Can you use Starbucks French roast for espresso? (Is Starbucks French Roast Good Enough for Espresso? + FAQ’S)

Yes, Starbucks French roast can be used for espresso and it gives amazing results. If you have been in a dilemma about the outcome of the French roast for espresso, you have just come to the right place. I know most people would rather go for blonde roasts, especially when they are unsure about the results, but the French dark roast is good for espresso. I have up with this post to tell you the good you will get from a French roast espresso. Keep reading to find out if French roast is good enough for espresso.

Does Starbucks French roast make good espresso?

Yes, it does. If you like to feel the strong taste of coffee, this is the right roast for your espresso. There are three main reasons why I advocate for the French dark roasts for espresso. Firstly, the dark roast is low in acidity. This is great news for all those who suffer from hyperacidity and have had to give up their morning coffee. The long roasting process has everything to do with the low acid levels. Secondly, you will get a strong coffee flavor. You might taste hints of burnt flavor which is ideal for strong flavor lovers. Thirdly, the nice aroma and rich bold flavor are the icings on the cake. It is worth a try.

What Roast does Starbucks use for espresso?

Can you use Starbucks French roast for espresso?

Starbucks has used its dark espresso roast for its espresso since it began making espresso. The signature Starbuck roast is made with 100% coffee Arabica beans carefully sourced from Latin America. The beans in this coffee region are known for their rich, yet mild flavor due to the climatic conditions. Starbuck has used its espresso dark roast for over 50 years since its operation, however recent trends and changes in customer preference have seen the coffee giant shift from dark roasts to blonde roasts to accommodate those who prefer lighter flavors. Some people cannot stand the strong burnt taste of the dark roasts and Starbucks has accommodated them with some of its blonde roasts.

Which Starbucks coffee is best for espresso?

If you prefer a dark punch with undisputed great flavor, the Starbucks espresso dark roast whole bean is your best bet for espresso. The roasting is dark and the taste is great. You will pick up notes of smoky taste due to the level of roasting which gives it the real coffee taste. It is full-bodied and rich in a good dose of moderate caffeine. Yea, that’s right. Dark toasts are low in caffeine compared to blonde roasts. Caffeine dissolves in water and when the water is strained out due to the long processing time, the caffeine levels go down.

Can I use Starbucks coffee beans in the espresso machine?

Yes, you can buy Starbucks whole beans and ask the store to grind them for you. You can also do the grinding at home if you have the equipment. However, you can choose to skip the grinding and buy pre-ground beans in-store. While you can use any coffee beans for espresso, it is highly recommended to use a medium to dark roast for the best results. If you use regular coffee beans, you will get dismal results and probably hate coffee for the rest of your life. Unlike French presses, an espresso machine only works with the fine ground. This kind of looks like flour in texture and it won’t destroy your machine. A course grind won’t extract the coffee to your desire and you might end up with too much half-extracted waste coffee.

Is espresso stronger than French Roast?

Is Starbucks French Roast Good Enough for Espresso?

Espresso shots can be stronger than dark roasts made in French presses. However, a French roast in a drip machine is stronger than espresso. The two roasts are similar in color due to their coffee Arabica beans. The taste difference comes in the roasting. A French roast is a dark roast and it contains hints of smokiness and a strong flavor. The espresso roasts are not as burnt as the French roasts but still contain a strong flavor. You might pick up caramel taste in an espresso roast, but if it doesn’t bother you, then it’s great. In summary, French roasts are much stronger than espresso roasts in terms of flavor, but the espresso takes the lead in caffeine content.

Starbucks Espresso Roast vs. French Roasts

French roasts are darker roasts than espresso roasts. This is because the French roast beans take much longer in the roasting process than the espresso roast. In return, you will get a burnt flavor from the French roast while the espresso gives a caramel taste. If you look at the two in terms of flavor, the French roast gives you a strong coffee taste while the espresso is milder. In the past, Starbucks used darker roasts to make espresso and this did not it well with most people who would prefer a mild taste. Ness Starbucks came up with its espresso roast that is a little milder than the French roast but still has that coffee taste with less bitterness.

Final Thoughts

Starbucks French roast is good for espresso. It gives you a full-bodied coffee flavor that has a rich coffee taste. However, you can expect a fair share of bitterness in this roast. On the flip side, the acidity levels will be low compared to other espresso roasts. You will also get a moderate caffeine dose. It might surprise you to know that blonde roasts and medium roasts have the highest caffeine content.


Can you use French roast for espresso?

Yes, you can. The French roast is a dark roast that is suitable for espresso.

What roast is best for espresso?

Dark roasts give the best results for espresso in terms of flavor and richness.

Does Starbucks espresso roast taste like espresso?

Yes, it does. It has a strong coffee taste and it’s made from 100% coffee Arabica beans.

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