How to check star expiration on Starbucks app (how to check your Starbucks stars on the app)

Are you worried that your Starbucks stars might have expired, and you don’t know how to check for expiration? Here is how to check star expiration on Starbucks app.

Log in to the Starbucks app, click on the Starbucks rewards section, and you will be able to see the total stars you have earned and when they expire. You can also see the rewards you can get via the app.

how to check your Starbucks stars on the app?


🤣Have you ever gone to Starbucks with fewer stars yet claimed a reward? I have. This is because I did not know what I was eligible for, yet I did not want my stars to expire before I used them.

I can’t laugh enough when I remember what a fool I made out of myself 😂. However, that incident was also helpful as a barista willingly and voluntarily showed me how to check my stars history and the expiration date.

I wrote this post to enlighten you, so read on to learn how to check your star expiration date and history via the Starbucks app.

Can I see when my stars will expire on the Starbucks app?

Yes, you can see when your stars will expire on the Starbucks app. When you log into your Starbucks app and go to the rewards section, you can see the number of stars you have accumulated, which rewards you are eligible to get, and when the stars expire.

This allows you to use them before the expiration date hits. Additionally, when you redeem your stars at Starbucks, your older stars will be redeemed first before the newly earned stars.

How to check your stars history on the Starbucks app

how to check your Starbucks stars on the app
Starbucks stars. Image source: Starbucks

Though few say it loud, your stars expiring before you use them can be pretty hurtful 😢. So, follow the following steps to track the history of your earned stars on the Starbucks app.

  • To view your stars history, log into the Starbucks app and click on Starbucks rewards.
  • Click on the card you have been using for purchases and proceed to monthly purchases.
  • You will see your star history.

Do Starbucks stars expire?

How to check star expiration on Starbucks app
Starbucks stars expiry. Image source: Starbucks

Your Starbucks stars will expire after six months from when you earned them. For example, Stars you earned in February expire in July if not redeemed.

By expiring, it means you can no longer use the stars. 😭Sad right? Earning them with so much hard work to just let them expire.

I never let my Starbucks stars expire; I am always checking the rewards history at the end of the month to keep up to date with my rewards. This allows me to utilize all the stars I have earned with my hard-earned money 😀.

FAQ Section

Can I get my expired stars back?

No, once you lose your Starbucks stars because they have hit the expiration date, you cannot get them back.

Do Starbucks stars expire at the end of the day?

No, Starbucks stars do not expire at the end of the day but after six months. For example, if you earn a star in June, it will expire in November.

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