What is strawberry base at Starbucks? (Starbucks Drinks Made Using the Strawberry Base + more information)

Strawberry is one of the most popular drink flavors globally and is widely used in Starbucks drinks, especially the refreshers. But what is strawberry base at Starbucks?

Strawberry base at Starbucks is also known as Strawberry acai base. It is a drink concentrate with a syrup texture and adds the strawberry flavor to various drinks, especially refreshers and smoothies. Strawberry is my favorite flavor, and I find it amazing in Starbucks refreshers. I have used it numerous times in my smoothies to improve the texture and flavor. The Starbucks strawberry base is not only for its flavor but also for its nutritional value. In this post, I will explain the strawberry base that Starbucks uses.

What strawberry base does Starbucks use?

Starbucks uses Strawberry acai base, which is a drink concentrate made in the form of syrup. Most of us learnt of the Starbucks strawberry base when the Starbucks pink drink became popular on social media. The pink drink attracted most of us because of the red or rosy color. Honestly, this is when I started researching the genesis of the beautiful color, which I learnt was the Strawberry acai base. The Strawberry base may have different colors depending on what it is mixed with. Therefore, the color may be pale red, rosy or pink.

Role of the Strawberry base

The strawberry base is mainly added to the drink to add the desirable strawberry flavor. Besides the flavor, the strawberry base is significant in determining the drink’s colour, as may be witnessed in the pink drink. It is also responsible for the thick texture of the drinks to which it is added. The drinks are therefore more palatable. The Starbucks strawberry is made of various ingredients, most of which are rich in nutrients that add to the nutritional composition of a drink. Finally, the strawberry base has caffeine which plays a crucial role in boosting your energy and keeping you alert as you perfom attention demanding tasks.

Starbucks Strawberry Base Ingredients

Starbucks Drinks Made Using the Strawberry Base

Starbucks strawberry base has the following ingredients: white grape, natural green coffee flavor, sugar, juice concentrate, citric acid, fruit and vegetable juice, natural flavors, Rebaudioside-a and water.

Natural green flavor – this is obtained from coffee as an extract and is also responsible for the caffeine in the strawberry base.

White grapes are extracted from green grapes, which mutate from the red grapes. It is responsible for a sweet taste and some of the vitamins in the extract.

Sugar – it provides the sweet taste of the strawberry base and increases the calories of the drink to which the base is added.

Juice concentrate – the juice concentrate adds vitamins and minerals to the strawberry base and slightly adds to the flavor

Fruit and vegetable juice – provide minerals and vitamins that are significant in the drinks, which depend on the strawberry base.

Natural flavors – provide the strawberry flavor.

How To Make the Starbucks Strawberry Base

What is strawberry base at Starbucks?

How To Make the Starbucks Strawberry Base(Copycat recipe)

Kai Jordan
To make the Starbucks Strawberry acai base, you need the following


  • Sources of heat
  • Pot
  • Heat resistant pitcher
  • Teaspoon
  • Whisk
  • Glass jar


  • 1/2 cup of Tazo passion tea
  • 2 cups of white grape juice
  • 2 tablespoons of strawberry powder
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar


  • Boil one cup of water and use it to brew half a cup of Tazo tea. The tea is to provide caffeine and improves the taste of the base.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of strawberry powder into a heat-resistant pitcher, add three to four tablespoons of boiling water, and mix thoroughly with a whisk to ensure no clumps.
  • Add ½ cup of brewed tazo tea, 2 cups white grape juice, and sugar into the strawberry paste. Stir the mixture thoroughly until they are well combined.
  • The strawberry acai base is ready for use and can be used for three servings.
  • Store unused base in the fridge for up to five days.

Starbucks Drinks Made Using the Strawberry Base

Drinks made using the Starbucks strawberry base include strawberry acai refresher, strawberry acai lemonade refresher, pink drink, tik tok pink drink, and chocolate-covered strawberry pink drink, among others.

Strawberry acai refresher is made using freeze-dried strawberries, strawberry acai base and ice.

The strawberry acai lemonade refresher is made using freeze-dried strawberries, strawberry acai base, and ice.

The pink drink is made using freeze-dried strawberries, coconut milk, strawberry acai base and ice.

The chocolate-covered strawberry pink drink is on the secret menu. It is made of vanilla cream, mocha cold foam, freeze-dried strawberries, coconut milk, strawberry acai base and ice.

Tik tok pink drink is on the secret menu. It is made of freeze-dried strawberries, heavy cream, vanilla bean powder, strawberry acai base and ice.

The secret menu has more drink options that contain the Starbucks Strawberry base, and you can also customize your drinks to include the base.

Final thoughts

The strawberry base is an ingenious way of adding a strawberry flavor and adding excellent color, minerals and vitamins. The drinks made using the strawberry base are rich in vitamins and minerals, thanks to the juice concentrate, fruit and vegetable juice. Making the strawberry base at home is easy and ensures you can enjoy delicious refreshers and smoothies at home or whenever you cannot get them from Starbucks.

FAQ section

Does Starbucks’ strawberry base have caffeine?

Yes. The Starbucks strawberry base has caffeine because of the natural green coffee used in its preparation. A homemade strawberry base also has caffeine because Tazo passion tea is used as an ingredient.

Can you buy the Starbucks strawberry base?

No. Starbucks does not sell its strawberry base. You can make a homemade strawberry base that is as sweet and nutritious as the Starbucks one.

Are the strawberries at Starbucks sweetened?

Yes. Strawberries at Starbucks are slightly sweetened using liquid cane sugar.

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