11 Best Starbucks merchandise (What is the most sought-after Starbucks merchandise? + all you need to know)

Starbucks has different merchandise ranging from tumblers, cold cups, water bottles, and mugs that feature new designs when launched. Read on to know the best Starbucks merchandise you can purchase for your daily use.

I am the person who brings my own cup to Starbucks to use for my order. The drive is in part because I have several Starbucks merchandise, and I also feel using a reusable cup is way better To save you time wasted looking at reviews; I created this post to help you learn about the best Starbucks merchandise to purchase next time you are stuck on what to choose. Enjoy!

What is the most sought-after Starbucks merchandise?

The most sought-after Starbucks merchandise is tumblers. Starbucks tumblers are so popular that some sellers sell them at a slightly higher price than you would normally find in stores.

How do you get Starbucks merchandise?

You can get Starbucks merchandise in all participating Starbucks stores while supplies last. If you cannot find one at the local store, you can also check out online sites such as eBay.

Does Starbucks have online merchandise stores?

What is the most sought

Starbucks does not have an online merchandise store. However, the company has added its drinkware to the mobile order options, and you can order online before going to the store to pick it up.

How we choose the Best Starbucks merchandise

The items were chosen based on their usability, durability and convenience when including in your day-to-day routine. We used this criterion since we realized that not all merchandise could blend in with most people’s day-to-day activities. Before ranking, we took time to determine what Starbucks customers think about them. Therefore, you can trust this post as it considers feedback from Starbucks customers who actually uses them. We also considered the price, and you do not have to break the bank to get any of the merchandise.

Best Starbucks merchandise

Rank Merchandise Size Price
1.Dragonfruit Bling Cup24 oz.$19.95
2.Berry Tumbler12 oz.$19.95
3.Berry Blossoms Cold Cup18 oz.$16.95
4.Strawberry Fields Water Bottle24 oz.$14.95
5.Lemon Gradient Cold Cup24 oz.$19.95
6.Dancing Blooms Tumbler16 oz.$12.95
7.Watermelon Gradient Cold Cup24 oz.$19.95
8.Lime Speckle Cold Cup24 oz.$24.95
9.Beaded Lime Water Bottle20 oz.$24.95
10.Mermaid Tail Mug12 oz.$16.95
11.Purple Iridescent Bling Cup24 oz.$29.95

Dragonfruit Bling Cup

Starbucks merchandise

You are missing out if you do not own a Starbucks Dragonfruit Bling Cup. It is the latest product in the customer-favorite Bling Cup product line. You can buy the Dragonfruit Bling Cup at your nearest Starbucks store. A 34 oz. Dragonfruit Bling Cup will cost you $19.95.

Berry Tumbler

Berry Tumbler

The Berry Tumbler is another item on the best Starbucks merchandise list. The tumbler comes in the best pop of color for your everyday cup of beverage. You can buy the Berry Tumbler at your nearest Starbucks store. To own a 12 oz. Berry Tumbler, you will have to part with $19.95.

Berry Blossoms Cold Cup

Berry Blossoms Cold Cup

The vibrant and colorful Berry Blossoms Cold Cup is another item that fits well on this list. You can get a must-have item at the nearest Starbucks store. An 18 oz. Berry Blossoms Cold Cup will cost you $16.95 at Starbucks.

Strawberry Fields Water Bottle

Starbucks merchandise-Strawberry Fields Water Bottle

The Strawberry Fields Water Bottle gives you the strawberry field vibe with its mix of bright colors that complement each other perfectly. To get the bottle, visit a Starbucks store. A 24 oz. Strawberry Fields Water Bottle will cost you $14.95.

Lemon Gradient Cold Cup

Lemon Gradient Cold Cup

The Lemon Gradient Cold Cup is another must-have item on the list of the best Starbucks merchandise. If you still do not own one, visit a Starbucks store and buy the unique cup. A 34 oz. Lemon Gradient Cold Cup costs $19.95.

Dancing Blooms Tumbler

Dancing Blooms Tumbler

The Dancing Blooms Tumbler is a gift for persons who love adventures. The tumbler is available in select Starbucks stores (licensed) across the U.S. Such Starbucks stores are located in hospitals, airports, grocery stores and more. A 16 oz. Dancing Blooms Tumbler retails at $12.95.

Watermelon Gradient Cold Cup

Starbucks merchandise-Watermelon Gradient Cold Cup

The colorful Watermelon Gradient Cold Cup is another hot seller in the list of best Starbucks merchandise. The cup is available at licensed Starbucks stores. A 24 oz. Watermelon Gradient Cold Cup will cost you $19.95.

Lime Speckle Cold Cup

Lime Speckle Cold Cup

The Lime Speckle Cold Cup is a perfect blend of yellow with the eye-catching summer green. The two-colored cup is unique and beautiful. It is available in licensed Starbucks stores across the country. A 24 oz. Lime Speckle Cold Cup costs $24.95.

Beaded Lime Water Bottle

Beaded Lime Water Bottle

The Beaded Lime Water Bottle is another item that fits the best Starbucks merchandise list. It is healthy to carry a water bottle for hydration purposes. A 20 oz. Beaded Lime Water Bottle will cost you $24.95 at any licensed Starbucks store.

Mermaid Tail Mug

Top Starbucks merchandise

The gorgeous Mermaid Tail Mug is a must-have item that claims a place in the list of best Starbucks merchandise. The one-of-a-kind mug is a limited-edition cup, making it a viable collectors’ item. Finding the cup is hard; however, it is available at the Target Starbucks store. The number of mugs purchased is limited to 2 per person. A 12 oz. Mermaid Tail Mug costs $16.95.

Purple Iridescent Bling Cup

Purple Iridescent Bling Cup

You are missing out if you do not own an Iridescent Bling Cup. The latest cup in the customer-favorite Bling Cup product line, the Iridescent Bling Cup shines with conspicuous iridescence. The cup is available in licensed Starbucks stores located in grocery stores, hospitals and airports across the U.S. A 34 oz. Purple Iridescent Bling Cup will cost you $29.95 in a licensed Starbucks store.

Informative Section

What is the most sought-after Starbucks tumbler?

The pearlescent tumbler is the most sought-after Starbucks tumbler.

Are Starbucks tumblers worth it? 

Starbucks tumblers are worth it since you can use them at home or to get your order at Starbucks and get rewarded 25 stars and 10 cents discount.

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