How to order extra foam on the Starbucks app (Does Starbucks charge for extra foam + more information)

Among the customizations allowed at Starbucks is requesting extra foam. If you’re wondering, “Can I order extra foam from the Starbucks app?” read on to find out.

Yes, you can order extra foam from the Starbucks app. Also, at the Starbucks store, you can request the barista for extra foam in your beverage. Evert time I visit Starbucks for my favourite Caffé Misto, I ensure to ask the barista for extra foam in the drink. I love the texture and richness foam adds to my beverage.

It wasn’t until I asked my Starbucks barista, that I knew I could also order extra foam with my beverage via the Starbucks app. In this article, I have shared how you can order extra foam both in-store and on the Starbucks app. Read on to find out everything worth knowing about Starbucks extra foam.

How do I order extra foam from Starbucks in-store?

To order extra foam from Starbucks, simply ask your barista for an “extra foam topping” in your beverage. Mention the beverage you want and its size then, let your barista know all the customizations you’d like and when requesting the drink’s topping, tell the barista you want “extra foam topping”.

If you’re ordering a hot beverage, the barista will prepare it with extra milk foam. However, if you’re ordering a cold beverage, the barista will prepare it with extra cold foam in your preferred flavour.

Milk foam used in hot coffees is made with frothed nonfat milk while cold foam used in cold drinks is made with syrup and frothed cold nonfat milk.

Besides an “extra foam topping” other foam options you have at Starbucks are; light foam, no foam, regular foam and substitute. Inquire about these options from your barista in case you’re interested, and they’ll explain further.

How do I order extra foam from the Starbucks app?

Does Starbucks charge for extra foam

To order extra foam from the Starbucks app, you’ll have to download the Starbucks app first, fill in the needed details and then log in. Follow these steps to order;

Under the menu, select “Hot Coffees” or “Cold coffees”, depending on which one you want and then choose the specific beverage you want to order. Select the size of the drink and proceed to “Customizations”.

Now, if you’ve selected a hot coffee, know that you cannot choose cold foam as it will melt the moment it settles on the drink. Therefore, the foam served with hot coffee is milk foam. So, under the “customizations” section, navigate to “milk” and then, “milk foam” where you’ll select “Extra milk foam” from the drop-down menu. Make other customizations you want and place your order.

However, if you’ve selected a cold coffee, note that cold foams pair perfectly with these beverages. So, in the “customizations” section under the “Toppings” category, scroll down to “Cold Foam” and pick the cold foam flavour you want. Once you settle on a flavour, select the “Extra cold foam” option.

For instance, if you choose the “Chocolate cream cold foam”, select the “Extra Chocolate cream cold foam” option for extra foam in your cold coffee. Proceed to make other customizations you want and place your order.

The cold foam flavours offered at Starbucks are; Chocolate, pumpkin, salted caramel and vanilla sweet cream cold foam.

How much foam is too much at Starbucks?

“Extra foam” is the highest amount of foam offered at Starbucks. However, a customer can ask the barista for more foam (typically called “extra-extra foam”) although it’s not guaranteed that the barista will prepare it. And, if the barista agrees, it might cost more.

Will extra foam cost me more at Starbucks?

Typically, if the standard drink comes with extra foam as an option, Starbucks won’t charge more for extra foam. However, if the drink ordered doesn’t come with extra foam as one of the ingredients, you’ll have to pay more for the extra foam.


Is Starbucks foam healthy?

Since foam at Starbucks is prepared with frothed milk and flavoured syrups, it isn’t the healthiest item on the Starbucks menu. However, if consumed moderately, it doesn’t have any harmful effects.

Which is the best Starbucks foam?

This is subjective as people have different preferences. It is wise to have a taste of all foams to find out which one you like the best.

Which is the most popular Starbucks foam?

The Vanilla Sweet Cream cold foam is the most popular foam from Starbucks. It is used to prepare the famous Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew.

Is Starbucks foam sweet?

Yes. It is slightly sweet due to the syrups used.

Should I add foam to my coffee?

If you prefer, it’s okay to add foam to your coffee. Hot coffees pair well with milk foam and cold coffees pair well with cold foams.

Do Starbucks foam have good flavours?

Starbucks offers good foam flavours. They include; vanilla, pumpkin, salted caramel and chocolate.

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