Best Secret Drinks at Starbucks to Try in 2023 (What is the best secret drink at Starbucks? How to order + More info)

This article will show you the best secret drinks at Starbucks to try in 2023, their ingredients, and how to order these drinks.

There was this summer afternoon that I visited Starbucks to get a latte. While walking to make my order, I saw someone leaving with a clear cup and the contents were an inviting mix of romantic pink colors. The contents seemed to be well chilled and it is then that I decided to change my order to whatever the person was having.

When I got to the barista I just asked him for the cold pink-colored drink that the person had. The barista just looked at me like he didn’t know what I was talking about and asked me to order what I exactly needed. I had to go with a latte but left very curious about that drink I had seen. On doing my research, I was opened to a whole new world of the Starbucks secret menu that was nowhere on display. I will share with you the best secret drinks at Starbucks and how you can order them so that you don’t order ‘whatever that guy had’ like me.

Best secret drinks at Starbucks

There are a lot of secret drinks coming up every day and with help of social media like Instagram, the drinks are becoming very popular within a short time. You need to know that there is no display menu for the secret drinks. If you wish to order from the secret menu, you have to know the recipe of what you want to order or the barista won’t make your drink. The baristas are not trained to make these secret drinks and that’s why you need to inform them accurately of what he is making. Below is a list of the best secret drinks and how you order them at Starbucks like a pro.

Pink drink

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This is a very refreshing drink that has taken the internet by storm. It tastes as good as it looks with its romantic pink color. This drink has low caffeine and is very sweet. It has a strong strawberry taste with notes of coconut milk and caffeine from the green tea extract in the acai refresher used.

To order the pink drink ask your barista for an acai refresher then inform him to use coconut milk and top it up with dried strawberry fruit. Your order should sound like an iced Venti acai refresher with coconut milk, add 2 pumps of vanilla syrup, 2 pumps of white Mocha, and top up with dried strawberry toppings.

Purple drink

Purple drink is a drink that also has a high following on social media with photos circulating has a light lavender color and has a good quality tea aroma. This drink is made of passion ice tea, vanilla syrup, and soy milk with blueberry of blackberry toppings.

To order a purple drink ask the Starbucks barista for Iced Venti vanilla soy milk tea with blueberry toppings.

Twix Frappuccino

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It is believed that this is the drink that made the secret menu to be known as it trended on the internet way before TikTok. Its taste is based on the chewy caramel chocolate bar. You may find the Frappuccino going by the name caramel cookie bar Frappuccino. This is a Frappuccino with a note of chocolate and caramel, it is a low caffeine drink but very sweet and refreshing especially when the drink is cold. Its photo has circulated over the internet and you can see many people asking for the order recipe.

To order ask for a caramel Frappuccino- remember to mention the size, then add 2 pumps of hazelnut syrup, add Java chips, blend in whipped cream, coat the cup with caramel sauce finally top with Mocha drizzle.

Butter beer Frappuccino

Butterbeer Frappuccino is a Harry Potter-themed drink. It is rich in crème and has toffee notes with some caramel. It is served cold and a good choice for a movie night. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you need to know that there are 8 other Harry Potter-themed drinks on the secret menu. These drinks are Butterbeer Frappuccino, Gryffindor Frappuccino, Slytherin Frappuccino, Ravenclaw Frappuccino, Hot Butterbeer Latte, Hufflepuff Frappuccino, Butterbeer Iced Latte, and Pumpkin Juice.

To order this drink start with an iced vanilla bean Frappuccino with whole milk, add 3 pumps of caramel syrup, add 3 pumps of toffee nut syrup, then top with extra caramel drizzle. If toffee nut syrup is not available, you can tweak your drink with dark caramel syrup with sugar and you will get almost the same taste.

Squid games Frappuccino

Top Secret Drinks at Starbucks to Try in 2022

This is another movie-themed drink. It is based on the most-watched series Netflix has ever made. This intern has seen squid game lovers turn to this drink and has made it very popular. The drink is fruity and colorful which is a reflection of the clothing used in the show.

To order this drink ask for a strawberry crème Frappuccino, add a scoop of dragon fruit exclusion, add 2 pumps of white chocolate mocha sauce, and add a mocha drizzle on top.

Informative section

How do you ask for a secret drink at Starbucks?

To ask for a secret drink from Starbucks you need to know exactly what makes that drink or you can say the recipe of the drink. If you know the recipe, then you can continue to order using Starbucks etiquette. Remember you are ordering something that doesn’t exist so mention the portions of ingredients correctly for the best results.

Is there a Starbucks Secret menu?

Yes, there is a Starbucks secret menu. You won’t find this menu displayed in a Starbucks shop and that’s why it’s secret. The key to mastering the Starbucks secret menu is by mastering the ordering of the drinks. We know by now that you won’t get your drink by simply asking for a ‘purple drink’.

What drinks are on Starbucks’ Secret menu?

There is an endless list of drinks on the Starbucks secret menu. The drinks are very personalized and customized so it’s different from one person to another making the list endless. You will find a lot of customized Frappuccinos and refreshers on the secret menu. They come in all types of consistency and colors, from white to gem-like dazzle. Your imagination is your limit and at Starbucks, the baristas go by, if you know it and you will pay for it, I will make you exactly what you order.

How do you order a secret drink on the Starbucks app?

You log in to the app, select your cup size, select the base drink, choose the customizations, choose if you need ice on the ice tab, then select any add-ins that you want. Choose either pick up or delivery and give an address then click on the order tab. They will notify you via email when the order is ready.


At Starbucks, don’t just do a plain coffee, open up your imagination and try out several other recipes on the secret menus, the variety is very wide and includes vegan diets, keto diets, caffeine, decaf, and non-caffeine drinks. It’s a place where everybody gets something that they will love.

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