6 Starbucks refreshers alternatives (6 Refresher drinks you can get at Starbucks on a hot day)

I find it easier to adjust to cold days than hot ones since the warm weather can be quite uncomfortable. Luckily, I discovered Starbucks refresher drinks. If you are confused about which refresher drinks you should order from Starbucks, you don’t have to worry. I created this post to share some of the most popular refresher drinks that you can try. You will also learn how to order them.

6 Starbucks refreshers alternatives

Though many people associate Starbucks with coffee, this company offers all kinds of beverages. Some of the popular drinks that customers buy from the company include refreshers. If you want to cool down on a hot day, you can try refresher alternatives such as Kiwi Star fruit refresher, Paradise drink, Dragon drink, Rose gold refresher, Blueberry acai refresher, and the Star drink. Here is more!

Kiwi Star Fruit refresher

Customizable Refreshing QSR Beverages : Kiwi Starfruit Starbucks Refresher

If you need a refreshing beverage with a kick, you should consider ordering a Kiwi Star Fruit refresher. This can keep you more alert since it has some caffeine content. This beverage includes a blend of kiwi, real kiwi pieces, and star fruit-flavored juices.

The kiwi star fruit base contains colors and natural flavors. It can easily quench your thirst on a hot day. Feel free to customize this beverage in different ways. For instance, you can either order it with more or fewer kiwi inclusions or make it sweeter by asking for flavored syrup. Many people who have tried this refresher find it quite satisfying since it has a distinct taste that is not too overwhelming.

Paradise drink

Starbucks added this refresher to its Summer menu for 2022. The base of this beverage is a pineapple passion fruit refresher. The other ingredients include ice, free dried pineapple, and coconut milk. The use of coconut milk makes it ideal for vegans.

It is a delicious refresher that has tropical flavors of pineapple. Even the color of this beverage makes it quite catchy. A grande of paradise drink has 140 calories, 45 mg of caffeine, and 23 grams of sugar. You can also order it in a tall, venti or trenta.

A venti cup of this beverage has 200 calories, 4 grams fat, and 33 grams sugar. Though this drink is quite refreshing on a hot day, the nutritional facts show that it is not very healthy. You should therefore take it in moderation.

Dragon Drink

Refresher drinks you can get at Starbucks on a hot day

This is a tropical drink that is both icy and sweet. Starbucks makes it with ice, pieces of dragonfruit, and coconut base, then makes it creamy. The baristas then shake it in a shaker before serving the refresher. If you want this refresher to be less sweet, you can ask the barista to add water.

A grande of this Starbucks refresher contains 130 calories, 23 grams of sugar, and 45 mg of caffeine. A venti of this refresher contains 190 calories, 4 grams of fat, and 34 grams of sugar. The coconut milk also makes this refresher a bit heavier than fruit juice.

Rose gold refresher

If you have tried most of the popular Starbucks refreshers, you should explore the secret menu options. A rose gold refresher is one of the drinks that can help you stay cool on a hot day. It tastes great and has pink and gold hues that make it quite colorful.

To order this refresher, you can ask the Starbucks barista for a mango dragon fruit refresher without any inclusions and some peach juice. They can sweeten the refresher with a pump of vanilla and raspberry syrups. The vanilla syrup offsets the fruity intensity of this refresher. You can order it directly from a Starbucks store or customize it on the app.

Blueberry Acai refresher

Starbucks refreshers alternatives

If you need a caffeinated refresher that you can take during hot days, you can try this one. This is made up of sparkling water and a blueberry acai base. It is a tangy sweet beverage that can keep you energized during the day. A 12 fl oz of this refresher has 50 mg of caffeine, 20 grams of sugars, and no fat.

Star drink

If you don’t like very sweet refreshers, you should try the star drink. This is made using Kiwi star fruit refresher, ice, coconut milk, and freeze-dried kiwis. It can really come in handy on a hot day since it is quite refreshing. A tall cup of the star drink has 35 mg of caffeine and 100 calories.


Starbucks refreshers are iced beverages that have little caffeine content. These should be your go-to drinks on hot days since they can help you feel much better. Feel free to try some of the Starbucks refresher alternatives that we have discussed above to identify your favorite.

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