests, this burst of delight comes in a rich pink color that lures you to get a venti and above. This drink s not on the official menu, so you need to ask for a venti pink drink and two pumps of raspberry syrup. You will then pay between $4.75 to $5.25, depending on your location.

The Pink Rocket

This Frappuccino is your best bet for a burst of flavor at $4.75 for a venti, and it’s found on the secret menu. The recipe requires a venti cup and lemonade on the first line, followed by a lime refresher on the second, 2 pumps of classic syrup on the third, 2 pumps of crème base, raspberry, and half pump raspberry syrup.

Barbie Pink Frappuccino

Whenever you see the name Barbie, know it’s a pink affair. The recipe has milk, toffee nut syrup, raspberry syrup, and a crème Frappuccino base. The price for a venti is $4.45 in some stores.

Valentine Frappuccino

This Frappuccino is found on the secret menu, and it’s what you need to celebrate love. The drink brings out a light pink hue with traces of red. This is a strawberry-based drink with a strawberry cold brew and a generous, fruity pink cream topping. The venti goes for $4.45 in some stores.

Strawberry Lemonade

How much are Venti pink drinks at Starbucks?
Strawberry Lemonade, drink. Source: Pixabay

Officially, we cannot have enough strawberries in our lives, and we need strawberry lemonade to quench our addiction. When the sweet berries meet the tangy lemonade flavor, the result is an undeniably delicious refresher. However, you will have to part with $5.25 to grab a venti cup of the strawberry lemonade.


How much caffeine is in the Starbucks venti drink?

A venti coffee drink contains around 300mg of caffeine, but venti refreshers only have 70mg.

How much fluid can a Starbuck venti cup hold?

A venti cup for cold drinks holds 24 fluid ounces, while a venti for hot drinks holds 20 fluid ounces.

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