11 Best French Roast Coffee (French Roast Coffees That Will Give You An Extra Caffeine Kick + More Information)

 For intense coffee flavors and an extra caffeine kick for that mid-morning slump, here is a guide for all the best French roast coffees.

Does anyone else start their day on a high but hit a slump between 11 and 3 pm? Working through these hours was a struggle for years, but by a stroke of luck, I found a new coffee roast while whiling away the hours, and things got better instantly. Without damaging my circadian rhythm, my newfound brew gave me that much-needed caffeine kick. The magic? French roast coffee. Keep reading to learn more.

Below are the best French Roast Coffee:

What are the flavors of French roast coffee?

The French coffee roast flavor is dark and bold, with an intense flavor. The roast quality of the bean brings a smoky, slightly bitter, and rich coffee flavor. Therefore, French roast coffee is the go-to coffee roast for any coffee lover who prefers a strong cup of coffee.

What is the flavor profile of French roast coffee?

Bold and smoky with notes of dark chocolate, roasted nuts, and caramelized sugars, often with some slight bitterness in the aftertaste. The First notable thing about French roast coffee’s profile is its distinct smoky flavor, which is also common with dark roast coffee. 

Secondly, it is bold. The boldness results from the French roast coffee beans’ roasting process, which results in a bold and full-bodied coffee flavor, ideal for strong coffee drinkers. Thirdly, French roast coffee lovers also note that this coffee roast has a dark chocolate flavor with a rich, slightly buttery taste.

The fourth notable flavor of the French roast coffee is the roasted nuts’ nutty flavor and a somewhat bitter aftertaste. Finally, French roast coffee’s complexity comes from the caramelized sugar flavor coming from the coffee beans. This flavor also comes from the roasting process, resulting in a nice sweet, caramelized flavor of the coffee.

All these elements of the coffee flavor make up strong, dark-colored coffee. Remember that the roasting process releases natural oils from the coffee beans, amplifying the rich and smoky flavor. These flavor profiles work together to mask the slight earthy aromas and the pungent taste.

What drinks go well with French roast coffee?

Best French Roast Coffee 
Drinks with French roast coffee. Image source: Pixabay

With its bold and intense smoky flavors and the bitter aftertaste that accompanies the nutty, sweet caramelized sugar, and dark chocolate flavors, I recommend choosing the drink to go with the coffee carefully.

Ideally, here are some of the best drinks for French roast coffee:

  • Espresso – This is because French roast coffee is an excellent base for lattes, Americanos, and cappuccinos.
  • Black coffee – the bold coffee roast makes excellent black coffee to be enjoyed on its own.
  • Coffee-based cocktails like coffee martinis, espresso, white Russian, Widowmaker, Talking Monkey, Toasted Almond, Triple Espresso Martini, Ginpresso Martini, Mochatini, Midnight Martini, Golden Cappuccino, and other coffee cocktails. This coffee roast also makes excellent Irish coffee.
  • Chocolate-flavored drinks.

How we choose the Best French roast coffee

The French roast coffees on this list were selected based on widely researched data and scientific criteria by coffee connoisseurs. The criteria used allowed us to practice objectively analyzing each product and judging its pros and cons.

We based our research on the known facts about French roast coffee, specifically, the intense coffee flavor, its boldness, smoky flavor, a slightly bitter aftertaste, the nutty, dark chocolate, and the subtle caramelized sugar taste. We also engaged independent coffee tasters (Q Graders) with the most elaborate and well-developed taste palates in blind tests to determine the best French roast coffee options.

11 Best French Roast Coffee for An Extra Caffeine Kick

Starbucks 18-ounce French Roast Dark Roast Ground Coffee

French Roast Coffees That Will Give You An Extra Caffeine Kick 
French Roast Dark Roast Ground Coffee. Image source: Starbucks

If you want to enjoy a delicious cup of strong Starbucks coffee at home without worrying about the ideal number of syrup or hazelnut pumps in your Grande coffee, get this Starbucks French Roast.

I love that this ground coffee is pre-ground and saves me a lot of money and time in the long run. It’s also so good, hence the best-seller rating and its popularity.

This French dark roast dark ground coffee is a blend of Latin America and the Pacific region’s arabica beans, with the most intense and robust flavor. You should also know that this coffee is as dark as it gets, with a bold flavor and full body, prominent nutty flavors, dark chocolate flavors, and a sweet, caramelized sugar smoke. These flavor elements combine beautifully, masking the bitterness of the coffee.

I also like how this Starbucks coffee is harvested following the CAFE (Coffee & Farmer Equity Standards) for sustainable sourcing, workers, and biodiversity protection. You can order this roast coffee here.

Starbucks French Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Best French Roast Coffee
Starbucks French Roast Whole Bean Coffee. Image source: Starbucks

Starbucks French Roast remains my go-to French roast coffee whenever I need an extra caffeine kick. There’s something incredible enamoring this French roast coffee’s richness, boldness, smokiness, intensity, and smoky-flavored profile.

While I’m bummed that it runs out so fast, the best part about this 40-ounce (2.5-pound) bag of French roast coffee beans is that I brew a fresh cup or batch every time. The coffee is easy to grind, and I keep it secure in an airtight container for freshness. You can order this roast coffee here.

Landmark Coffee French Roast Coffee Beans

French Roast Coffees That Will Give You An Extra Caffeine Kick 
Landmark Coffee French Roast Coffee Beans. Image source: Walmart

This 2-pound bag of French Roast Coffee beans could be precisely what your office or coffee-loving family needs. The coffee beans are easily ground and ensure the boldest, tastiest, and most delightful coffee flavors.

