Can you order ahead at Dutch bros (can you order at Dutch Bros before getting to the store + more information)?

Dutch bros have allowed many coffee lovers to get their favorite drinks while traveling. But can you order ahead at Dutch bros? Read on to find out more!

Yes. Dutch bros allow customers to order their drinks ahead through their website or a mobile app.

Many Dutch Bros customers order their favorite drinks at the window, but some wonder how to order ahead. I did not know this was an option until I saw my brother using the Dutch Bros mobile app.

Though I was not new to Dutch Bros, I had never ordered a drink online before, so I asked my brother about it. After learning how to order ahead at Dutch Bros, I created this post to share what I had learned. By the end of it, you will learn the different ways of ordering ahead at Dutch Bros.

Can you order before getting to the store at Dutch Bros?

Can you order ahead at Dutch bros
Dutch bros store. Image source: Dutch bros

Yes. You can order what you like from Dutch Bros before getting to the store through the company’s website. Visit the Dutch Bros website and then pick the coffee you prefer. After this, choose the pickup option. Once you go to the nearest Dutch Bros location, your drink will be ready.

As you order a drink online, you still have the option to choose the drink size you prefer and customize it by adding some extras. You are not only limited to drinks since you can still order food online through the website before getting to the store.

Can you pre-order from the Dutch Bros app?

Yes. You first need to download the mobile app to order a drink ahead of time. The mobile app is available on both Android and iPhone devices. Once you download the app, you can then create an account and indicate your delivery address. Browse the Dutch Bros menu and order your favorite drink by adding it to your cart. You can then pick a delivery option and wait for your coffee to be delivered to you.

Most customers that have ordered their drinks through the mobile app are impressed with its user-friendly interface. It even has a barcode scanner that makes placing orders for drinks easier. Apart from the freedom to pay for your coffee, the mobile app also gives customers a chance to get rewards and earn points. You may receive a free drink when you download the Dutch Bros mobile app. Downloading the Dutch Bros app will earn you 125 points.

FAQ section

What can you do on the Dutch Bros app?

You can pay for a drink through the Dutch Bros app and earn rewards. Since the mobile app can give you access to the reward program, you can earn a free drink.

How do you order for delivery at Dutch Bros?

You can order a drink through the Dutch Bros mobile app. After this, pick the delivery option for the drink to be delivered to your doorstep. Dutch Bros works with third-party delivery services like Grubhub and Postmates. This option ensures you enter your delivery address to determine whether you are within the delivery radius before placing your order.

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