How Much Does my Starbucks Gift Card Have? (What Is My Starbucks Gift Card Balance +More Information)

A gift card in North America is also called a gift certificate. Have you ever asked yourself,’ How much does my Starbucks gift card have?

The only way to know this is by checking your gift card balance. I prefer to sign in to the Starbucks account, visit the rewards page, and click on the card that I want to check. I like to use the Starbucks gift cards to treat my friends and to enjoy a wide range of free stuff sometimes. I have also received Starbucks gift cards from friends for birthdays and graduation. My favorite part is the no expiry policy of the gift cards. Due to my busy schedule, I sometimes forget my gift cards and find them later on when going through my stuff.

How do I check My Starbucks Card Balance?

Checking the gift balance is easy. You can opt to go the traditional way and call any Starbucks store or just do it online. The online balance check requires one to have a Starbucks account. The next step is to log in and go to the rewards page. Scroll to the bottom and select your gift card. Enter your card number and the 16-digit security code under the coating at the back of your card.

Click the check balance button and that’s it. If you have downloaded the Starbucks app on your phone, all you need to do is open the app, click on the scan link and check the balance of all the cards linked to your account.

How do I Check the Balance of my Starbucks Card Without a Security Code?

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The surest way to check your gift card’s balance is to call the toll-free number on the back of your card and asks the customer care representative to check the balance for you. Alternatively, you can do so on the Starbucks app. After you download it on your phone, log in and click on the scan tab at the bottom of the screen. The balance is displayed without any security code prompt.

A 16-digit number can be too long to memorize or keep keying in. Sometimes, you don’t have the card at hand and you need to check your balance. The above/mentioned ways are what could save you from frustration. It can be frustrating to miss your favorite Grande Caffe Latte just because you missed to check and top up your gift card balance.

How to Set Up Automatic Reloads to Your Starbucks Gift card?

It is possible to set up an automatic reload to your gift cards. This way, you never have to get stranded due to insufficient balance. All you need to do is log on to your Starbucks account, select the manage link and click on the Starbucks card and payment. Select the card you wish to reload automatically and turn on the automatic reload option.

This way, the gift card will receive points on all your Starbucks visits and you can keep enjoying using your gift cards. If you are using the mobile app, select the face icon on the right side of the screen. It will also display the cards and payments option and you can follow the same procedure as the online option. The auto-reload allows your card to automatically get cash after the balance falls to a certain amount.

Starbucks Gift Card Terms and Conditions

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The Starbucks card cannot be transferred to another person if it’s in your name. If you are planning to gift the card to someone, the only way is to purchase the card and write the name of the person directly on the card. A card cannot hold more than $500 at one time. The amount in your gift card cannot be returned. This means that the gift card amount is not refundable except in the case of an unused card that still has the original receipt. The Starbucks gift cards do not expire at any point. The e-gift card is sent through the Starbucks email and it does not expire.

Final Thoughts

You can own more than one Starbucks gift card. There are plenty of types available on the site from birthday gift cards, graduation, father’s day, military appreciation, and thank you cards. If you are a business with employees and would like to gift your workers with Starbucks, you can purchase the cards in bulk and treat them to an amazing Starbucks breakfast.


Where can I use my Starbucks Gift Card?

Starbucks gift cards issued in America and Canada can be used in any Starbucks store in North America including airports.

When do gift cards expire?

Starbucks gift cards have no expiry date. The e-gift cards and the physical cards do not expire or decrease in value with time.

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