How Many Customers Does Starbucks Get A Day? (How Much Does The Average Customer Spend At Starbucks? + More Information)

Starbuck is known for raking in huge profits, boasting over 33,000 stores across the globe in 80 countries. The above then made us curious about how many customers does Starbucks get in a day.

Now that the world has gone digital, I among other many people tend to feel lonely. So, in a bid to meet new people, network, and converse, I prefer hanging out at the Starbucks stores, as I also sample the various drinks. And, on the few occasions that I have been there, I noticed that many people who visit the Starbucks stores greatly appreciate the surrounding ambiance while enjoying their favorite meal or drink. A thing that got me wondering, how many customers does Starbucks get a day, because, obviously not everyone goes there purposely to eat or drink.

On average, Starbucks stores have been established to serve over 500 customers in a day. The below article; therefore, explicates the dynamics of Starbucks customers, and how much they spend at the restaurant.

Who are Starbucks consumers?

Starbucks consumers are the educated chaps in the society, who are of the age of 42 with an income of about $90,000. And, judging from the location of the Starbucks chain of restaurants, you will notice that they are located in urban centers, specifically in areas where the affluent reside.

The company has been strategic in targeting the white-collar professionals, known to benefit the most from the caffeine fix. The giant chain of restaurants also caters to the health-conscious professionals, or the technology early adopters, who rely on their phones to make orders.

There are also a couple of Starbucks stores situated in middle-income neighborhoods, where the consumers might not have a high income. But are believed to have discretionary income, which they don’t mind spending at Starbucks.

The company has also been observed to cater to the regular customers, but who do not fit in their target market. Ideally, Starbucks has positioned itself to cater to individuals who don’t mind spending up to $10 on a drink and a snack, without being bothered with the cost.

How many Starbucks are sold each day?

How Much Does The Average Customer Spend At Starbucks

USA Today reports that Starbucks sells up to 4 million coffee drinks in a day, while each Starbuck store is believed to sell about 15,000 cups of coffee a day. The chain of restaurants also offers other drinks such as teas, and lattes, which have not been included in the daily count.

How much does the average customer spend at Starbucks?

The average customer spends up to $6 at Starbucks, this depends on the size and drink that the customer orders. There are occasions when the average customer would spend up to $10 on a drink and a snack at Starbucks. And if we are to keep it on the lower side, then the average customer would spend only $3, on drinks at the Starbucks store.

How does Starbucks encourage its customers to spend more while at the stores?

How much does the average customer spend at Starbucks

Starbucks has employed a variety of tactics to have its customers cough out more than they had planned on spending while at the physical store. For starters, the giant coffee restaurants are known to prepare different kinds of tasty drinks that consumers might want to try out when they get to the store. Starbucks stores have also been remodeled, consequently creating more space for people to linger around. In light of the above, Starbucks has become a go-to hanging joint for many people, who want to socialize while enjoying their favorite Starbucks drinks or meals.

Some folks even prefer to carry some of their work to the restaurant simply because of the ambiance. The company is also known to run various promotions that encourage spending. A good example of the promotions is the happy hour deals.

Starbucks has remained intentional over the years when it comes to innovating its services that encourage a return on investment. The service provider has been seen testing out new delivery services, around the Miami area. Let us also not be quick to forget that the company initially tried offering delivery services with Postmates. The new service in development is aimed at ensuring that Starbucks customers get their favorite meals and drinks without having to go all the way to the store.

FAQ Section

How much does Starbucks make every day?

Starbucks makes up to $3,800 per day from the company-owned stores, which translates to a profit of $520 per store, per day.

How many Starbucks customers are there?

It is believed that there are up to 100 million Starbucks customers across the globe.

Why do customers like Starbucks?

Apart from the tasty food and drinks, coupled with the nice aroma in the background. Starbucks stores have a nice atmosphere, relaxing music, friendly baristas, and some rather nice aromas.

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