14 Popular Merch for Dutch Bros (Dutch Bros merch you should consider buying + more information)

If you’re looking for a special gift for your coffee-loving friend, maybe you should consider getting them any Dutch Bros. merch. Read on to find out what the options are.

Getting a sibling a birthday gift can be challenging; after all, you’ve been around them all your lives and have given and received all kinds of gifts over the years. This was the position I found myself in the other day when my brother’s birthday was coming up. I couldn’t think of anything that we had not given before. That is until I remembered his newly discovered love for Dutch bros close to where he moved recently. He loved his gift, and I’ll share what I learned about Dutch Brothers merchandise during my hunt for it in this post. Enjoy!

Do employees get free merchandise from Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros employees get a free “mafia” pack of fresh gear every month, which includes Dutch Bros shirts. These are the same shirts that they wear to work. The rest of the merchandise is offered to them at a reduced price.

Do employees get discounts on Dutch Bros. merchandise?

Dutch Bros has an employee discount on most of their merchandise, including apparel, accessories, and drinkware. These discounts are also extended to items bought for their family members. As an employee, to access the discount for merchandise, you need to log in to your Dutch Bros. account using your regular employee number. Select it, place it in the cart, and then checkout when you are done. The system will automatically apply the employee discount based on the login details you put in at the beginning of the process.

Where can you buy Dutch Bros. merchandise?

You can purchase Dutch Bros merchandise from their online store, shop.dutchbros.com. Here you will find all the coffee shop’s merchandise, such as drinkware and accessories. It is important to note that the company is no longer selling its shirts to non-employees following reported cases of people impersonating their staff. Stickers have also been removed and are instead offered free every first Wednesday of the month at participating locations while stocks last.

How we choose the best merchandise at Dutch Bros.

We chose the Dutch Bros merchandise listed here based on how appealing, unique, and practical it is. The list has apparel, drinkware, and accessory items. Before including an item, we check to see if it has been trending. We also reviewed customer comments about the item’s quality and price. You can trust our selection as it is based on the opinions of many people from diverse walks of life, including students and office workers, outdoorsy types, and frequent travelers from different locations. We also included information about what the items are made of. 

14 Best Merch for Dutch Bros

Dutch Flow Insulated Bottle- Black

Dutch Bros merch you should consider buying

The Dutch Flow Insulated Bottle holds 20 ounces and keeps your hot or cold drink hot or cold. It is constructed of stainless steel and is double-walled and insulated. We like it because of its large capacity and the fact that it is designed to prevent spills, so we can take it anywhere.

Dutch Brothers Shaka mug

Whatever the “Shaka” sign means to you—”take it easy” or “all good”—start the day on a positive note with this popular 15-ounce mug. Get rid of the floral mugs and replace them with this microwave-safe ceramic mug that is sturdy, stylish, and practical.

Mt. Dutch Ski Club Beanie

Popular Merch for Dutch Bros

Planning on hitting the slopes this winter? This Ski Club Collection runs out almost within a few days of release each year, so you need to be on the lookout. This head covering will keep you warm, look good in this acrylic and wool beanie, and let everyone know what your favorite coffee shop is.

Windmill Canteen – Dark Camo

If a few ounces will not do, fret not. This oversize 32-ounce mug might just be what you need. No wonder it is called a canteen. We like that it is sturdy, has a double-walled insulation mug with drip prevention, and has a screw-on spout, which means you can take the canteen anywhere. And the camo just gives it so much presence!

Dutch Bros. Sherpa Blanket

Dutch Bros merch you should consider buying

These 60-by-80-inch fleece blankets are so popular that they sell out quickly. We like that it is warm and comes in our favorite holiday colors of red and black, and it is large enough to wrap around on particularly chilly days.

Dutch Bros. French Press

When you want your coffee, you want it now. That is understandable. This French press is meant to deliver that, whether at home or wherever life takes you. Fans love it for its sturdiness, as the stainless steel canister has a double wall construction and is durable, dependable, and pretty good-looking. It makes an awesome gift for anyone who does not mind brewing their coffee.

Radical Life Crossbody Bag

I love that it has zipper pockets and an adjustable strap with a buckle. The Radical Life Crossbody will help you keep your essentials close by, whether traveling, shopping, or simply walking to get your daily dose.

Dutch Bros. Travel Mug

Popular Merch for Dutch Bros

Need Dutch on the go? Entirely possible. This 20-ounce travel mug allows you to take your favorite beverage wherever you go. The BPA-free plastic has a hardcore, and the screwed-on twist lid prevents spills. This super cup is equally suitable for the office and the outdoors.

Dutch Bros Flight mug

Finally, on your long-awaited vacation, or fantasizing about it? The Dutch Bros. Floral Flight mug transforms your coffee into a tropical escape. The 20-ounce, double-walled stainless steel enclosed mug will keep you cool on the beach or warm up cold mornings with your drink. Relax and enjoy the flowers.

Love the Grind Mug -Yellow

Is your mug collection becoming stale? Make a bold statement with these bright yellow enamel-glazed ceramic mugs. Its 10 ounces and microwave-safe. We love the design and simple message—a good place to start when you need to discard the old mugs and discover a whole new way of starting your day.

Lined Out Mini Flow – Orange

Dutch Bros merch you should consider buying

The Dutch Bros’ Mini-Flow mug is a lovely 12-ounce cup, but don’t be fooled by its size. We found it packed with all the superpower qualities of its bigger siblings because it is made of stainless steel and has double-wall insulation. Will keep hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold. We found it to have the desirable, internally threaded, no-drip flip lid to ensure that even you won’t spill. Every detail was taken care of.

Winter Glow Holiday Mug

The winter season mug from Dutch Bros. always goes out of stock long before the holidays have started, as we learned last year, so this time, we grabbed one as soon as we saw it in the shop. We adore this petite, stylish 10-ounce mug; we’re not sure if we’ll ever use our pair to hold anything, as they’re currently on display.

Dutch Flow Insulated Bottles

Dutch Bros merch you should consider buying

With Dutch Bros 20-ounce insulated bottles, you can tell the world which state and coffee shop you prefer. As expected, they are made of stainless steel, have double insulation, and have lids that prevent spillage. These bottles are sturdy and make excellent gift items. We and a good number of the Dutch “mafia” find the different states’ unique, lively colors and imagery to be a nice touch. States featured include Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Washington.

Dutch Ski Club Keychain

does not have to be big to be trendy—at least not this Dutch Ski Club collectable keychain. It is in the typical Dutch ski club colors of aqua and white, and the skiers and the 1992 date make for a stylish and interestingly well-liked piece of Dutch culture. 


Can anyone buy Dutch Bros. merchandise?

Yes, anyone can buy Dutch Brothers merchandise by simply visiting their online shop. However, some Dutchwear items are now not available to fans.

Can you use your employee discount code to buy Dutch Bros. merchandise if you no longer work there?

Even if you can use your employee discount code after leaving Dutch Bros., you should not. It is generally considered dishonest in most companies as it is meant as a benefit for people in active employment with the company.

Is there special merchandise for senior employees at Dutch Bros.?

There is no special merchandise for senior employees at Dutch Bros.

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