Does Starbucks gift card expire? (Can you use Starbucks Gift Cards after expiry + More information)

A coffee shop gift card is convenient for coffee lovers during the cold season or morning hours. But which is the best coffee shop gift card that gives value for money? Does Starbucks gift card expire?

Yes. It does. The Starbucks gift card has an expiration date. This is 3 years from the time of activation or the last transaction date. Having the Starbucks gift card knowing when it will expire is a plus for coffee lovers and Starbucks goers. The card can be for individual use or a gift to a family member or a friend. Last week I was stuck on what to get my colleague for her farewell party as she transitions to start her own firm. And, I knew our evening coffee dates will not be the same without her. So, a Starbucks gift card for her farewell party was a way to remind her of our coffee dates every time she enjoyed anything at Starbucks in her new town. Plus, I got one for myself to enjoy my favorite drinks and snacks every time I’m in Starbucks. Below is more information on the Starbucks gift card if you are seeking to get one.

How long are Starbucks cards valid for?

The validity of the Starbucks cards is 3years. But, this means three years from its last transaction or three years from its activation date, whichever later. Plus, if there is any remaining value in this card, Starbucks will cancel it immediately, and you will receive no notice.

How do I know if my Starbucks gift card is still good?

Can you use Starbucks Gift Cards after expiry

As long as you have an available load and keep using your Starbucks card, it is still good. But, you can check the status of the gift card on your online account to check the history of your card. In doing this, you can know the balance available and if it is due to expire or not. Contact Starbucks customer care if you need further information.

Will Starbucks eGift card expire?

Yes. It does. The Starbucks eGift card is considered expired 90 days from the date of purchase. Once you purchase the eGift card, the validity is 90 days from the date you receive the eGift email notification. Plus, there is no reimbursement or refund made to the sender or recipient of the card. Also, there is no extension of the validity period. Once you redeem your eGift Card, the three years validity period after the last transaction applies to the card.   

Can you use Starbucks Gift Cards after expiry? 

Starbucks Gift Cards after expiry

Yes. You can continue using the Starbucks gift cards as long as you activate it. This is because the card balances will become invalid three years after the last transaction you had or since the last card activation. Therefore, it is important to use the gift card within the validity period to keep it active for use. Also, you need to follow up on card activation to know if you need to get a new Starbucks card with the new features and designs available to use.


The Starbucks gift card is convenient as long as you keep on using it and have the loaded value it needs. Plus, the card value varies with the amount you want to spend and the number of cards you want. You can buy individual gift cards or corporate gift cards in bulk. The card is an exciting gift for your friends, colleagues, and family members. A Starbucks gift card allows them to buy anything in a Starbucks coffee shop, or it can be limited to either drinks or baked goods. There is a Starbucks gift card for everyone. You only need to order one online.

FAQ Section 

Do Starbucks gift cards have an expiration date?

Yes. The Starbucks gift cards have an expiration date. However, the value on your Starbucks card does not expire. Because of this, there is no charge you get on any activation, dormancy, service, or inactivity in connection to using the card.

Can I check my Starbucks gift card balance online?

Yes. There are a few ways to check your Starbucks gift card balance online at your convenience. You can check the balance through the reward page, card page, or the Starbucks app. There are various procedures for the three ways. For the card page you need to enter your card number and code to view the balance. Select the Scan tab on your Starbucks app to view your balance on your phone. Lastly, for the reward page, sign in to the account and view the balance available under the card management tab.

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