Is Black Rifle coffee kosher? (Can you have Black Rifle coffee if you are following a kosher diet? + more information)

Following a kosher diet can be overwhelming for the first time, but it is ultimately a sacred and fulfilling experience. Given the many specific guidelines that determine what constitutes a kosher diet, is Black Rifle coffee kosher?

Black Rifle coffee is kosher when you roast its coffee beans and add water without adding chemicals, dairy, or artificial flavors.

Kosher foods meet the strict dietary guidelines set by a collection of traditional Jewish laws called “kashrut.” These laws dictate which foods are acceptable for consumption and how they should be produced, processed, and prepared.

When I began following the kosher diet a few months ago, I didn’t have enough information to determine whether my brand of coffee was kosher. I was worried about breaking my diet by drinking Black Rifle coffee in case it didn’t meet the rigid dietary guidelines. After carrying out online research and consulting with my Jewish friends who observe the kosher diet, I found that I could adhere to a kosher diet without having to give up my favorite coffee. Awesome, right? This was not only convenient, but it was also the best of both worlds. Since coffee is inherently kosher, I must roast my Black Rifle coffee with water and coffee beans without adding chemicals, dairy, or artificial flavors to preserve its kosher status.

Do you want to learn more about what makes Black Rifle coffee kosher and how you can drink it without breaking your kosher diet? Keep reading this article to find out!

What makes Black Rifle coffee kosher?

Roasted Black Rifle coffee beans and their natural coffee flavor are what make Black Rifle coffee kosher. This is because, during the roasting process, we only use coffee beans and water as ingredients. Adding dairy products and artificial flavors or decaffeinating the coffee with chemicals, however, can alter the status of Black Rifle coffee from kosher to non-kosher if the ingredients or the mixing process do not align with kosher rules.

Can you have Black Rifle coffee if you’re following a kosher diet?

Can you have Black Rifle coffee if you are following a kosher diet? 
Black Rifle coffee lunch box. Image source: Black Rifle Coffee

Yes, you can have Black Rifle coffee while following a kosher diet if you observe the following guidelines:

  • Prepare the Black Rifle coffee using strictly 100% natural coffee beans and water.
  • Do not use flavored Black Rifle coffee blends that are not kosher.
  • Prepare the Black Rifle coffee using different equipment from the ones you use to prepare meat or dairy.
  • Only use dairy products that come from kosher animals, that is, clean and healthy cows.

Will Black Rifle coffee break my kosher diet?

If you make Black Rifle coffee using 100% natural coffee beans and water, then it will not break your kosher diet. Besides, you can drink it alongside food from the meat and dairy category without breaking your kosher diet.

A kosher diet has three major food categories: meat, dairy, and pareve. Each category has a set of rules and breaking them results in breaking your kosher diet.

Black Rifle Coffee falls under the pareve category. This category consists of any food that is neither meat nor dairy, and it dictates that we should make Black Rifle coffee using kosher equipment and ingredients for it to meet the kosher dietary standards.


Are there non-kosher Black Rifle coffee options?

Yes. Black Rifle coffee is available in chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut flavors that are non-kosher.

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