Starbucks Holiday Schedule (2022 Starbucks holiday calendar, Starbucks holiday opening hours + more information)

Do you long for Starbucks coffee in the morning? If yes, you can still get one all year round, including during the holidays. Pay attention to the Starbucks Holiday Schedule 2022.

The Starbucks holiday Schedule can help you find out the operating days and hours of Starbucks during specific holidays. Finding particular drinks is sometimes challenging during the holidays since some stores take a break. If you have experienced such, you are not alone.

I experienced challenges trying to buy drinks for Halloween last year since our local Starbucks store was not open. Since I learned how to use the Starbucks store locator, I no longer experience such issues. I created this post to share the Starbucks holiday schedule for 2022. You will also learn how to find out when certain Starbucks stores open.

Starbucks 2022 holiday calendar

Date Holiday Starbucks open/Closed Operating hours
1st January New Years Open 5.30- 8.00 pm
17th January Martin Luther day Open 5.30- 8.00 pm
14th February Valentines Open 5.30- 8.00 pm
21st February Presidents day Open 5.30- 8.00 pm
1st March Mardi Grass Fat day Open 5.30- 8.00 pm
17th March St Patrick’s Day Open 5.30- 8.00 pm
15th April Good Friday Open 5.30- 8.00 pm
17th April Easter Sunday Open 5.30- 8.00 pm
5th May Cinco De Mayo Open 5.30- 8.00 pm
8th May Mother’s day Open 5.30- 8.00 pm
30th May Memorial day Open 5.30- 8.00 pm
19th June Father’s day Open 5.30- 8.00 pm
4th July Independence Day Open 5.30- 8.00 pm
5th September Labor Day Open 5.30- 8.00 pm
10th October Columbus Day Open 5.30- 8.00 pm
31st October Halloween Open 5.30- 8.00 pm
11th November Veterans Day Open 5.30- 8.00 pm
23rd November Day before Thanksgiving Open 5.30- 8.00 pm
24th November Thanksgiving Day Open 5.30- 8.00 pm
25th November Black Friday Open 5.30- 8.00 pm
24th December Christmas Eve Open 5.30- 8.00 pm
25th December Christmas Day Open 5.30- 8.00 pm
26th December Boxing Day Open 5.30- 8.00 pm
31st December New Year’s eve Open 5.30- 8.00 pm

From the table above, you can tell that this coffee chain operates throughout the year. Though some stores can take a day off, you can still find a Starbucks store open during either of the holidays.

Note that sometimes the operating hours differ by location. Since some Starbucks stores in particular areas struggle to get enough workers during the holidays they close for a few days. In certain stores, Starbucks encourages its workers to offer services during holidays by paying them certain rates.

If you would like to order certain Starbucks drinks, you can avoid getting disappointed during the holidays by calling a Starbucks store before visiting to find out their operating hours. Since this company understands the importance of customer service, it offers contacts that you can use to call the support team. You can either contact them via live chat or phone.

Unfortunately, you may not get assistance by calling the customer care desk during specific holidays such as New Year’s Day. If you find yourself in such a situation, don’t worry since there are other alternative options that can be used to find out whether a Starbucks store is open and what time it will close during the holidays.

How to utilize the Starbucks store locator

Starbucks holiday calendar

If you are not sure what time a certain Starbucks store is open during the holidays, you can also utilize the store locator. This is a tool that Starbucks offers to help customers stay more informed and reduce inconveniences. The Starbucks store locator searches based on your location. It can help you identify a Starbucks store anywhere.

Using this tool is easy since you only need to enter your zip code, state, or city into it, then click on the filter button. You can then use the information symbol to check the operating hours of the Starbucks store. This is a useful tool since it not only tells you if a Starbucks store is open but also if the store offers different amenities like drive-thru or mobile ordering.

Using the Starbucks mobile app

Apart from the tool, you can also find a nearby Starbucks store that is open during a holiday by using the Starbucks app. This app is convenient to use since you can download it on your phone and even place an order online. To discover whether a Starbucks store is open during a holiday, open the Starbucks app and click on stores. The app can help you identify Starbucks stores close to you and even estimate the distance.

Final thoughts

Starbucks has numerous stores in different parts of the world. If this is your go-to coffee shop, you can get your favorite beverages on any day, even during the holidays. Check out the Starbucks holiday schedule 2022 to find out when you can place orders during different holidays.

FAQ section

Is Starbucks open 365 days a year?

Yes. Some of the major Starbucks stores open daily throughout the year but not all.

What are the paid holidays at Starbucks?

These refer to the holidays when retail partners get paid 1 ½ times their hourly pay rates for any hours they work during the holidays. Starbucks observes seven paid holidays including New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Labor Day, and Independence Day.


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