What is Dutch Bros white coffee (what is Dutch Bros white coffee made of, how to order + more information)?

Dutch Bros’ menu is extensive, but one addition that the customers did not anticipate was their white coffee. So, what is Dutch Bros white coffee?

Dutch Bros white coffee is coffee made with lightly roasted Brazilian beans, which gives it a rich flavor and brown color, not white as the name suggests.

My friends and I usually organize an annual soiree to keep up with each other since we live in different states. Last year we decided to bring foods and drinks specific to where we lived. I immediately knew I was going to get them Dutch Bros white coffee. They loved it so much that they each wanted to know something about it. Since I could not give them all the answers, I did some digging and compiled this article for all the information there is to know about Dutch Bros white chocolate. Read on!

How much caffeine is in Dutch Bros white coffee?

There is 130 mg of caffeine in a double shot of Dutch Bros white coffee. This amount could be considered high, but while there is more to a Dutch Bros cup than just the caffeine, some people love a good dose of energy as much as the flavor. In most cases, however, they don’t get that boost from regular cups of dark or medium-roast coffee. White coffee is light roast which means it is roasted for a short time, and therefore most of the caffeine is retained.

Dutch Bros white coffee is also roasted from green coffee beans, which have more caffeine. So, if you want that much-needed energy dose, you need to look no further. While this high caffeine content might be too much for some, others take more than that with no negative effects. All you need to do is adjust to it.

What is the flavor profile of Dutch Bros white coffee?

What is Dutch Bros white coffee 
Dutch Bros white coffee. Image source: Dutch bros

Dutch Bros white coffee is sweet, nutty, and light. Unlike other coffees, it is not bitter but has a slightly acidic flavor that doesn’t linger for long. The flavor also blends well with the sweetness so that it is not too sweet nor too acidic but perfectly in between. Also, the nutty flavor makes room for sweeteners to adjust the flavor profile. Dutch Bros white coffee is gaining fast popularity, and many people are starting to prefer it over regular coffee. It has everything regular coffee has but with a better flavor profile that gives you room to try out more customization options.

What drinks go well with Dutch Bros white coffee?

Since Dutch Bros white coffee has a nutty flavor, you need a drink that compliments that nutty taste. The drink should mostly have chocolate or caramel flavors. Well, lucky for you, Dutch Bros has plenty of those. The drinks range from white Mocha Cold Brew, white chocolate lavender latte, and white coffee cookie to the delightfully tasting White Zombie or otherwise known as White Angel.

Unlike most people’s assumptions, not all white drinks at Dutch Bros are made with white coffee. White Mocha, for instance, is made with cold brew but only earns its name from the white chocolate sauce. If you want a Dutch Bros white coffee drink, most Dutch Bros menu drinks work well. You should ensure that your drink includes white coffee compliments like white chocolate, almond milk, and syrups like caramel and hazelnut.

How can you buy Dutch Bros white coffee?

what is Dutch Bros white coffee made of, how to order 
Order Dutch Bros white coffee. Image source: Dutch bros

If you want Dutch Bros white coffee added to your drink, you need to ask the barista to swap the regular coffee with white coffee. This is done at no extra charge. However, it is not all the time that white coffee is available at some Dutch Bros stores. You will have to settle with regular coffee if this is the case.

Though Dutch Bros sells reserve Dutch Bros Coffee beans online, this only applies to regular coffee beans, not white coffee. There is, therefore, no way of getting Dutch Bros white coffee reserve for making your cup at home. However, you can buy straight shots of white coffee from Dutch Bros. This might not be as convenient, but at least you can get away with enjoying an extra cup after you leave a Dutch Bros store. If not, then getting a white coffee beverage is just as good.


What roast level is Dutch Bros’ white coffee?

Dutch Bros white coffee is a light roast and is roasted at a temperature of around 325

Is Dutch Bros’ white coffee strong?

Yes, it is. Dutch Bros white coffee has higher caffeine than regular coffee, which makes it strong.

Is Dutch Bros’ white coffee bitter?

No, it isn’t. Since white coffee is a light roast, it is less bitter than dark and medium roast coffee.

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