Why are Starbucks customers so rude? (how do you deal with a rude customer at Starbucks? + more information)

Ever worked as a Starbucks barista or come across a rude customer during your visit to Starbucks and wondered, “why are Starbucks customers so rude?” stick to the end to know why.

Customers can become so rude to Starbucks employees due to several reasons. It can be because they feel their order has been delayed or they are having a bad day. After college, I landed a Starbucks job as a barista in a Starbucks shop near my home. I enjoyed every bit of my career until one fine morning when I encountered a rude customer.

I didn’t know how to react or serve them, as I could not clearly understand why the customer was being so rude. After serving them, I sought advice from my manager, who helped handle rude customers. Read this article to the end to learn why Starbucks customers might be so rude to you and how you can professionally handle them.

How do you deal with a rude customer at Starbucks?

The best way to deal with a rude customer at Starbucks is to know the cause of their behavior and handle the issue professionally and accordingly. Some of the reasons a customer can be rude to you are;

  • A delayed order
  • you might serve them the wrong order
  • They might be having a bad day in general
  • They are just being immature and want trouble

Dealing with a rude customer after knowing their problem is easy because you will have learned the onset of the behavior. If a customer becomes rude to you because you delayed their order, be professional and calmly explain why their order was delayed and that it won’t happen again.

If a Starbucks customer becomes rude to you because, for some reason, you served them the wrong order than what they had ordered, immediately apologize to them, and explain to them that there might have been a mix-up with orders, as you are handling multiple customers.

If a customer becomes rude to you and you don’t know why there is a high possibility that they are having a bad day and that something might be going on in their life that is stressing them. In this case, the best thing to do is to talk to them calmly, to show them that everything else is alright.

Can a Starbucks barista refuse to serve a rude customer?

As a barista, you are required to be professional all the time. However, you can refuse to serve a customer who is being overly rude to you and doesn’t want to be helped. If a customer disrespects you for no solid reason concerning your work, the best thing to do is turn him down and his order and tell them to go to the next barista or leave the shop.

FAQ Section

Why do customers feel so entitled?

Some customers feel entitled because they want to be treated as they pay for the services.

How do you stand up to a rude customer?

By being professional and realistic in the way, you handle them.

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