How to order whipped coffee at Starbucks (is whipped coffee available on the Starbucks app + more information)

Doing something is not enough if you do not do it right. You might be wondering, can I order whipped coffee from the Starbucks app?

Yes, whipped coffee is available on Starbucks app. Ordering at a Starbucks was not always an easy fit for me, especially when I did it for the first time. There are so many options for the same thing and I was confused when I first visited Starbucks. I also had a hard time when I wanted to try different drinks from my normal. Now, I have become a pro and in this article, I will explain how to order a whipped coffee from the Starbucks store, and the Starbucks app. I will also elaborate on how whipped coffee is made including whether whipped cream is used. This will benefit you the next time you want to make an order at Starbucks.

How do I order whipped coffee from Starbucks in the store?

You can order a whipped coffee from Starbucks by visiting any Starbucks shop, giving them your specifications for your coffee over the counter and waiting for them to serve you. The first things you need to know when ordering whipped coffee are the particulars that make up a whipped coffee. When ordering, you have to decide first if the drink you want is hot or iced. This helps the barista pick the right coffee cup. The second particular you need to state to your barista is the size of whipped coffee. There are five options for size which include short, tall, grande, venti, and Trenta. The short cup is 8 oz, tall is 12 oz, Grande is 16 oz, Venti is 20 oz, and Trenta is 31 oz. These are the basic must-haves to start with.

After determining the temperature of your whipped coffee and the size you want, you can specify the syrups you would like to be used in making your drink. There are options like hazelnut, vanilla, chestnut praline, and caramel among others. The second ingredient to consider is the milk where you have options of nonfat, 1%, whole, and heavy cream. This mostly determines the calorie content of your whipped coffee with the number of calories increasing with the more milk you choose. After that, you then make any other customizations to your drink that you deem fit. This can include requesting your cup not to have any syrup or to be sugar-free. With these details in place, all you have to do is pay for your order, wait for it to be processed and enjoy it as you please.

How do I order whipped coffee from the Starbucks app?

How to order whipped coffee at Starbucks

You order a whipped coffee from the Starbucks app by downloading the Starbucks app, clicking on the order button for whipped coffee and waiting for it to be delivered. Ordering a whipped cup of coffee online is similar to ordering it from the store, except now you can do it in the comfort of your home. The advantage of ordering from the Starbucks app is that if you have anxiety when engaging with people in public, now you have all the time by yourself which reduces all chances and instances of anxiety.

The process is very simple; all you have to do is first download the Starbucks app which is available on the play store for android users and in the app store for Apple users. After you have downloaded the app, you register your details with the app which include your name as well as the address you want to use for the app. This address is the default delivery address, though you can change that with every order you make on the app. On your registration, you also link your debit and credit card to help you when you are making payments after you place your order.

When you have your app ready, you then peruse the options available, and in this case, you scroll to the option of whipped coffee. Once you have picked this option, the choices I have described in the previous section are laid out for you. You choose the temperature, then the size, then the syrup, finally the milk, and any other customizations you prefer. After you are done, you confirm the address of delivery, then process the payment to have your whipped coffee delivered.

Does whipped coffee use whipped cream?

Yes, whipped coffee uses whipped cream. The full ingredients for making whipped coffee are

  • Instant coffee
  • Granulated sugar
  • Hot water
  • Whole milk

Using these ingredients, whipped cream is made using whole milk, sugar, and instant coffee. Since instant coffee has xanthan gum as a perseverative, it creates whipped cream it allows the three ingredients to come together easily to form the right consistency as well as to make it frothy, a key characteristic of whipped cream. After making the whipped cream, the next step is to add milk to the whipped cream and your whipped coffee is ready.

This is fairly easy-to-follow procedure and baristas do it effortlessly after doing it countless times. If you would like to, feel free to try it out at home.

FAQ Section

Is Starbucks whipped coffee healthy?

Yes, Starbucks whipped coffee is healthy for consumption.

What is the popular name for Starbucks whipped coffee?

Popularly, Starbucks whipped coffee is known as Dalgona coffee.

Will Starbucks whipped coffee make me fat?

No, Starbucks whipped coffee will not make you fat.

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