Triple Star Day at Starbucks (When Is Triple Star Day at Starbucks, How Does It Work + More FAQs)

Redeeming Starbucks stars are a great way to enjoy a free drink or discounted items. But how can you get more stars to redeem for various rewards? What is a triple star day at Starbucks? 

The triple star day at Starbucks is a rare chance to collect more stars from your member account and earn rewards faster. Starbucks has done this twice so far, and if you are part of the Starbucks reward members, you can collect the triple stars on any order you purchase at participating stores. To participate, you need to be a member, if you are not a member, you need to join the loyalty program to be part of the once-per-year chance of three times the stars.

Part of my morning routine is at Starbucks, and I enjoy collecting stars and having to redeem them for food and drinks as often as possible. Thus, I look forward to the Starbucks triple star days to earn the loyalty currency to boost my star count for higher redeemable rewards. If you are looking to collect more Starbucks stars, watch out for the triple star day at Starbucks and add to your star collection. Below is more information on triple star day at Starbucks.

When Is Triple Star Day at Starbucks?

When Is Triple Star Day at Starbucks

Triple star day at Starbucks happens once a year after the brand announces the official date of the promotion. It has only happened twice, with the first one in October 2020 and the second in the same month of 2021. Although there is no official announcement of the triple star day for 2022, Starbucks customers and members can have a clue of when it can happen considering the past promo dates. Once the date is announced for the next one, customers can participate for a chance to earn three times the stars on their orders.

When was the first Triple Star Day at Starbucks?

The first triple star day at Starbucks was on October 1, 2020. Ever since then it has happened once more on October 2021. Hopefully the company will bring back the promotion in 2022.

How does triple star day work?

It is simple. On this day, Starbucks gives customers a chance to get rewards with more opportunities and offers to earn three stars in every purchase. It is a one-day promotion. If you are a Starbucks reward member, you get the chance to collect triple stars with almost every order using either of the qualifying purchase methods. Plus, most items are eligible except for card reloads, Starbucks cards, and alcohol purchases. To be part of the triple star day, you have to be a rewards member. If you are not, you can join the loyalty program for free by creating an account on their website or downloading the Starbucks app.

Final thoughts 

Starbucks has given a chance for their customers to collect three times the Stars on orders they purchase through the triple star day. However, Starbucks rewards members have other chances during the year to earn one or two stars per purchase. But triple star day is the most exciting of star days. Participate in this star day in the next promotion and earn more points to redeem for more Starbucks favorites. These rewards are redeemable for free coffee and food items at Starbucks.

FAQ section

What are star days at Starbucks?

Star days at Starbucks is a week of exciting ways and exclusive offers to earn more stars. It is available exclusively through the Starbucks appTo participate in the star days, sign up for the Starbucks rewards. It is simple to join. Create an account on the Starbucks app or join at The more the stars, the more the rewards you get.

What do 50 stars at Starbucks get you?

If you have 50 stars at Starbucks, you can redeem them for either hot steeped tea or brewed coffee. Also, you can redeem for a bakery item such as a cookie or cake pop. Starbucks reserve coffee, iced brewed coffee, and clover brewed coffee are not part of this redemption tier.

What are Starbucks bonus stars?

Starbucks bonus points are stars added to your account after you make a qualifying purchase. The bonus stars offer should appear in your account in 24 hours. But, there are offers where you get the bonus stars later than 24 hours.

Can you earn more than 400 stars at Starbucks?

Yes, you can earn more than 400 stars at Starbucks. The stars you collect regularly add up in your Starbucks account until you redeem them. You can redeem it all at once in the case of 400 stars, where you can redeem it for one packaged coffee item or merchandise item with a value up to $20.


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