Does Starbucks have Muffins? (What Kind of Muffins does Starbucks Have? +More Information)

Starbucks is widely known as a coffee giant due to its expansive coffee market in the world. It is also known for its cakes and snacks. But does Starbucks have muffins?

Yes, it does. Starbucks produces some of the tastiest muffins you are ever going to get. I know this because I’m a self-proclaimed muffins guru. I have tasted all sorts of muffins from all sorts of bakeries, but there is something unique about the Starbucks muffins. I have always thought that muffins are cakes of some sort, but I recently discovered that they are in the category of bread. Muffins are baked with less sugar; hence do not qualify to be cakes. Well, every day is a good day to learn something new. Starbucks muffins are made with whole ingredients, making them both delicious and healthy.

What kind of muffins does Starbucks have?

Starbucks has the famous blueberry muffins and the pumpkin cream cheese muffins. These two categories are customized to fit in the delicious morning muffin. If you are faint-hearted, you better avoid any Starbucks stores as the muffin display is arranged to entice you beyond control. Any health enthusiast will immediately be attracted to the whole grains and fruits on these tiny temptations. In Starbucks UK, you are likely to find other types of muffins such as chocolate and caramel plant-based muffins, cookie and cream cheesecake muffins, and lemon muffins.

The blueberry muffins and the pumpkin cream cheese muffins are described as skinny. In case you come across this term, know that it has nothing to do with the size of the muffin but the content. Skinny products mean that the whipped cream is less, ingredients are nonfat, and the syrups used are sugar-free. You will hear of a skinny blueberry muffin. This is the healthy substitute available for that person who is health-conscious.

How much are Muffins at Starbucks?


What Kind of Muffins does Starbucks Have?

A pumpkin cream cheesecake muffin retails at $ 3.25. A chocolate and caramel muffin in the UK retails at 2.45 euros. This price remains the same for the cookie and cream cheesecake muffin. For the blueberry muffins and lemon muffins, the price is slightly lowered to 2.25 euros. Sometimes the pumpkin cream muffin retails at $ 2.95 when on offer.


This shows that the blueberry muffin is more expensive than the pumpkin muffin as the former retail at $3.45, resulting in a difference of 0.20 dollars. It is not such a big difference. Compared to the scones, muffins are far more expensive. This can be attributed to the types and number of ingredients in the muffins. It might seem like expensive bread, but the taste is all worth the price.

What is in Starbucks muffins?

The blueberry muffin as the name suggests is topped with blueberries. It contains 360 calories, 33g of sugar, and 15 g of fat. One-piece weighs 110 grams. The main ingredients are; wheat flour, sugar, blueberries, plain yogurt, eggs, baking powder, lemon zest, natural flavor, sea salt, and soybean. This translates to 52 g of carbs and 5g of protein. Take note that this information is based on the standard recipe. These values can change significantly with customized orders.

The pumpkin cream cheesecake muffin is topped with sweet cream cheese and spicy pepitas. It contains 350 calories, 34 g of sugar, and 14g of fat. The top ingredients include Wheat, sugar, cream cheese filling, pumpkin, eggs, soybean, and baking powder. It contains 53g of carbs and 5 grams of protein. A single piece weighs 113 grams.

How long are Starbucks Muffins Good for?

Starbucks Muffins

According to the Starbucks pastry standards, any pastry lasts for two days. This applies when they are stored at room temperature. If you are looking to refrigerate, freshly-baked muffins last for a week. It is also okay to freeze and still enjoy the freshness after a week.

There are several ways to tell if a Starbucks muffin has gone bad. The first thing that changes is appearance. The muffin becomes moldy and fuzzy on the surface. If you don’t believe your eyes, you can have a taste. You are likely to spit it out due to the off-taste. It can also have a weird smell if kept for too long. For safety reasons, discard the muffins once they exceed the required storage time or eat them a day or two after purchase.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for a normal or low-fat muffin, Starbucks has everything in store for you. Their freshly baked muffins are delicately baked to give the taste of a great muffin. So, Starbucks is not all about coffee; you can try out the muffins too.

FAQ Section

What is the healthiest muffin at Starbucks?

The healthiest muffin is the low-fat blueberry muffin that contains only 1.5 grams of fat.

Do they have chocolate muffins at Starbucks?

Yes, they do. The chocolate chink muffin is available at Starbucks stores.

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