Do Starbucks make smoothies? (Are Starbucks smoothies healthy? + All you need to know)

Does the mere mention of smoothies make you crave to have one? If yes, check out Starbucks’ amazing smoothies and enjoy.

Yes, it does. Starbucks has included smoothies in its varieties of drinks on its menu to cater to the growing demand for smoothies. My younger sister is the one who brought me into taking smoothies. I used to believe that smoothies are meant for kids, I did not ever think I would later come to love smoothies. My sister suggested some great smoothie options at Starbucks and now I am more into smoothies than she does. With my great love and experience with smoothies, you will get to know what smoothies you can get at Starbucks.

Did Starbucks discontinue smoothies?

No, Starbucks still has smoothies available instore. However, some time back Starbucks discontinued some of its smoothies and came up with new ones. You are still able to enjoy your favorite smoothie at Starbucks.

What is in Starbucks smoothies?

Do Starbucks make smoothies?

If you are an avid smoothie taker like me, you probably wonder what is in them that makes smoothies taste so nice. Starbucks smoothies are made with Starbucks protein powder, a banana, orange mango puree, and a dash of milk. Well, the puree is the distinct primary form of the liquid available in the smoothie. It is the one that makes milk less critical in the drink.

Starbucks has won the hearts of many customers with its range of smoothies that contain a blend of fruits and fibers. The smoothies boast of having no added sugars, or any kind of additives or artificial flavoring. You will get 300 calories, 2 grams of fat, and 60 grams of carbs in a single serving of strawberry smoothie. Moreover, you will receive 270 calories, 1.50 grams of fats, and 53 grams of carbs per serving of or orange mango smoothie.

What is the best smoothie at Starbucks?

While most of the Starbucks smoothies are great you will find Strawberry Blended Lemonade Smoothie a perfect drink to quench your thirst. This amazing drink from Starbucks is a delicious, treat, that is light and refreshing that is made with Strawberry puree sauce together with lemonade all blended. With this smoothie, you can add anything to it to make it meet your needs. You will love this drink when you add a splash of raspberry syrup to it to complete the flavor profile.

Does Starbucks have any healthy smoothies?

Are Starbucks smoothies healthy?

Yes, it does. Most Starbucks smoothies are healthy since they are very low in calories and you can make them healthy by customizing them to suit your preferences. You can order them healthy by getting healthy substitutes. For instance, you can request a healthy dairy-free substitute in place of 2% milk, such as almond milk, coconut milk, soy, or oat milk. Additionally, you can leave out sugar, or sweeteners as well..

Does Starbucks have real fruit smoothies?

Yes, it does. You will have your favorite smoothie at Starbucks with real fruits. For instance, a Strawberry smoothie comes with strawberries, banana, and whey fiber. Moreover, all Starbucks smoothies are made with one whole banana. In some locations, you will find fresh bananas readily available which will make your drink all better. Get your Starbucks smoothie and get to enjoy an overwhelming taste of real fruit taste.

Types of smoothies at a Starbucks

Are Starbucks smoothies healthy?

You will get to enjoy three different types of smoothie flavors at Starbucks. These are Strawberry, orange mango, and chocolate.

Orange Mango Smoothie

This smoothie is made with one flavoring ingredient, orange mango puree. The unsweetened puree is the distinct ingredient of this amazing smoothie. It contains a Splash of 2% milk together with banana and protein. you will get a special smoothie scoop for ice, and all of these are blended in a specific smoothie setting. If you prefer extra sweetness to your smoothie, you can add Starbucks sweeteners. You can add Splenda and reduce the amount of protein powder.

Strawberry smoothie

The Strawberry puree that Starbucks uses in its Strawberries and Crème Frappuccino is the same one that is used as the main ingredient in the Strawberry smoothies. It comprises protein, a splash of 2% milk, banana, and ice. As stated earlier you can substitute the milk with a healthier option

Chocolate smoothie

This one is different from the other smoothies. This is because, instead of having a fruit puree, it is made from milk, mocha syrup, a banana, protein, and ice. It is sweeter than the other types and it has more milk. The best way you can customize this smoothie is to replace the soy milk with a regular 2%. You can also customize this chocolate smoothie by adding some shots of espresso,

Final Thoughts

Starbucks smoothing is very refreshing and can be enjoyed with friends on hot days. You will only need to find one that excites you so much.


Can you drink Starbucks smoothies while pregnant?

Yes, you can. While pregnant you can drink Starbucks smoothies for instance Strawberries are a great source of vitamin C which is good for pregnant women.

Are Starbucks smoothies safe for your pet?

Yes, they are. Starbucks smoothies are safe for your pet as they offer some health benefits to them, for example, green smoothies are good for dogs. However, avoid giving dogs cow’s milk.

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