Dutch bros straw code guide (What is the Dutch Bros Straw code + more information)

Regular Dutch Bros customers have already heard of and formed opinions about the intriguing Dutch Bros straw code. But if you’ve just heard about it recently, you might wonder, “What is the Dutch Bros straw code?” Let’s find out!

I was recently waiting in line to make an order at a Dutch Bros drive-thru when I heard some teenagers talking about the colors of Dutch Bros straws and their hidden meanings.

Although I laughed off the exchange as sensational and untrue, I was surprised to realize I was secretly waiting to see if I would get a straw based on my appearance.

I began thinking back to all the straws I’d gotten before and wondered if they truly reflected my appearance or personality at that time. To say that I was intrigued would be an understatement.

If you are wondering what the Dutch Bros straw code is and if it’s real, keep reading this post to find the answers to these questions and more.

What Do the Dutch Bros Straw Colors Mean?

A large percentage of internet users and Dutch Bros fans have ascribed meanings to Dutch Bros straw colors in support of the “Dutch Bros code.”

They believe that a barista will give you a particular color of straw to communicate what they think about your personality or appearance secretly. The sense of intrigue brought by this fun concept has fueled sales at Dutch Bros coffee shops, as people want to find out what the Dutch Bros baristas might be thinking about them.

Were you given a particular straw color at a Dutch Bros shop, and you’d like to find out what it means? Let’s crack this code!

  • Pink straw: Many people hope to get a pink straw when they go through the Dutch Bros drive-thru because this means the barista thinks they are pretty or cute.
  • Green straw: According to the Dutch Bros straw code, getting a green straw in your coffee means the barista thinks you’re unattractive.
  • Orange straw: If you’re sipping your coffee with an orange straw, then the barista who made it thinks you’re strange, mysterious, or weird.
  • Yellow straw: Although yellow is a vibrant and lively color, people believe that getting a yellow straw in your Dutch Bros drink means the barista thinks you’re plain.
  • Blue straw – This might seem like a warning against harassing Dutch Bros employees, but people believe a barista will give you a blue straw if they think you’re rude.

Where did Dutch Bros straw code come from?

Dutch bros straw code guide
Dutch Bros straw code. Image source: Dutch Bros

Despite the controversial uproar, the Dutch Bros straw code has caused among internet users and Dutch Bros fans, the exact origin of where or how it all started is still unknown.

This has led some customers to conclude that the lack of an exact origin proves that the straw code is simply a set of rumors spread by narcissistic customers who wish to base their appearance or personality on the color of the straw they’ve been given.

Needless to say, the push and pull between customers who believe in the straw code and those who don’t is what keeps this concept alive and intriguing.

Is the Dutch Bros straw code real?

Whether the Dutch Bros straw code is real or not is still an ongoing debate among internet users and Dutch Bros fans. However, there’s still no concrete proof to determine whether the straw code is real or not.

Some people believe that Dutch Bros employees use the straws to secretly communicate how they feel about different customers, while others do not. Among those who believe that the Dutch Bros straw code is real, there are also clashing opinions about the secret meaning behind each straw.

Customers who argue that the straw code is not real state that Dutch Bros employees are too busy to spare any time to systematically hand out straws. They believe that everyone gets a random straw that doesn’t have any meaning behind it.

On the other hand, customers who believe the straw code is real claim to have conducted keen observations and experiments that prove them right.

They also report about some Dutch Bros employees admitting to following the straw code when serving customers, but Dutch Bros hasn’t given an official statement to support or dispute these reports.

Even though the authenticity of the Dutch Bros straw code is still a mystery, customers continue to flock to the Dutch Bros drive-thrus hoping that the baristas will make their days by giving them a pink straw.


What does a yellow straw at Dutch Bros mean?

If you’re given a yellow straw at Dutch Bros, it means that the barista thinks you’re plain or average.

How many straw colors are there at Dutch Bros?

There are five straw colors at Dutch Bros: pink, blue, orange, green, and yellow.

What is the most popular straw color at Dutch Bros?

Many female Dutch Bros customers prefer a pink straw because it means that the barista thinks they are pretty or cute.

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