Are Starbucks refreshers kosher? (Which Starbucks Refreshers are kosher? + All you need to know)

Not all of them. Some kosher-certified refreshers include Matcha lemonade, cool lime, and very berry hibiscus that is canned, sold in-store, and contains the OU on its label.

Being part of the Jewish heritage means that one is not allowed to consume non-kosher drinks. Finding kosher certified refreshers is a challenge. Since I started buying drinks from Starbucks, I have always focused on finding kosher beverages. I created this post to help you figure out which Starbucks refreshers are kosher. You will learn which certified Starbucks drinks to order for Passover by the end of the post.

Which Starbucks Refreshers are kosher?

The Jews have strict dietary regulations that people must abide by. Kosher refers to foods and drinks that can be consumed according to Jewish law. Though Starbucks has a lot of refreshers, some of them do not conform to this law.

This does not mean that you cannot buy kosher refreshers at Starbucks. You only have to do some research to identify such drinks. If you don’t enjoy the taste of coffee but are looking for light caffeinated cold drinks at Starbucks, you may like refreshers. Here are some of the kosher certified refreshers at Starbucks.

  • Matcha lemonade

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This is one of the kosher refreshers that is delightfully vibrant and delicious. Starbucks makes it with matcha green tea and crisp lemonade. It also mostly comes with ice to cool you down during a hot day.

As you order this refresher, you can tell the barista to add at least three scoops of Matcha powder. Match lemonade contains around 120 calories and 27 grams of sugar. You can order this kosher refresher at Starbucks in any cup size you prefer, such as Trenta, Venti, Grande, or Tall.

  • Very Berry Hibiscus

If you find Very Berry Hibiscus in store, canned, and has the OU on the label, it is kosher certified. This is one of the favorite kosher drinks that many people that abide by the Jewish law choose from Starbucks. It is a healthy refresher since it only has 70 calories and no fat, and 14 grams of sugar.

Starbucks makes this refresher using green coffee and real fruit juice. It also contains whole blackberries that give it a unique taste and appealing color. You can order this drink with a peach juice blend or apple juice. The baristas also add ice to make this drink more refreshing. Since this drink is no longer available at some Starbucks stores, you may struggle to find it.

  • Cool lime

In-store cool lime that is canned and bearing the OU on its label is also Kosher. This is a blend of citrus and lime. The Starbucks baristas shake it with real lime slices. You can order this drink in grande, venti, or tall sizes. Note that caffeine varies based on the specific cup size you pick for this refresher. You can even learn to make this refresher at home with a few ingredients.

What are Starbucks Refreshers made of?

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Though Starbucks uses different ingredients to make its refreshers, it uses some main components in almost all of them. This lightly caffeinated drink contains real fruit juice and green coffee extract. This company uses arabica coffee beans to make its green coffee extract.

Since Starbucks refreshers have at least 45 mg of caffeine, you should avoid giving them to young ones, especially before bedtime, since they can boost alertness. Starbucks also adds freeze-dried fruit in such beverages to make refreshers more delicious.

These are popularly known as inclusions. Though the barista adds 1 or 2 scoops of inclusions depending on the cup size, you can request more as you order for a Starbucks refresher. Ice is also another main component included in most Starbucks refreshers.

The baristas shake these beverages with ice to give them a cooling effect. Do you prefer a refresher that has a strong fruit flavor? You should request the barista to add less water to your drink.

What Starbucks drinks are kosher for Passover?

Starbucks has a strict hygiene program. During Passover, you can find some kosher-certified drinks from Starbucks. You will not be breaking any Jewish laws during such celebrations by consuming unflavored ground coffee drinks from this company since it is kosher.

Apart from coffee, you can also take certain Starbucks tea drinks. Before placing your order, be keen on the specific flavors used in the tea and ensure that the drink is kosher certified. You should also request for espresso or iced latte to be prepared in a disposable cup.


Is Starbucks strawberry acai refresher kosher?

No. This refresher is not kosher certified.

Is the pink drink at Starbucks kosher?

No. It does not have a kosher certification.

Is Starbucks caramel drizzle kosher?

This is also not kosher.

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