Starbucks Green Level (What Is Green Level at Starbucks, How To Participate, What Can You Redeem At Green Level + More FAQs)

Most of us have already enrolled in the Starbucks rewards program and have reached different levels. What is the green level at Starbucks?

The green level at Starbucks is the lowest in the stars collection rewards. When I first enrolled, I was automatically entered into the green level. I wanted to keep moving up and when I reached 300 stars, I was moved to the next level. If you don’t know where to start on the Starbucks rewards program, you have come to the right place. The first step is to enroll and become a member and start collecting stars right away. The more you collect, the higher you will be ranked. Keep reading to find out all about the green level.

What are the benefits of a green level Starbucks member?

This is the level you will get after enrolling in the program. When you finally collect your first five stars, you can now start enjoying the welcome benefits. You will be entitled to free refills on drinks such as iced coffees, brewed coffee, and tea if you redeem for a refill in the same store you buy the original drink.

The most important part is to pay for the original drink with the registered Starbucks card to qualify for these perks. A special birthday reward awaits you on your birthday after you enroll. You can redeem this on your special day for the free goodies.

How can I participate in the Starbucks rewards program?

The first step is to enroll in the program by visiting the Starbucks official website. Look for the rewards page and click on it. Click on register and enter your details as prompted. You will be asked to give your first and last names, provide a valid email address and create a password that you will be using to access your rewards page.

You can also download the Starbucks app on your mobile device and follow the prompts for registering a new account. When making payments, make sure to use a Starbucks registered card to earn stars. If you are using the app and want to pay cash, swipe the Starbucks card on your Application. Alternatively, you can link your credit or debit or PayPal to your Starbucks account and pay for your items using these methods.

Where can I redeem my Starbucks rewards?

All rewards can be redeemed at any participating Starbucks store. Sometimes, not all stores can honor rewards at a given time. You will need to search on the Starbucks website for the stores that have the redeeming option. On the App, select the stores’ option and check out those stores that are offering rewards. If you are redeeming in-store, make sure you carry your registered Starbucks card as you will need it to redeem your stars.

Final Thoughts

Starbucks has a wide range of rewards for enrolled Starbucks rewards members. The green level is from zero to 299 stars. The 300th star will move you to the gold level. The Starbucks baristas will always ask you if you are a rewards member and will ask you if you would like to enroll if you answer yes. If the barista does not ask you, be sure to use your Starbucks card to make your payments.

FAQ Section

What are the different levels of Starbucks rewards?

Starbucks has the welcome level or the green level and the gold level.

How do you know your Starbucks status?

You can check your status or expiry of your rewards on the rewards page on the website or the App.

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