8 Best Starbucks for French press (Starbucks ground coffee beans that work great in a French press? + More information)

A French press is a manual brewing device and it’s very simple to use with the right coffee ground. Let us look at the best Starbucks for French press.

I have tested all types of roasts especially those at Starbucks with my French press and I must say that the Starbucks dark roasts have always emerged as winners. Starbucks has so many roasts and it can be a choice overload for most people. This has inspired me to write this post to break down some of the best roasts for the plunger pot at Starbucks. By the end of this post, you will know what to pick for an amazing brewing experience at home.

Can I use Starbucks ground coffee in a French press?

Yes, you can. The pre-ground coffee works perfectly in a French Press, but you must use coarse ground coffee for the best results. Starbucks has a wide range of pre-ground medium and dark roasts that give great results in a French press. You can try some of its dark and medium roast coffee grounds such as Italian roasts, Caffe Verona, Starbucks house blend, and the French roast and see the results. Make sure that you know how to measure the ratio of coffee to water to get the best results as we shall explain later in this post.

Can I use a French press with Starbucks coffee?

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Yes, you can. Starbucks has availed many coffee grounds for use in a French press. As we have already mentioned, the trick is in the grind. Ensure that you use a coarse grind in this brewing method. Starbucks is a global leader in coffee and it cannot go wrong with its coffee. The coffee giant uses 100% coffee Arabica for its beans which guarantees high-quality coffee brews. You can try one of their coffee grounds, especially the dark or medium roasts and compare the results with what you have previously used.

Where can I buy Starbucks coffee beans or grind?

You can get Starbucks bagged coffees in your local grocery or at the Starbucks outlets. Major online stores such as Amazon and eBay also have various Starbucks coffee beans that can be purchased and delivered to you.

How we choose the Best Starbucks for French press

We gathered all the relevant information from trusted and experienced baristas and combined it with our personal experiences to compile an accurate list of the best Starbucks for the French press. While company adverts can give information, people’s reviews are more trustworthy as they are objective and have no conflict of interest. You can trust this post as these products have been tested by us and sources that we can trust.

8 Best Starbucks for French Press



Roast type


French Roast

Dark roast


Caffe Verona

Dark roast


Starbucks house blend

Medium roast


Starbucks Pike place roast

Medium roast


Starbucks Sumatra espresso roast

Dark roast


Starbucks cinnamon dolce ground

Blonde roast


Starbucks espresso roast coffee

Dark roast


Starbucks Italian Roast

Dark roast

French Roast

Ground coffee beans that work great in a French press?

This is the darkest roast at Starbucks. The French roast is smoky and full of flavor. The coffee is full of body and has a great taste. That aside, this is a great coffee ground for the French press. Although this type was initially made for the drip coffee maker, it works perfectly in a French press to give a bold espresso.

Many experts say that medium roasts work perfectly with the plunger pot but this one has refuted those claims. I also feel that dark roasts do much better than lighter roasts in the French press. For the French press, use a course ground to get the maximum flavors of your coffee. So, how does it work? This method steeps the coffee grounds in hot water, unlike the drip that just passes hot water on the grounds. The result is a strong shot with a full body.

Caffe Verona

Starbucks ground coffee beans that work great in a French press?

This is another great dark roast at Starbucks which is great for instant coffee, coffee maker, and a coffee press. I have often heard that this is the best romantic coffee with its chocolate notes and smokiness borrowed from the Italian roast. I love that it’s low in acidity and not overbearing. If you want a strong and bitter flavor, you should probably try a blonde roast. For the rest of us, let’s continue with this roast and keep tossing it in our French presses.

Starbucks house blend

Starbucks for French press

This Latin American coffee blend is ideal for a French press as it is a medium roast. While it has a strong coffee taste, you will also pick up notes of nutty and chocolaty tastes. For the perfect brew, use two tablespoons of course coffee ground for every 6 fluid ounces of water.

You can use this roast on a coffee maker and still get good coffee, but a French press will give you a strong coffee shot. I am an advocate of the Starbucks house blend given that it was the very first roast that Starbucks made, and it has retained its quality ever since.

Starbucks Pike Place Roast

The Pike Place medium roast works well in a French Press. When using a French press, warm it first with hot water and then drain it before adding your coffee ground. Like other French presses, use a course ground with the Pike Place Roast. So, why is the French press better than other brewing methods for this coffee? Unlike other brewing methods that have filters in place, this method preserves all the natural oils of coffee leaving you with a cup full of flavor. One tip for this method is not to use too many coffee grounds as you will only end up with a weak cup of coffee and a whole lot of under-extracted grounds.

Starbucks Sumatra espresso dark roast

This coffee is made with 100% coffee Arabica sourced from Indonesia. This is also a great dark roast and does well in a French roast. Due to the retention of natural oils by the classic French press, the espresso will be bold and full-bodied with rich notes of spice and herbs with a sweet earthy. I have tried this roast and it fared well in my plunger pot, so you might want to give it a try.

Starbucks cinnamon dolce ground

Best Starbucks for French press

This is such a delightful blonde roast with sweet tones of cinnamon and sweet flavors. The flavors will do well in a French press. I have tried this roast out in a drip and French press to see what worked best. The French press was far much better than the drip for this one.

Due to the longer brewing time in a French Press, the coffee derives most flavors and gives you a delicious cup of flavored goodness. I make this brew and turn it into a latte and enjoy all the goodness at home.

Starbucks espresso roast coffee

You can use this dark roast in a French Press, but you won’t make espresso. However, you will have a nice strong brew which is quite good. An espresso requires higher pressure than what the French press can offer. This works well for those who like moderate flavors which aren’t as strong as espresso. You will still get the densely sweet caramel-like taste although it won’t be an espresso. The best results in a French occur when the coffee ground is steeped for four minutes. Ensure that your coffee ground is coarse for best French press results.

Starbucks Italian Roast

Starbucks ground coffee beans that work great in a French press? + More information

This is a must-try for those who love their coffee strong and bold. Dark roasts are great for the coffee press and the Italian roast is no exception. I think it is made for the French press and it produces an intense flavor with all its natural oils intact.

The Italian roast is one of the darkest roasts at Starbucks and has low acidity and low caffeine compared to other lighter roasts. An Italian roast can be described as slightly darker than the espresso but lighter and less smoky than the French roast. This is a flexible roast that can be used in a drip or a French press and give great results.

Informative Section

Which Starbucks coffee beans are best for French press?

The French roast is the best overall as its flavors and natural oils are retained after the brewing process for an intense and bold coffee flavor.

What is the best Starbucks coffee grind for French press?

Always use a coarse grind in a French press for the best results

What kind of coffee beans do you need for a French press?

The coffee Arabica beans are great as they are likely to yield a high-quality brew.

Which Starbucks coffee is most popular for French press?

The most popular is the Starbucks Italian roast.

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