How much do Dutch bros employees make in tips (How much do you make in tips per day at Dutch Bros + more information)?

Tipping in most companies is optional. But, do employees receive the same amount in tips in various companies? How much do Dutch bros employees make in tips?

Dutch bros employees make between two to six dollars in cash tips for minimum wage and short shifts. The card tips will add another $2 hourly in the busy seasons. 

Before working for a new company, I research some things about it, from the pay, hours, and tips. There is a new Dutch bros store on our street. I applied for a part-time job. The hours are great, and the pay is decent. I handed over my job application, and they have already called me for an interview. In this article, you will learn how much you make in tips per day in Dutch bros and more information.

How much does a barista at Dutch Bro make in tips per day?

Depending on the day, a barista at Dutch bros can make more than $100 in tips. Also, it depends on the location, day, and the total number of customers tipped that week. The total amount is split among the hours worked by the baristas. For instance, the Dutch bros stores can average between 65 cents to $1.50 per hour. This is the average of a middle-class area, meaning the $ per hour in the richer and busier area is higher.

How often does Dutch Bros pay out tips?

How much do you make in tips per day at Dutch Bros 
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Tips are evenly split with the whole crew every week. These tips differ from store to store, and store managers and assistant managers are not eligible for the split tips. The shift manager will count and split the money weekly to the deserving crew for that week.

Can new employees get paid tips at Dutch Bros?

Yes. New employees get paid tips at Dutch bros. The tips vary from day to day and depend on the season. Plus, they range between $2 to $6 an hour. But, this depends on the store and the staff working in that store. The new employees, as long as they are baristas or shift supervisors, the tips are split up among them. However, assistant managers, shift managers, and managers do not receive tips.

Do part-time employees get tips at Dutch Bros?

Yes. Part-time employees at Dutch bros gets a fair share of how many hours they work. The tips differ depending on the Dutch bros stores. Plus, every week, they share them evenly between the whole crew. However, part-time employees who are assistant managers and store managers are not eligible for tips.

Final thoughts 

Dutch bros employees average between $2 to $6 per hour in tips. The amount is split evenly between the employees weekly for the baristas and shift managers. Depending on the location, the tips can be more or less per week. Notably, giving a cash tip at Dutch bros is optional.


How many tips do Dutch Bros get?

The range for tips at Dutch bros is between $2 to $6 an hour. This depends on the day, season, and location of the store. The total amount they get is split among the shift supervisors and baristas.

Can you tip in cash at Dutch Bros?

Yes. There is an option to tip in cash at Dutch bros. The tips go to a pool to wait for the weekly distribution.

Can you tip at Dutch Bros?

Yes. You can tip at Dutch bros for the company offers customer service to their clients. But giving a tip is optional.

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