Starbucks Meatless Mondays (What Is It, Does Starbucks Still Do Meatless Mondays+ More Faqs)

Any meatless food sounds enticing, especially if you can’t eat meat. What is Starbucks Meatless Monday? Read on to find out.

A Meatless Monday at Starbucks is an offer that discounts the Impossible Sandwich menu item. Starbucks runs this offer every Monday in January, so this deal can help you keep your New Year’s dietary resolutions. I joined the vegetarian club last year, and I discovered the plant-based menu at Starbucks. The only downside is its vegetarian items are more expensive than animal products. This January, my local barista suggested a discounted Impossible Sandwich for my almond milk latte; it was a Meatless Monday offer that appealed to my taste buds and frugality. So, if you love discounts, look out for the offer on the Impossible Sandwich next year.

What Can I Order From Starbucks’ ‘Meatless Monday’ Deal?

The Meatless Mondays deal at Starbucks offers the Impossible Sandwich only. You can enjoy this vegetarian menu item at $2 off at selected stores while stocks last. This breakfast sandwich features a plant-based sausage, aged cheddar cheese, and fried eggs nestled between two sesame ciabatta buns. The offer is also available on the Starbucks app or Uber Eats. Sometimes Starbucks has other daily discounts on vegetarian items in January.

When Was Starbucks’ First ‘Meatless Monday’?

The first Meatless Monday at Starbucks was in March 2020. The menu featured several popular vegetarian Starbucks items. At the time, the deal was only available in Starbucks stores and its stores.

What Is The Point Of Starbucks Meatless Monday?

Starbucks started Meatless Mondays to meet the growing demand for plant-based choices. Studies suggest that Starbucks chose Mondays for the deal because they are an opportunity to reassess their nutrition goals and embrace healthy foods on a clean slate. People who are particularly environment-conscious fancy the idea that their meal reduces their carbon footprint. This offer also aligns with Starbucks’ commitment to sustainability.

FAQ Section

Are eggs OK for Meatless Monday?

Yes, if you’re a vegetarian, eggs are great for Meatless Mondays since meat and fish are the only restrictions in your diet. On the other hand, vegans can’t consume animal products, so they can’t enjoy this Starbucks deal.

Does Meatless Monday include fish?

No, Starbucks Meatless Mondays don’t offer fish menu items. The Impossible Sandwich has plant-based meat; Starbucks uses soy protein and other ingredients to make the patties.

Is Meatless Monday good?

Yes, Meatless Mondays are tasty. The vegetarian sausage patty in the Impossible Sandwich is spicy, the cheddar cheese adds a creamy, gooey flavor, and the buns are firm enough to hold the stuffing with each bite. The best part is that plant-based foods are healthier than processed animal products.

Does Starbucks still do Meatless Mondays?

Starbucks limited its Meatless Mondays offer to January for the past two years. The offer doesn’t run during the other 11 months unless Starbucks announces otherwise. Starbucks typically reveals Meatless Mondays in December to prepare their fan base as they usher in a new year.

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