What is a regular coffee at Starbucks (what is in it, how to make it, how to order it at Starbucks + more information)

Starbucks serves various varieties of coffees and among the most popular coffees, is the regular coffee. So, what is a regular coffee at Starbucks?

A regular coffee at Starbucks is the medium roast brewed Pike Place coffee. Despite the endless drinks that Starbucks offers, there are some days that all I want from the coffeehouse is just their regular coffee. However, I was clueless about how to order a Starbucks regular coffee until a few years ago. And the fact that Starbucks doesn’t name any of their drinks or sizes as “regular”, made everything harder. But after learning Starbucks’ terminologies, ordering a regular coffee has never been easier. To learn more about this coffee, its nutritional components and how you can brew it at home, keep reading.

Ingredients for a regular coffee at Starbucks.

Starbucks’ regular coffee is made with brewed coffee. Brewed coffee is the major ingredient but depending on a customer’s preference, a few more ingredients can be added. Milk can be added to the coffee, sweeteners and cream, usually labelled as half and half. Other customers may prefer ice in their regular coffee.

On their official website, Starbucks states that it cannot guarantee that its regular coffee is allergen-free. Majorly because the equipment used in the store is shared and any of their unpackaged products are susceptible to being contaminated with allergens. It is, therefore, crucial for allergy-prone customers to read carefully through the beverage’s ingredient list before purchasing and consuming this beverage.

How to make a regular Starbucks coffee.

According to Starbucks, to ace your coffee-making, there are 4 crucial rules you have to follow. The rules are; to use clean water, use proper coffee to water ratio, use fresh coffee and pick the best coffee grind for your brewing method.

The pour-over brewing method is the best and simplest when making the Starbucks regular coffee at home. To make a regular Starbucks coffee, you’ll need a kettle with a proper spout, sweeteners (optional) and a paper filter.

Pre-moisten the paper filter with hot water. Measure 2 tablespoons of coffee, place on the paper filter and pour hot water into the filter to dampen the coffee grounds. Let them saturate for 10-30 seconds.

Then, pour the rest of the hot water into the paper cone filter in a steady circular motion and wait for the water to completely pass through. This takes about 2 to 3 minutes. If you prefer, add milk and sweeteners to your coffee and enjoy.

Nutritional information of the regular Starbucks coffee.

All sizes of the Starbucks regular coffee have about 5 calories. The caffeine in a short is 155mg, 235mg in a tall, 310mg in a grande and 410mg in a venti size. These values are based on the standard 2000 caloric diet and depending on customizations, the number of calories can change.


How much caffeine is in a Starbucks caramel macchiato?

The Starbucks caramel macchiato has 150mg of caffeine in a grande size, 75mg in a short, 75mg in a tall and 150mg in a venti.

How much is a regular coffee at Starbucks?

Typically, a tall is $1.85, a grande is $2.10 and a venti is $2.45. The price depends on the location of the store and the market.

Which coffee does Starbucks use for regular coffee?

Starbucks uses Pike Place Roast coffee for their regular coffee.

What is the difference between regular coffee and Americano?

The major difference between the two is that regular coffee is made by saturating ground coffee with hot water. Americano, however, is prepared with espresso shots and water. Also, Americano has about 128mg of caffeine while regular coffee has 96mg of caffeine.


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