How to order Raspberry Mocha from Starbucks (Is raspberry mocha just a mocha with raspberry syrup + more information)

Starbucks offers numerous drinks including their Raspberry Mocha. So, what is a Starbucks Raspberry Mocha?

The Starbucks raspberry mocha is simply the regular mocha from Starbucks with raspberry syrup. I enjoy the Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha. However, my barista recently, suggested I try this mocha with raspberry syrup for a change of flavour. Once I tried it, I was hooked and any time I visit the store for a mocha, I usually get the raspberry mocha.

In this article, I have shared how you can order the Starbucks raspberry mocha both in-store and from the Starbucks app and how this beverage tastes among other details so, read on to learn more.

How do I order Starbucks raspberry mocha in-store?

To order a raspberry mocha at the Starbucks store simply ask the barista for a “raspberry mocha”. However, if they are not familiar with that name, order by the beverage’s recipe by asking for whichever mocha you prefer. Then, request the barista to add raspberry syrup to the mocha. Remember to mention the size of the beverage and any other customizations like the kind of milk used in the mocha and the number of mocha sauce pumps.

Among the mochas offered at Starbucks, the White Chocolate Mocha goes best with the raspberry syrup. Also, know that even though the number of raspberry syrup pumps used depends on the drink’s size, you can customize that number. Additionally, let the barista know the amount of whipped cream to garnish your mocha with, the kind of roast you want for your espresso and the number of espresso shots you want.

The espresso roast options offered for the raspberry mocha are; the Starbucks Signature espresso (dark), Blonde espresso and decaf. Additionally, the raspberry mocha is sold in four sizes; short (8fl oz.), tall (12fl oz.), grande (16fl oz.) and venti (20fl oz.)

How do I order raspberry mocha from the Starbucks app?

Is raspberry mocha just a mocha with raspberry syrup

To order the raspberry mocha from the Starbucks app, begin by downloading the app and filling in the required details then, log in.

On the menu, in the “Hot Coffees” section, select the “White Chocolate Mocha (or any other mocha you prefer) and then choose the beverage’s size. Proceed to “Customizations” and under the “Milk” section, select the kind of milk you want, the amount of milk foam you prefer and the milk temperature.

Then, under the “Flavours” category, select “Add Raspberry Syrup” under the “Syrups” section and choose the number of syrup pumps you want. Proceed to “Sauces”, select the “Add mocha sauce” or “Add White Chocolate Mocha Sauce” and choose the number of pumps you want in your mocha.

Under the “Toppings” section, select the amount of whipped cream you prefer and in the “Espresso and Shots options” choose the number of espresso shots you want and the kind of roast you’d like for your espresso.

Typically, the number of raspberry syrup pumps and mocha sauce pumps used are; 2 for a short size, 3 for a tall, 4 for the grande size and 5 for a venti.

What does Starbucks raspberry mocha taste like?

The Starbucks raspberry mocha is sweet, delicious, fruity and slightly tart with a creamy and rich texture. This beverage is intensely chocolaty due to the mocha and white chocolate mocha sauce used and the slightly tart and fruity flavours are thanks to the raspberry syrup.


Is the Starbucks raspberry mocha just mocha with raspberry syrup?

Yes. The Starbucks raspberry mocha is simply a regular Starbucks mocha with raspberry syrup. The raspberry syrup adds the fruity and tart flavour we taste in the raspberry mocha.

Is the Starbucks raspberry mocha good?

This is subjective. However, many Starbucks customers enjoy the raspberry mocha and describe it as an upgrade of the regular mocha in terms of flavour.

Is the Starbucks raspberry mocha sweet?

Yes. The Starbucks raspberry mocha is on the sweeter side, thanks to the mocha sauce and raspberry syrup used.

Is the Starbucks raspberry syrup too sweet?

The Starbucks raspberry syrup is very sweet with tart and berry flavours. Some find this syrup too sweet while others think it’s perfectly sweet. Since taste is personal, it is wise to try the syrup and find out whether you like it or not.

Is Starbucks raspberry mocha seasonal?

No. Since the Starbucks raspberry mocha is prepared with regular mocha and raspberry syrup, both of which can be found at Starbucks throughout the year, it can be ordered all year round.

Did Starbucks get rid of raspberry mocha?

At some point, Starbucks discontinued their original raspberry syrup due to a controversial artificial dye used in the syrup but, they later reintroduced a clear version of the raspberry syrup.

Will Starbucks bring back raspberry mocha?

After the reintroduction of the Starbuck raspberry syrup, customers can now order the raspberry mocha all year round.

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