Do Starbucks Refreshers Make You Pee? (Starbucks Refresher Drinks That Will Make You Pee + All You Need to Know)

Yes. This happens since Starbucks refreshers contain caffeine which has a diuretic effect.

If you constantly find yourself making regular bathroom trips after taking Starbucks refreshers, you are not alone.

I had to look for ways to keep my body cool during the summer, so I started taking Starbucks refreshers. Though I loved their fruity taste, I could not travel after consuming them since I always felt the need to pee. We came up with this post to help you find out why this happens and which specific refresher drinks have this effect. Here is more!

Why do Starbucks Refreshers make me pee so much?

Starbucks Refresher Drinks That Will Make You Pee

Starbucks sells all kinds of refreshers that come in different flavors. Though they are common among non-coffee drinkers, you should understand that these beverages still contain some caffeine. Starbucks makes these iced drinks with a green coffee extract, which can make one pee regularly after consumption.

The green coffee extract in Starbucks refreshers comes from unroasted coffee beans. Most refreshers from this company contain at least 45 mg of caffeine. The reason why you pee after taking refreshers is that the caffeine in them is a natural diuretic.

This component promotes the blood flow to the kidneys. When this happens, the kidneys will process the liquid, leading to frequent urination. Drinking a high amount of Starbucks refreshers can increase urination since this leads to more caffeine intake. The caffeinated drinks increase urine output just like water.

Therefore, you should avoid taking Starbucks refreshers close to bedtime since the peeing may disrupt your sleep. The coffee can also make you more alert when your body is supposed to be resting. Apart from peeing, you may also feel the need to poop after taking these refreshers since caffeine can also stimulate the gastrointestinal tract.

Are refreshers from Starbucks hydrating?

Do Starbucks Refreshers Make You Pee?

Starbucks has various refreshers that can get you through a warm day. Since they contain caffeine, they can boost your energy. Most customers also reveal that Starbucks refreshers are also hydrating. They offer a thirst-quenching refreshment that many customers crave since they contain some water.

Refreshers at Starbucks come in different tastes. While some are sweet, others are light and more refreshing. If you have a hangover, you can feel much better after taking certain refreshers from Starbucks due to their hydrating effects.

Some of the most hydrating Starbucks refreshers include Coconut Lime Refresher, Secret Sunset Refresher, Strawberry Acai refresher, and Berry Hibiscus refresher. Such drinks can keep you rejuvenated even on a hot day. You should, however, avoid taking too many Starbucks refreshers since it can lead to a dehydrating effect due to high caffeine intake.

What is in Starbucks Refreshers?

If you don’t enjoy the taste of coffee but still want to drink Starbucks, you can stick to its refreshers. This contains a small amount of green coffee extract and other ingredients. Starbucks sells different versions of refreshers. For instance, you can choose the regular refresher, the refresher with lemonade, or the refreshers that contain coconut milk.

Every Starbucks refresher contains freeze-dried fruit, which is referred to as inclusions. The Starbucks baristas also add ice to these refreshers to make them more rejuvenating. They also add water to reduce the concentration of the fruit flavor. If you like your refresher more fruity, you can ask a Starbucks Barista to add less water to your beverage.

Starbucks serves refreshers in different quantities ranging between 12 and 30 ounces. The ingredients in Starbucks refreshers differ based on the type. Here are a couple of Starbucks refreshers that will make you pee due to the components in them.

  • The Pink drink

This is made up of coconut milk, strawberry acai base, ice, and freeze-dried strawberries. It is among the most popular Starbucks refreshers that many customers order due to its delicious taste. The beverage is made up of 24 g of sugar and 45 mg of caffeine. Most customers that take this beverage report peeing a lot after consumption.

  • Mango dragon refresher

Do you prefer a sweet Starbucks refresher? If yes, you can order this drink. It is made up of Mango dragonfruit, ice, and frozen dragonfruit pieces. This drink also has 45 mg of caffeine and sugar. The caffeine content in this beverage can lead to frequent urination. If you don’t like it too sweetened, you can ask the barista to add some more water.

  • Very Berry Hibiscus

This beverage contains freeze-dried blackberries that give it a unique color. The caffeine in it makes it a highly energizing beverage. This Starbucks refresher also contains sugar and ice. You should also avoid taking lots of this drink since it can make you pee a lot.

Are Starbucks refreshers healthy?

These colorful beverages may be energizing, but they are not the healthiest drinks. Some of them contain lots of sugar content and high calories. Most Starbucks refreshers have more than 22 grams of sugar in a grande more than 100 calories.

If you want a less sugary Starbucks refresher, you can stick to the cool lime refresher from Starbucks since it has 14 grams of sugar in a grande and 60 calories. Most of the Starbucks refreshers also have synthetic vitamins, which make them less healthy.


Though Starbucks refreshers are hydrating and energizing, they make many people pee a lot. This happens since they contain caffeine which has a diuretic effect. Caffeine increases the amount of urine your body makes. Starbucks refreshers contain water, caffeine, ice, and freeze-dried fruit. Due to the diuretic effect of coffee, you should only take these refreshers in moderation.


Does Starbucks make you pee a lot?

Not all Starbucks drinks can make you pee a lot, but those with caffeine can cause frequent urination. This is because caffeine makes the body produce more urine.

Which Starbucks refreshers will make you pee?

Refreshers that contain caffeine can cause this. Some of them include Kiwi Starfruit refresher, Berry refresher, very berry hibiscus lemonade refresher, and Mango dragonfruit lemonade refresher.

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