Funny Coffee Puns (Hilarious coffee puns that will make your day + more information)

What better way to make your coffee experience more fun than to spice it up with some funny coffee puns? Read on to find hilarious coffee puns that will add humorous vibes to your morning cup.

Get-togethers with friends can sometimes be overwhelming, but without them, I couldn’t be loaded with these many coffee puns. One of my friends is a master at wordplay, plus he loves coffee as much as I do, so let’s just say he has rubbed it off on me over the years.

Coffee puns can be an ick if not phrased well. To add a hilarious touch, you have to keep them light and stick to the coffee basics that everyone knows. Fortunately for you, I’ve compiled a list of the most amusing coffee puns to get you in the mood whenever you want. Read on!

Coffee puns about TV shows

TV shows aren’t fun if you don’t feel the ambiance of the moment, and what better way to do that than with a cup of coffee? It doesn’t have to be coffee alone; you can add in some wordplay with these coffee puns about TV shows;

  1. Bean-occhio
  2. A Mug’s Life
  3. The X-filters
  4. 10 Things I Hate About Brew
  5. A Coffee’s best spell is Espresso Patronum
  6. Brew Carey
  7. Cup-tain America
  8. Brew-ston, we have a problem
  9. Friday Night Lattes
  10. Twin Perks
  11. Pretty Little Lattes
  12. Coffee, the Vampire Slayer
  13. The Polar Espresso
  14. The Call of the Mild

Coffee Puns about Parents

Hilarious coffee puns that will make your day 
Coffee Puns about Parents. Image source: Pinterest

Since most parents are fond of coffee, you can use these coffee puns to join in on their experience and have an epic bonding time.

  1. Why did mom call the police? Because she was mugged.
  2. Dad likes his iced coffee like he likes the thermostat: Cold.
  3. Thank you creamy much for your love and support
  4. Affogato to tell you something: You are the best parents of all.
  5. I saw mom and dad arguing the other day. It was a very heated debate.
  6. Don’t talk to dad before he has his espresso, or he’ll lose his tamper.
  7. What happens if mom touches dad’s coffee? Dad will be MILD.
  8. What happens if you touch mom’s coffee? You will be grounded!

Coffee Puns about Novel

If you can’t do without a nice book and a cup of coffee, you’ll appreciate these coffee puns about novels. You can create your own based on your favorite novels.

  1. David Coffeefield by Charles Dicken
  2. Moby Drip by Herman Melville
  3. A Christmas Ca-roast by Charles Dicken
  4. Madripmarch by Gorge Eliot
  5. Brave Brew World by Aldous Huxley

Coffee Puns about Music

Coffee and music are quite an amazing duo. It’s just one of those experiences you can’t put into words, or can you? Here are some perfect puns that bring together coffee and music:

  1. Taylor Sweet
  2. I wanna lay down in a bed of roast-ses
  3. Watch me, cream. What me nae nae
  4. Justin Be-brew
  5. What’s Taylor Swift’s best song? Look what you made me brew.
  6. All I want for Christmas is brew
  7. My coffee amour, milky little cup that I adore
  8. Shawn Blend-es
  9. Smashing Pumpkin Spice Lattes
  10. Ariana Ground-e
  11. “Why you gotta be so brewed!”
  12. Lady Java
  13. I like big mugs and I cannot lie
  14. Fleetwood Macchiato
  15. Latte Be – if the Beatles were a coffee shop band
  16. “Wake me up before you cocoa!”
  17. Chris-bean-a Aguilera
  18. Red Got Coffee Peppers

Coffee Puns about Love and Romance

Funny Coffee Puns
Coffee Puns about Love and Romance. Image source: Pinterest

Love is all about romantic moments and simple gestures. These coffee puns are a subtle and creative way to remind your coffee-loving partner of how much you love and value them;

  1. I Love Brew
  2. I am frappe if I am with you
  3. You’re steaming hot
  4. I think about you a latte
  5. I made this coffee espresso-ly for you
  6. You are brew-tiful
  7. Your absence makes me depresso
  8. We’re a perfect blend
  9. Let’s mocha love
  10. It’s hard to espresso how much you bean to me
  11. We were meant to bean
  12. I’m a fan of your brew eyes
  13. I fell in love the instant we met
  14. You’re mug-nificient
  15. I can’t take my mind off brew
  16. You are such a cute-tea

Coffee Puns about Humor

Coffee lovers already have coffee in common, so they bond better over coffee puns. The jokes mostly reference well-known coffee terms like caffeine and coffee beans. Here are some humorous coffee puns that double up as good jokes.

  1. Why can’t you have a good love life? Because you don’t know how to espresso.
  2. You are bitter because you don’t have a frappe love life.
  3. What is your child’s favorite sugar in nursery school? Raw raw raw your boat.
  4. Why can’t you submit your work on time? Because you keep procaffeinating.
  5. Why do influencers make bad coffee? Because they only use Instagram filters.
  6. Tell me the gossip about your coffee date, spill the beans!
  7. I didn’t choose the mug life, mug life chose me.
  8. Bullies who drink coffee are mean beans.
  9. He promised me a coffee, but he never made it: that friendship came to a bitter end.
  10. All right, everyone, kettle down: it is coffee time!
  11. How do cup-le kiss each other? French kiss.
  12. After the French Revolution, Kings and Queens only started drinking decap coffee.
  13. Discussions between two coffee amateurs can turn into a strong and heated debate very quickly.
  14. Why are you crying? Because I have a latte of problems.

Coffee Puns about Emotion and Expression

Hilarious coffee puns that will make your day 
Coffee Puns about Emotion and Expression. Image source: Pinterest

The best and easy-to-understand coffee puns are ones about expression. Your time with friends doesn’t have to be dull as long as you have these coffee puns to express yourself.

  1. Thank you for bean a friend
  2. I’ve got a latte problems
  3. Better latte than sorry!
  4. What’s up, brew?
  5. You look fa-brew-lous today!
  6. You mocha me happy
  7. Bean there, done that!
  8. Hands up! You are under a-roast
  9. Bottomless thanks
  10. Mugs and kisses
  11. I am Mug-nificient
  12. My friends are espresso-l

Barista Coffee Puns

Puns aren’t just for customers; funny barista coffee puns allow baristas to join in on the fun.

  1. Rise and grind!
  2. Let’s stir up some trouble!
  3. You mocha me crazy
  4. Why did the café close early? A storm was brewing.
  5. My local barista talks too much; he doesn’t have a filter.

Literary Coffee Puns

Funny Coffee Puns
Literary Coffee Puns. Image source: Pinterest

If you are a lover of literature, then these coffee puns based on classic books are for you:

  1. The Brothers Caramel Mocha
  2. The Lord of the Beans
  3. For Whom the Bean Tolls
  4. The Count of Macchiato
  5. David Coffeefield


Where did coffee puns come from?

The origin of coffee puns isn’t exact, as both coffee and puns have been around since time immemorial. So it is difficult to pinpoint the exact moment they became a thing.

What is the oldest coffee pun?

Coffee puns are made by coffee lovers and are passed down mostly by word of mouth. So while there are many old coffee puns, it is impossible to point out the oldest of them all.

Are all coffee puns cringe?

No, they aren’t. While some may find coffee puns cringe-worthy if you have the right audience and a good read of the room, then any coffee pun can be hilarious.

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