The best bit is that the coffee roast is caffeinated to keep you pumped through crazy and slow slumpy Mondays. You may also like that the bag is easily resealable to ensure the beans’ freshness. However, you could always transfer the beans to a dark, airtight container for prolonged freshness and if you are worried about the beans spilling. You can order this roast coffee here.

Eight O’Clock 21-ounce Coffee French Roast

 Best French Roast Coffee 
Eight O’Clock 21-ounce Coffee French Roast. Image source: Eight O’clock

For smoky, complex, and robust French roast coffee flavors, I recommend this French roast ground coffee by Eight O’Clock. The coffee is made of 100% Arabica, and it’s also caffeinated for a caffeine boost. The beans are harvested from Latin America to East Africa, and the resultant brew is dark and robust, with complex flavors and noticeable smoky overtones. You can order this roast coffee here.

San Francisco Bay 32-Ounce Coffee French Roast Whole Bean

French Roast Coffees That Will Give You An Extra Caffeine Kick 
San Francisco Bay 32-Ounce Coffee French Roast Whole Bean. Image source: Walmart

This French Roast coffee is made of 100% Arabica coffee and boasts the most intense and boldest coffee flavors while giving you a nice caffeine kick. It’s naturally caffeinated. This whole coffee bean by San Francisco Bay is sourced from South and Central America’s beans, and it’s roasted carefully to achieve the desired dark, bold, and full-bodied coffee with that nice smoky taste.

Since it comes in a large bag, consider sharing it with family or friends or keeping it in a very airtight bag. Otherwise, its large size makes it a good option for your office. You can order this roast coffee here.

Lifeboost Midnight Roast Ground Coffee

 Best French Roast Coffee
Lifeboost Midnight Roast Ground Coffee. Image source: Lifeboost

If you love your dark roast coffee as much as I do, then this bag of ground French roast coffee will be the best thing you ever drink – I kid you not! The coffee is slow-grown to maturity in South America’s rainforest mountains, where the dark and cool shades ensure premium-quality Arabica coffee beans. The beans are then roasted carefully at high, controlled temperatures for some time, bringing out this coffee’s bold and robust flavors. You can order this roast coffee here.

Victor Allen’s Coffee French Roast Single-Serve Coffee Pods for Keurig K-Cup Brewers

 Best French Roast Coffee 
Victor Allen’s Coffee French Roast Single-Serve Coffee Pods. Image source: Victor Allen

I love my Keurig when I’m brewing something simple and flavorful on the go, and these French Roast coffee pods for the K-cups get the job done. It’s made of 100% Arabica beans and caffeinated with 90g-150g of caffeine per serving to give you an extra caffeine kick.

The brew boasts a full, velvety body, with a soft and smoky body balanced off with its intensity and smoothness that I could never get used to. The coffee pods are easy to use, non-GMO, and gluten-free, and work with all single-serve coffee makers. You can order this roast coffee here.

Lion Coffee French Roast Coffee

 Best French Roast Coffee 
Lion Coffee French Roast Coffee. Image source: Lion Coffee

This 10-ounce bag of high-quality French roast coffee from Hawaii is precisely what you need for beautiful mornings or perking up the days. Lion Coffee’s French roast is full-bodied and intense, with a signature dark-roast smoky finish. This roast coffee is as aggressive and snappy as any classic French roast. You can order this roast coffee here.

Peet’s Coffee French Roast, Dark Roast Ground Coffee, 20 oz

 Best French Roast Coffee 
Peet’s Coffee French Roast, Dark Roast Ground Coffee. Image source: Peets

Peet’s Coffee French roast coffee is a classic go-to coffee known for its smoky and bold flavors, so it is suitable for anyone who prefers a strong cup of coffee. You will relish its pleasant bite, smoky overtones, and richness in every sip.

Its main features include a dark roast, low brightness, and a relatively full body. Since it comes fully ground, you’ll brew your coffee in about 3 minutes or less. You can order this roast coffee here.

Death Wish Coffee Dark Roast Grounds;16 Oz

French Roast Coffees That Will Give You An Extra Caffeine Kick 
Death Wish Coffee Dark Roast Grounds;16 Oz. Image source: Death Wish

With double the caffeine content in other coffee grounds, it makes sense that this coffee roast is considered the strongest coffee in the world. It’s made of a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, which ensures that the bold and intense coffee flavors give you more than an extra caffeine kick. If you are not a morning person, this is the type of coffee you need.

The coffee blend is strong, dark, and smooth with low acidity, so it feels a lot like a gourmet coffee without burnt or bitter notes. All these make this coffee ideal for anyone with a sensitive stomach. You can order this roast coffee here.

Solimo French Roast Coffee Pods

 Best French Roast Coffee 
Solimo French Roast Coffee Pods. Image source: Amazon

The other brand of French roast coffee for your Keurig or Nespresso pod is this Solimo French Roast Coffee. The set features 100 pieces of single-serve coffee pods, and they promise quick and tidy brewing and cleaning. These K-Cup pods are vacuum-sealed to retain the freshness of the coffee. Each brew will have a bold and intense flavor profile with nutty, smoky, dark chocolate, and caramelized sugar notes You can order this roast coffee here.

Informative Section

Is French roast dark roast?

Yes, it is. French roast coffee is often regarded as the ultimate dark roast coffee because it is the darkest of all coffee roasts.

It’s also worth noting that dark roast coffee, like the French roast, has a dark color, intense and bold flavor profiles, and an imperceptible bitter aftertaste.

Is French roast bitter?

Yes, French roast coffee has some bitterness to it, although the severity of the bitterness I hardly worth mentioning. Note that the bitterness of French roast coffee differs depending on the coffee beans’ origin, an individual’s preference, and the method used to roast the beans. The best coffee beans that make French roast coffee are farmed in South and Central America – Guatemala, Peru, and Colombia.