Which Soy milk does Starbucks use? (Is the Soy milk at Starbucks organic + More)

If you are vegan, soy milk is one of the milk alternatives you can order with your drink. Which soy milk does Starbucks use?

This company uses its own brand of soy milk that Danone manufactures. Many Starbucks customers wonder whether they can get Starbucks soy milk from a grocery store. I remember the first time I heard about Starbucks milk alternatives. I wanted to try them all.

After ordering the different types, I chose Soy milk as my favorite since it was quite delicious and creamier than the rest. Since I found it quite intriguing, I decided to research more on it and even created this post to help you learn what soy milk Starbucks uses. Enjoy!

Can you buy Starbucks soy milk?

Yes. You can only buy soy milk from one of the Starbucks stores and not anywhere else. This is because Starbucks soy milk is specifically made for this coffee shop. Feel free to buy a Trenta or Venti cup of Starbucks soy milk from one of the Starbucks shops. This milk alternative is available in over 4000 Starbucks locations in different states in America.

What brand of soy milk does Starbucks use for their drinks?

Which Soy milk does Starbucks use?
Starbucks soy milk. Source: Pinterest

Starbucks uses its own brand of soy milk for its beverages. This coffee shop has always aimed at meeting the needs of different customers. It has been offering soy milk since 1997. The company that makes soy milk for Starbucks is called Danone.

Initially, this company was called WhiteWave Foods. Since it became Danone, it has continued to supply a wide range of plant-based milk products called silk milk range. Danone’s soy milk formula was specifically designed to complement and improve the Starbucks coffee menu.

What is in Starbucks soy milk latte?

This is one of the drinks that you can order from Starbucks. It is made of rich espresso, soy milk, and a layer of foam. You can order the drink with the number of espresso shots you prefer based on how strong you like your drinks. If you want to sweeten the drink further, feel free to order the beverage with syrup.

Paying attention to the nutrition facts of this drink is important. For instance, a tall soy milk latte at Starbucks has 130 calories. It is made up of 4 grams of fat, 18 grams of carbs, and 7 grams of protein.

How many calories are in Starbucks soy milk?

Starbucks soy milk contains 270 calories per serving, while an ounce of this plant-based milk contains 16.25 calories. If you would like to try plant-based milk but are health conscious, this may not be the right option due to its high-calorie content. Though Starbucks soy milk is quite delicious, it has more calories than other options such as coconut milk and almond milk.

Is the soy milk that Starbucks uses healthy?

Which Soy milk does Starbucks use?
Starbucks soy milk, high sugar content. Source: Pinterest

Starbucks soy milk may be sweet, but it is not very healthy due to the number of calories in it. Apart from the calories, it also has high sugar content. Taking drinks with soy milk frequently can therefore contribute to weight gain in some people.

Research shows that soy milk contains the highest amount of sugar compared to all the plant-based milk alternatives at Starbucks. Apart from the naturally occurring sugar, the company that makes soy milk for Starbucks also adds sweeteners and flavors to it. If, for instance, you buy soy milk in a grande, you would be consuming 27 grams of sugar.

Apart from sugar, the other ingredients in Starbucks soy milk are soybeans and water. Soy milk is the second least healthy alternative that comes just above whole milk. Despite this, Starbucks soy milk contains useful ingredients like protein which supports healthy organs and muscles in the body, and fatty acids that can reduce the risk of dementia.

Final thoughts

Plant-based milk options are great for people who don’t take dairy products. If you are among them, you don’t have to give up Starbucks since you can order certain drinks with options like soy milk. This company has its own brand of soy milk that is not available anywhere else apart from Starbucks stores. Feel free to try it today!


Is Starbucks soy milk organic?

Yes. Starbucks utilizes organic soy milk to prepare some of its beverages. This soy milk is also non-GMO and is of high quality.

Where does Starbucks get its soy milk?

Starbucks gets its soy milk from a company called Danone. This company was known as White Wave Foods and has been supplying soy milk to Starbucks since 1997.

What other plant-based milks does Starbucks use?

Apart from soy milk, Starbucks also offers other options like oat milk and almond milk. You can order your drink with either of these alternatives.

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