Does Starbucks have cup holders? (Can you get a cup holder with your Starbucks coffee order + All you need to know)

Have your fingers ever been burnt because the Starbucks cup you are holding was not insulated? In this article, we will look at the possibility of getting a cup holder from Starbucks to stop scarring your palms.

Anytime is Starbucks coffee time. Whether on the move or at the store, a comfortable cup holder adds more flavor and safety to any Starbucks beverage. A friend of mine, Davis, suggested that I get myself a customized Starbucks cup holder. Apart from the default sleeve that they come with, you can get one customized for you.

Starbucks has cup holders which come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. You can get these cup holders at Starbucks or in accredited online stores, most times with your coffee order.

Does Starbucks still have Cup carriers?

Yes Starbucks has cup carriers. The added advantage to this is the flexibility in customizing your cup carrier. They come in different shapes, sizes and material meaning you have a variety to choose from depending on what you prefer most.

What are Starbucks cup holders called and how do you include them in your order??

Can you get a cup holder with your Starbucks coffee order

The cup holders that Starbucks provides with their hot drinks in their handle-less paper cups are called “coffee cup sleeves”. However, in the streets, there are so many names associated with these cup holders. College students would refer to it as a “coffee condom” for protecting their fingers from the heat. Others would call cup holders from Starbucks “Java Jacket”. If ordering from the Starbucks stores, be sure to use a conventional name that is appropriate and can be understood by the Starbucks staff. A “coffee cup sleeve” would be more appropriate. Whether through the app or physically at the drive-thru, just indicate “include a coffee cup sleeve” with the order. In any way, be sure to name the cup holder correctly.

Are Starbucks cup holders recyclable?

Does Starbucks have cup holders?

As instructed by the store, Starbucks cup holders are supposed to be recyclable but rarely do their consumers consider that option. Recycling these cup holders is circumstantial. Some have said that the cup holder has 10 percent post-consumer recycled fiber, which should make it recyclable. If in good condition for the next cup, it causes no harm to reuse it as that conserves the environment too.

Are Starbucks Coffee Holders free?

Coffee holders at Starbucks are free. An extra fee could be imposed for a customized coffee holder. Depending on the shape, design, and material, the prices will vary.

Where to buy Starbucks cup holders

Starbucks cup holders range from a price as low as $6 to as high as $18. The good thing about this purchase is that you can make them from any Starbucks-approved Stores and other accredited online markets. At the Starbucks stores, getting a cup holder may be instant or take a little while depending on the specifications of the customer. The most common online store for Starbucks cup holders is “Etsy” at


Will Starbucks give you free cup holders?

Coffee holders would come as part of the fee charged for the drink if ordered. The customized Starbucks cup holders however have to be purchased by the customer. However, if there is any kind of promotion going on at the Starbucks store, especially on Merchandise and products then you might be lucky to get a Starbucks cup holder without a fee.

When do I recycle my Starbucks coffee holder?

Depending on their state, these cup holders can be reused. If the coffee holder has no dent or tear, you can use it to insulate the beverage’s heat from burning your fingers. Do not overuse it however as they come with every cup of coffee. Twice or thrice at most should be enough.

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