What Is Green Drink at Starbucks (How to Order, What Is In the Starbucks Green Drink+ More Information)

Starbucks customers hardly disappoint with their ever-evolving secret menus. The latest addition to the menu is the green drink. So, what is the green drink at Starbucks?

The green drink at Starbucks is comprised of popular matcha tea, black tea, and coconut milk. I have always been an enthusiast of the Starbucks secret menu drinks and when the green drink hit Instagram, I was among those who rushed to Starbucks for a taste of this invention. This drink was added to the list of Starbucks rainbow drinks to make them five. As always we aim to make sure that you get the best out of Starbucks and that you are up to date with all the drinks. In this post, we shall give you all the information about the green drink including how to order, so keep reading.

How do you order the green drink at Starbucks?

This drink is not on the official Starbucks menu and you can only order it step by step. The drink can be ordered at any Starbucks store. However, don’t go straight to the counter and ask for a green drink. You will only get weird stares and some friendly suggestions from the barista to neutralize the awkward situation. This is not to discourage you as the ordering is as easy as you can imagine.

Firstly, ask for a venti green tea latte as the base drink with the coconut milk option. Ask the barista for four scoops of vanilla bean powder and there you have it. Easy, isn’t it? Alternatively, you can ask for an iced black tea as the base with coconut milk and matcha powder. No matter what method you choose to use while placing your order, it will land you with this rainbow caffeine boost. If you are using the Starbucks App for your order, select any of the base drinks mentioned above and change the milk option to coconut. Choose matcha powder for the flavor.

What is in the Starbucks green drink (Ingredients?)

What Is In the Starbucks Green Drink

This drink contains black tea, green matcha powder, ice, and coconut milk. On the side, you can request sweeteners if you want. Most people opt for this drink as a break from the overly sweet rainbow series as it offers a moderate taste to the drinker. What will please you is the caffeine boost from matcha green tea. A Grande serving will give you a whopping 80mg of caffeine. What a great way to start a spring or summer morning?

The drink can be anywhere around 70 calories and above depending on how you choose to customize it. I have come to love the moderate caffeine effect in the late mornings for those days that are moderately vigorous. If you want the ultimate caffeine boost, you can go for a venti or Trenta while placing your order.

How much is the Starbucks green drink?

This latest invention is fairly priced at $ 4. 65 for a Grande. A Grande serving holds 16 fluid ounces and it is a great deal if you asked me. The price can go higher for the same drink if you customize or add more flavors to suit your taste.

Can you customize the Starbucks green drink?

Yes, you can. You can add a touch of lemonade just like any other iced tea. No rule states that you cannot sneak some vanilla into the drink. If you would like to limit the sugar, ask for sugar-free vanilla. For all your green drinks, you can regulate the amount of sweetness by limiting or adding pumps of sweeteners. From the look of things, some Instagram creators are not yet done with this drink. Some have added some strawberries to the green drink. I love strawberries and I always find any excuse to add them to almost everything, so I will be among those adding these sweet fruits to this drink.

Final Thoughts

Starbucks has time and again proved why it’s the leading coffee chain in the world. The Starbucks secret menu allows the customers to create their drinks and have them whipped up at Starbucks stores. Although the baristas aren’t trained to make these Tik Tok and Instagram creations, they are still kind enough to make them for customers. The green drink has received its fair share of positive reviews and a few negatives here and there, but overall, it’s a nice drink and as good as its rainbow predecessors.

FAQ Section

What flavor is the green drink at Starbucks?

This drink is matcha green tea flavored.

Is the green drink at Starbucks good for you?

Yes, it is. Matcha green tea is a known antioxidant and coconut milk is low in fat.

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