Can you order ahead at Dutch bros (can you order at Dutch Bros before getting to the store + more information)?

If you are trying to save time as you order your morning coffee, you are probably thinking of online ordering. But can you order ahead at Dutch Bros? Read on to find out!

Yes. Dutch bros allows customers to order their drinks ahead through their website or a mobile app.

The main reason I switched from Starbucks to Dutch Bros was to avoid the long lines at the store.

However, I was feeling intimidated since I had never ordered my morning coffee at a drive-thru before. To avoid embarrassing myself, I researched to find out whether I could order my drink online and found different ways to do so.

So today, I will share how you can order ahead at Dutch Bros. Stick around for that and much more!

Can you order before getting to the store at Dutch Bros?

🤗Yes. You can order what you like from Dutch Bros before getting to the store through the company’s website. Follow the steps below.

  • View the full menu from the Dutch Bros website,
  • Pick what you prefer from the menu
  • Select the size you want from options like large, medium, or small.
  • Specify whether you want the drink blended, hot, or cold
  • Feel free to customize the drink by adding extras like toppings or syrups.
  • Take your time to go through the nutritional information of the drink before ordering
  • Once you are sure of what you want, choose the pickup option.
  • Visit the nearest Dutch Bros location to pick up the drink.

🤭How simple was that?

As you order a drink online, you are not only limited to drinks since you can still order food online through the website before getting to the store.

Dutch Bros also lets you order drinkware, single-serve cups, and private reserve blend through its website. Additionally, you can also get a gift card online.


Can you pre-order from the Dutch Bros app?

Yes. I discovered that Dutch Bros offers mobile ordering services. Here are the steps to pre-order your favorite drink from the app.

  • Download the Dutch Bros app using either an Android or iPhone device.
  • Ensure you have reliable internet to download it in less time
  • Once you download the app, open it and create an account and indicate your delivery address.
  • Browse the Dutch Bros menu and order your favorite drink by adding it to your cart.
  • Do not forget to specify things like size, temperature, and customizations.
  • Enter your payment information so that you pay for the drink by scanning the app
  • You can pay using methods like a credit card, debit card, or Paypal
  • After this, pick a delivery option and wait for your coffee to be delivered to you.

Most customers that have ordered their drinks through the mobile app are impressed with its user-friendly interface.

Apart from the freedom to pay for your coffee, the mobile app also gives customers a chance to get rewards and earn points.

You may receive a free drink when you download the Dutch Bros mobile app. Downloading the Dutch Bros app will also earn you 125 points.

That’s not all. During your birthday, you can also get a free drink if you have the Dutch Bros app. 😄Don’t we all love free things?

What you should know before ordering at Dutch Bros

Dutch bros store. Image source: Dutch bros
Dutch bros store. Image source: Dutch bros

Having some things in mind can make your ordering experience easier at Dutch Bros. You first need to understand the lingo. Like any other coffee house, Dutch Bros has a specific lingo that it uses.

For instance, the person serving you at a drive-thru is called a broista. Dutch Bros also uses simple terms to refer to its cup sizes, like small and large, rather than using terms like venti or grande.

Additionally, you should get familiar with the customization options available. This can help you come up with a unique drink.

If you are ordering from the Dutch Bros drive-thru for the first time, you don’t have to feel intimidated since the broistas are very friendly and social.

Dutch Bros is also quite generous since it awards you points for every dollar you spend. You can then use the points to redeem rewards.

If you already have the Dutch Bros mobile app and have created an account, you have to scan your Dutch pass at the window to earn rewards.

FAQ section

What can you do on the Dutch Bros app?

You can pay for a drink through the Dutch Bros app and earn rewards. Since the mobile app can give you access to the reward program, you can earn a free drink.

How do you order for delivery at Dutch Bros?

You can order a drink through the Dutch Bros mobile app. After this, pick the delivery option for the drink to be delivered to your doorstep.

Dutch Bros works with third-party delivery services like Grubhub and Postmates. This option ensures you enter your delivery address to determine whether you are within the delivery radius before placing your order.

Can I call Dutch Bros and order?

No. You cannot call to make an order since this is not one of the ordering options at Dutch Bros. However, if you have an issue that you need to raise with the customer service representatives, feel free to call them.

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