How much are strawberry refreshers at Starbucks (What is in Starbucks Strawberry refreshers + more information)?

Starbucks strawberry refresher has been ranked the best so far, according to customer popularity. But does this high ranking reflect on the price? How much are strawberry refreshers at Starbucks?

A Grande cup of Starbucks strawberry refresher is sold at $4.49 while a Venti and Tentra are sold at $4.99 and $5.29 respectively. This price may not seem like much, but we all know how disappointing it is to spend your last dollar on a drink that isn’t worth it. Well, that is not the case with the strawberry refresher.

I was skeptical about ordering it at first, but getting through summer can be challenging without something to cool you down and I can tell you, this refresher has everything that gets you to that. In this article, you will learn about the ingredients in the refresher and everything you need to know about it. Read on!

What is in Starbucks strawberry refresher?

The ingredients for Starbucks strawberry refresher as listed on the company’s website are strawberry acai base (water, sugar, natural flavors, citric acid, grape juice concentrate, fruit and vegetable juice, and natural green coffee flavor), ice, and freeze-dried strawberries. The drink has passion fruit accents that come from the natural flavors and fruit juices. Natural green coffee flavor contributes to the refresher’s caffeine content and is a little milder than regular coffee.

Also, freeze-dried strawberries aren’t just for garnishing, but also add a fruity flavor to the drink. Starbucks also lists Rebaudioside, which is a form of stevia among its ingredient. A lot of these ingredients can be substituted if you are making this drink at home. You can modify your drink as follows:

  • If you don’t fancy caffeine in your refresher, you can skip the natural green coffee flavor since it does not affect the taste of the drink.
  • You don’t have to add sugar if you like a tart taste
  • For a more original flavor, you should add passion juice
  • You can use normal strawberries instead of freeze-dried strawberries. Just ensure you chop them well to increase the surface area of the infusion.
  • If you have any leftover strawberry base and don’t feel like having any more strawberry refresher, you can substitute the water with coconut milk to make a pink drink

What is the nutritional information of the Starbucks strawberry refresher?

What is in Starbucks Strawberry refreshers

The nutritional information of any Starbucks drink is crucial and a must-know for any customer. Most of the time people claim that Starbucks drinks are unhealthy, this however is contributed by negligence and ignoring information about that particular drink. Starbucks offers information on all their drinks including the strawberry refresher.

A 16 fl oz. cup of Starbucks refresher has 90 calories and 45 mg of caffeine. In addition, there are 0 g of fat, 15mg of sodium, 23 g of carbohydrates, and 0 g of protein. Carbohydrates make up 8% of the daily intake value while sodium makes up 1%. This nutritional information is based on Starbucks drinks and is bound to change if you are making a homemade refresher. The information also changes depending on the drink size you order. A Venti size has 130 calories while a Tentra has 190 calories. The values are however not affected by customizations.

While Starbucks does not have caffeine-free refreshers, the ingredients are listed on the website and there are copycat recipes that you can use to make your refresher that tastes just as good. If you are on a caffeine-free diet or want to tone down your intake you can opt for a homemade option. This also applies to the sweetener in your drink.

How do I order a Starbucks strawberry refresher?

Unlike other Starbucks drinks, the strawberry refresher is pretty much ordered as it is. Drinks like Frappuccinos and coffees can be customized to give drinks that differ greatly taste-wise. Starbucks refreshers can only be garnished and have two main inclusions, ice, and sweetener. Other than these, everything else is standardized.

To order a strawberry refresher you will first need to pick a cup size, either tall, Grande, Venti, or Tentra. Grande is the most common size and is the one suggested by default. After that, you tell the baristas you want a strawberry refresher, though popularly known as Strawberry acai refresher, the baristas will know what you are talking about.

You can order this drink at Starbucks stores or through the website or app. When ordering online you pick the drink in your preferred size and select a store near you for pick up.

What does Starbucks’ strawberry refresher taste like?

One word, delicious! Starbucks strawberry refresher stands out among other Starbucks drinks for several reasons among which is the taste. Though most of the drinks have iced options they aren’t refreshing enough to fit the summer vibe so to have a delicious drink that is flavorful, caffeinated, and refreshing is the pleasantry of a lifetime.

Starbucks strawberry refresher is packed with caffeine that keeps you energized and ice to make it chill and refreshing. It is also less viscose than other drinks which makes it the best drink for summer. All these plus the bittersweet taste can be summarized with one word, delicious and that is what the refresher tastes like.


Are strawberry refreshers good?

Yes, they are, among all Starbucks refreshers, strawberry refreshers have the most positive review from customers and are also the most popular among customers. That just goes to prove how good they are.

How much caffeine is in a Strawberry refresher?

Starbucks strawberry refresher has about 45 mg of caffeine. The caffeine comes from the natural green coffee flavor and is available in all Starbucks refreshers.

Are Starbucks strawberry refreshers hydrating?

Yes, they are. Starbucks strawberry refreshers have the perfect fruity and delicious ingredients to keep your body hydrated in the summer heat. Water is also a main ingredient for the refreshers.

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