7 Starbucks Coffee Grounds Alternatives (Alternative Coffee Ground Brands to Starbucks that Taste just as good)

Everyone loves Starbucks brands, I included, but did you know that other coffee ground alternatives taste just as good as the Starbucks brands? I have come to deliver this good news to you and you can get them at an affordable price too. If you have been wondering whether there is good coffee beyond Starbucks may be because you have ever been to a place with no Starbucks in sight and got stranded, this post will enlighten you on other coffee grounds alternatives.

7 Starbucks Coffee Grounds Alternatives

There are so many good-quality coffee ground brands other than Starbucks. Some of my best picks are Café Bustelo espresso, Death wish coffee co. Ground coffee, Kicking horse Coffee smart-ass blend, Mount Hagen instant coffee, New England coffee ground, Stone street coffee cold brew, and Illy Classico espresso ground coffee.

All these are some of the brands that are as good as our usual Starbucks, so let’s get down to the details.

Café Bustelo Espresso

Alternative Coffee Ground Brands to Starbucks that Taste just as good

This brand is sourced from the best of Latin America. The beans are 100% Arabica and it is a dark roast, suitable for a Starbucks class espresso. This brand is as strong as the Starbucks espresso brand. One mug is going to give you a kick enough to run your system all day long. This coffee ground is specifically made for espresso. As you might already know, espressos are made with medium to dark roasts. The Cuban coffee ground is the number one selling ground in the United States just in case you thought it cannot be real. The café Bustelo espresso beans are roasted to perfection while retaining the charming aroma. Some people say that this Cuban dark roast has a chocolaty taste. It’s arguably one of the best espressos there is.

Death Wish Coffee

Why in the world would they call it ‘death wish’? Mike Brown must have thought this one through when he came up with this name for his company, and to top it all with a skeleton and bones logo? Wow, Mike! Well, dear reader, it has nothing to do with the loss of life. I guess it was used to emphasize the intensity of the roast. The death wish coffee ground is a blend of Robusta and Arabica coffees sourced from India and Peru. This is a very dark roast with high caffeine levels. The slower and longer the roasting takes, the stronger the coffee ground. This dark roast is comparable to the Starbucks espresso, but it can be stronger.

Kicking Horse Coffee Smart Ass Blend

 Coffee Ground Brands

They were not bluffing when they called this medium roast a smart ass. The brightness and chocolaty taste are as accurate as of its name. The dreamy aroma of the ground vanilla beans, stone fruit, and sweet syrup makes you want to do everything you can to get it into your system. This is a Canadian blend that is perfectly roasted to medium. Starbucks uses the Veranda blend, an equally good quality. The beans are all Arabica sourced from Central and South America. It is recommended for French brews, pour overs, espresso, and drip-brew. If you want to have a good star every day, try the kicking horse smart ass blend.

Mount Hagen Instant coffee

As the name suggests, this coffee ground is sourced from the beautiful Mount Hagen in Papua New Guinea. This instant blend is made from Arabica coffee to give you a rich, smooth taste with a deep aroma. Instant coffee has a decaff option that uses a simple water and carbon dioxide method to rid it of all caffeine. The Mount Hagen climate and high altitude give these beans a natural flavor with a mild taste. Starbucks uses the VIA instant coffee which is equally good. For a change, you can try the Mount Hagen instant coffee and compare notes. I feel that they are both worthy of your time and resources.

New England Coffee Ground

This company offers you a wide variety of flavored coffee grounds including the blueberry cobbler flavor, French vanilla, and pumpkin spice among others. The New English medium roast is well balanced for a unique taste. As one of the experts described the flavoring process, the flavors are added during the cooling process. The oils are sprayed to lock them into the coffee cell structure.

Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew

Alternative Coffee Ground Brands to Starbucks

This cold brew is sourced from the Columbian Arabica coffee. It is super smooth and bold for your taste buds. Cold brews are made with coarse ground coffee and cold filtered water. This course ground ark roast is low in acidity, sweet, and well balanced. It might interest you to know that Starbucks cold brew coffee is also from Columbia and is 100% Arabica beans.

This is because Columbian coffee is fruity and nutty with low acidity and a medium body. As you can see, this coffee ground is similar to the Starbucks cold brew. It all gets down to the brewing process. So, if you use the Stone Street coffee ground and brew it properly, you are going to get a tasty drink as you would at Starbucks.

Illy Classico Espresso Ground Coffee

Illy Classico Espresso Ground Coffee

This medium roast ground coffee will give you a classic Italian-style espresso. You can easily use it in your espresso machine as its ground is fine. If your preference is a cup of soft and smooth coffee, try this for your espresso. The Illy Classico has notes of chocolate and caramel. It is all-natural with zero preservatives.


All the above-mentioned coffee grounds are great brands that taste as good as Starbucks. I’m sure you know that there are thousands of coffee shops other than Starbucks that use other grounds and their coffee is equally good if not better. Don’t limit yourself, explore all types of brands and find your perfect match.

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