5 Best Starbucks refreshers secret menu (Starbucks Secret Menu Refreshers to Keep You Cool during the summer + More information)

Starbucks has made it possible for its customers to customize refresher drinks and make new inventions on a secret menu. So, what is the best Starbucks refreshers secret menu? Let’s find out.

These secret refreshers are must-tries for all of us this summer especially the sunset drink, WandaVision, fuzzy peach refresher, the gummy bear, and so much more. I have almost exhausted the popular refreshers on the secret menu while trying to pick out the best. I realized that some people find it challenging to order some of these items and end up missing out. Well, today I come to your rescue with this post where I will explore the popular secret menu refreshers. You will learn about these amazing hidden gems right here, so keep reading.

Is the Starbucks secret menu a real thing?

Oh yes! It is as real and great as the official menu. These Instagram and Tik Tok creations are unlike anything you have ever seen, and they keep evolving day in and day out. They simply take an existing refresher base and customize it to please both the eyes and taste buds.

What is on the Starbucks secret menu?

The secret menu is expansive and exciting with so much to choose from. The drinks are customizations of the regular drinks. You will find things like the sunrise drink, gummy bear refreshers, green drink, Frappuccino blends, and even drinks named after your favorite celebrity.

What are the best Refreshers Starbucks secret menu?

Some of my favorites are fuzzy peach refreshers, firecracker refreshers, sunrise drinks, and the WandaVision refresher. These are just tips of the iceberg in the vast secret menu.

What is the best Starbucks secret menu drink?

I will have to go with the Disney-inspired WandVision refresher. It is cooling, refreshing, and has just then the right amount of caffeine. The taste on the other hand is creamy with hints of vanilla and fruitiness. Have you felt the heat lately? This is just what you need to beat this heat wave.

How we choose the Best Starbucks refreshers secret menu

We looked at the refresher with the best taste and the most flexible to customize. Some people would like sugar while others would rather keep off sugar and other ingredients. This criterion is inclusive and covers all tastes and preferences.

5 Best Starbucks refreshers secret menu

Here is a close look at the best Starbucks secret menu refreshers.





WandaVision Refresher

Strawberry acai refresher, Guava juice, vanilla sweet cream cold foam


Sunset Refresher

Cool lime refresher, lemonade, ice, black tea


Fuzzy peach refresher

Mango Dragonfruit refresher without water, half peach juice, 2 pumps of vanilla syrup, and coconut milk


Gummy bear refresher

Strawberry acai refresher without water, peach juice, 2 pumps of raspberry syrup


Firecracker refresher

Mango Dragonfruit lemonade refresher without water and inclusions, raspberry, and iced passion tea

WandaVision Refresher

Starbucks Secret Menu Refreshers to Keep You Cool during the summer
Starbucks WandaVision Refresher. Source: Starbucks

I like to refer to it as the summer thirst-quencher. It gives you all the great summer vibes with the taste of strawberry, the fruitiness of guava, and the ever-sweet vanilla sweet cream cold foam. The refresher has green coffee extract for the extra caffeine boost on a summer day. This drink is iced to cool you off in the heat.

Sunset Refresher

The Tik Tok sunset refresher has an amazing Ombre look that appears from the different layers in the drink. The tantalizing taste of peach and lemonade is such a great refreshment. The caffeine boost from green tea extract and black tea gives enough stimulants for the day. You will pick up a dash of strawberries and a sweet mango and peach mix for a tropical sunset feel. The name is inspired by the way the drink sets into an orange hue that reflects the sunset.

Fuzzy peach refresher

Whenever coconut milk is introduced, the drink automatically infuses a tropical taste that can only be compared to a luxurious tropical vacation. When it combines in a cup with floral hints and sweet fruits, the taste becomes the best thing you can ever imagine. As if that is not enough, a dash of vanilla is added to finish it off. This drink got the attention of Justin Bieber and it will surely get yours if you try it out this summer. Some people refer to this refresher as a tropical vacation translated into a cup.

Gummy Bear Refresher

I must confess that this refresher tastes nothing like gummy bears, but I have also heard people describe it as gummy bears in juice form. Well, we all have different perceptions and what matters is that we get to enjoy the drink at the end of the day. I love the strawberry hints and fruitiness of peach and sour lime taste. This refresher is a great way to quench your thirst and cool off while enjoying a great drink.

Firecracker refresher

Best Starbucks refreshers secret menu
Starbucks Firecracker refresher. Source: Pinterest

As the name suggests, the refresher looks like a beautiful display of fireworks. The taste doesn’t fall short and combines the fruitiness of mango and Dragonfruit and a hint of lemonade. This refresher is sweet and light making it perfect for summer. It is super hydrating and a great way to cool off at the pool while walking down the street on a hot day. You will end up with a moderately caffeinated drink without having to taste any coffee.

Final Thoughts

Refreshers are best taken with ice. It is also important to note that they have green coffee extract in all their bases for mild stimulation. Some have been boosted with black tea for more caffeine for those who would like a higher dose. Whatever you settle on, you can be assured of a cool summer day bursting with flavor.

Informative Section

What is the best way to order a strawberry refresher from Starbucks secret menu?

Always start with the strawberry acai refresher as the base drink and customize it from there.

why does Starbucks have a secret menu?

The secret menu is a Starbucks little way for people to customize their drinks without adding them to the official menu.

what’s Starbucks’ secret menu

The menu is a creation of customers and baristas where regular drinks are customized and are mostly done on social media.

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