Can you drink coffee with a UTI? (is it okay to drink coffee if you have a urinary tract infection + more information)?

Most people wish their battle with recurring UTI infections might be over. But when you have a UTI, what should you drink? Can you drink coffee with a UTI?

No. When you have a UTI infection, it is best to avoid coffee because it can irritate your bladder, making the symptoms worse and not helping to battle the infection. My experience with UTI was mixed because it persisted even after treatment. When I understood what I was eating might be the reason it was worse, I chose to consult my dietician. I discovered that I should avoid drinking coffee until the infection goes away. My UTI story has a happy ending, and I’m finally enjoying my coffee. Below is more information on whether or not you should drink coffee if you have a urinary tract infection.

Why can’t you drink coffee with a UTI?

Drinking coffee with a UTI is not advised, for the caffeine in the coffee is known to worsen the bladder infection and irritate your bladder. Therefore, coffee is one of the beverages you should eliminate from your diet while having a UTI, and you can have it after the infection clears.

What happens if I drink coffee with a UTI?

is it okay to drink coffee if you have a urinary tract infection

Having coffee while having a UTI infection irritates your bladder. Also, it makes your UTI symptoms worse. It is better to drink other beverages that do not irritate the bladder. Such as water or cranberry juice which will help fight and clear the infection.

How long after a UTI can you drink coffee?

Immediately after the infection is gone, you can start drinking coffee. UTIs, after taking your antibiotics for seven days, the symptoms stop, and the bacteria clears out. Since you no longer have the infection, you can continue enjoying your coffee.

Final thoughts 

People have different experiences with UTIs. While your morning coffee may perk you up, it will make your UTI infection act up again. But there are some things to do to help speed up the healing process. For instance, avoid coffee while treating a UTI and drink enough water until the infection is gone.

FAQ section 

Will coffee give me UTI?

Yes. Too much coffee will cause dehydration due to frequent urination and make your bladder susceptible to bacteria growth, the leading cause of UTIs.

Does coffee make UTIs worse?

Yes. Coffee makes a UTI worse. The caffeine in it irritates the bladder, worsening the infections.

Will coffee make my UTI infection heal faster?

No. Coffee will not make your UTI heal faster. Avoid coffee until the infection clears.

Can I have one cup of coffee with UTI? 

No. Take a break from coffee until the infection is gone.

Will Decaf coffee irritate a UTI?

Yes. Steer clear Decaf coffee if you have any signs or symptoms of a UTI infection.

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