Is it okay to bring outside food to eat in Starbucks? (Starbucks outside food policy + All you need to know)

Starbucks is more than a mere coffee shop. It is a place where you can enjoy drinks and meals and even meet friends. So, is it okay to bring a food item from outside and eat it at the shop?

Yes. You can bring outside food to Starbucks if you are a paying customer and adhere to the size restrictions. Some Starbucks customers wonder whether bringing outside food to eat from a Starbucks store is rude. My friend suggested we buy pizzas and go take them from a Starbucks store.

One of the workers asked us to leave the shop since we were breaking the rules. After this embarrassing experience, I started learning more about the company rules. I created this post to help you learn about Starbucks’s conditions on outside food.

What is Starbucks outside food policy?

Though you can bring outside food to a Starbucks store, you must order something from the shop. Unlike other stores that don’t completely allow you to bring food from outside, Starbucks is a bit lenient. It understands that sometimes you may need to accompany a small food item with your favorite cup of coffee.

Apart from being a paying customer, Starbucks also sets certain size restrictions on outside food items. The food item you bring to Starbucks has to be small. You can pack it in a container than is less than 22 inches long and 6 inches wide. You can wrap the food in clear wrapping if you don’t have a container.

Though Starbucks allows outside food, it does not allow customers to bring outside drinks since it has sufficient beverages that you can buy while at the store. If you break any of these rules, a barista may ask you to leave the store.

What is and isn’t allowed in Starbucks?

Starbucks outside food policy

Starbucks allows outside food as long as it is small and you are planning to pay for a drink. This coffee shop does not allow very large amounts of food from outside. Besides the outside food policy, Starbucks also has other rules you should understand. For instance, you are not allowed to bring drinks from outside.

You are allowed to use the free Wi-Fi or sit at the store for as long as you want. This coffee shop tries to be as welcoming as possible. You can also freely use the company facilities, such as the patio and bathroom, without buying any Starbucks items.

Feel free to sit at a Starbucks store and wait for someone since you will not be asked to leave. You can even take pictures inside a Starbuck store without asking for permission from the store manager. If you are with the press, you should ask the store manager before you start taking pictures.

Though this coffee chain has favorable policies, it restricts certain activities. For instance, you are not allowed to smoke or vape inside the store since this can pollute the environment. While at Starbucks, you have to consider the health of other people. Apart from that, you are not allowed to bring in a dog unless it is a service dog.

Is it rude to bring outside food to Starbucks?

Is it okay to bring outside food to eat in Starbucks?

This would be rude if you are not planning to buy anything from Starbucks. It would be rude to simply walk into the store with a sandwich, eat then walk out of the store. Bringing very large amounts of food to a Starbucks store is also considered rude.

Bringing outside food to Starbucks in some situations is sometimes understandable. If, for example, you have a child you have to carry a snack for and would like to pass through a Starbucks store, you can bring the food with you and order a drink they can enjoy as they take the snack. This would not be considered rude since you would be a paying customer.

Final thoughts

Every Starbucks customer should take their time to learn the rules of this coffee company. When it comes to outside food, you are allowed to consume it from Starbucks as long as you buy something. Ensure the food item is small and in a small container.

FAQ section

Can you sit in Starbucks without buying anything?

Yes. Since Starbucks changed its policy, it now allows people to sit at its stores even when not purchasing anything.

Can you eat other food in Starbucks?

Yes. You can eat other food in Starbucks as long as the item is small and is in a small container or clear wrapping.

Is it rude to bring outside food to Starbucks?

Not all the time. It would be rude if you bring outside food and consume it without paying for any Starbucks item, then just walk out.

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