6 Best Alternatives to Starbucks in Dallas for work (Starbucks Alternative Coffee Shops to Work in if you Live in Dallas, Texas)

When I first moved to Dallas, I was concerned about relocating to a place without a Starbucks store in the vicinity until I walked into some of the coffee shops in the area. I was pleasantly surprised to find great service and a relaxed ambiance for work. You might have also been too rigid when it comes to your choice of coffee stores for work. I created this post to help you identify amazing Starbucks alternatives in Dallas for work. You might never think about Starbucks ever again.

6 Best Alternatives to Starbucks in Dallas for work

It’s easy for you to think that Starbucks is the only spot ideal for work until you go to Dallas and walk into Sip Star, Full City Roster, Black forest coffee, Window Seat, LDU coffee, and the Berni Beans. These coffee houses are the best alternatives to Starbucks in Dallas for work. Keep reading to learn about these work havens in Dallas.

Sip Star Coffee house

Starbucks Alternative Coffee Shops to Work in if you Live in Dallas, Texas

The first thing you will notice is the relaxed ambiance when you walk in. It is spacious and inviting. It is located in the Mondrian West Village area. The customer service here is five stars and you get exactly what you order with the exact taste that you want. I love working in a slightly noisy place. Sometimes it can get lonely working in my house. I identified Sip Star and decided to try it out. I was impressed by the fast free internet and before I gobbled on my first Grande latte and sandwich, I was almost done with my first project of the day. It felt like a cool office with a more fun vibe.

Full city Roster

This place is worth your time and money. I once dropped by on a work trip and ordered an espresso. I had to check around to confirm that I wasn’t in Starbucks. Their quality of coffee is the type that leaves your mouth in a desperate situation to get some more.

The coffee house sources its beans from the coffee belt and roasts them in-house. If you are looking for space and serenity, this is your ideal coffee shop. The password-protected Wi-Fi is strong and reliable too. The perfect location is what caries the day.

You are going to see historic buildings and old homes. The coffee shop itself has an old-school feel with a modern twist. The store is not exactly dead silent, but its noise level is ideal for work. Every sitting space has sockets installed all around you. There is nothing that is left behind at Full City Roster.

Black Forest Coffee

Starbucks Alternative Coffee Shops to Work in if you Live in Dallas, Texas

This coffee store is located in the Half Price Brook s area. It is cozy and has sidewalk seats. What’s attractive about this place is the local charm that it emanates, something that most giant coffee stores do not have. I want to feel at home when sipping my latte.

If you are an avid reader of novels and books, this is your sanctuary. Coffee plus a good book is the ultimate recipe for relaxation after a long day. If you prefer to work in silence, this store gives you just that. What I can guarantee you is the amazing taste of the sandwiches with a German twist. When I first walked in, I thought that I had traveled back in time.

The vinyl and tapes had me thinking that I had just landed into the pre-digital era, and no, it is not some shabby old coffee hut; it has the right kind of old, the kind that makes you calm and relaxed. It has everything else modern, but I was drawn to the old-school twist.

Window seat coffee

The store gives you a business class flight type of vibe. The interior is inspired by the inside of a plane. This Dallas charmer is your go-to place for your work. Whenever I get tired of the walls in my house, I always find a good coffee shop to change and get caffeinated while at it. The Window seat coffee shop makes you relax while at work.

It’s like an office, only a lot more fun and relaxed. When the hunger pangs kick in, the coffee shop offers you a variety of pastries and sandwiches. If you for some reason have missed your 9-5 routine, you can make this your makeshift office. I can assure you that you are going to be happy here while you take on those projects.

LDU Coffee

Starbucks Alternative Coffee Shops

The glass windows at this place are what attracts your attention. I like to have a clear view of my surrounding while at work. It gives me some type of inspiration. It is a great place to have a latte and get some work done. I haven’t had a taste of their sandwiches, but the muffins are to die for. The chill ambiance is ideal for work and relaxation at the same time. If you are looking for a new spot in Dallas, you should stop at LDU.

The Berni Bean Shop

Whenever I hear about the Berni Bean shop, my mind quickly races to Costa Rica. The coffee at this store is sourced from Costa Rican farmers. I like to call it Dallas Costa Rica. The tropical and colorful presentation makes it ideal for hanging out and getting some work done, I mean what could go wrong with some color and great espresso?

If you truly want to get any substantial work done here, limit your caffeine. Their lattes are excellent and this can work against you. You might go home with zero work done and veins full of espresso.


We all love Starbucks, but we cannot limit ourselves to it. There are plenty of amazing alternatives whether you are looking for coffee or a place to do some work. You might be pleasantly surprised to find alternatives that are better than what you are used to. The key is to be open to trying out new places.

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