What is a red eye at Starbucks (what is in it, how to order it, can you make it at home+ more information)

Do you have to work late at night and need a drink to keep you alert? If yes, try red eye. What is a red eye at Starbucks?

This refers to regular coffee with an extra shot of espresso. Some new Starbucks customers often wonder how this drink differs from Americano. When I was in college, I used to burn the midnight oil during exam days. Since this was challenging, I never missed a cup of coffee in the evening.

I discovered Starbucks red eye, which really kept me awake for longer due to its high caffeine content. I created this post to help you learn everything regarding red eye coffee. By the end of the post, you will learn what it is, how to order it, and even how to make it at home. Enjoy!

What is in the Starbucks red eye (ingredients)?

This drink is made up of ground coffee, ground espresso, and water. Starbucks baristas also pay attention to the ratio of these ingredients while making red eye. It is made up of one shot of espresso and 1 cup of brewed coffee. Starbucks baristas pour the espresso shot directly into the coffee and then stir it in. Red eye is a strong drink since the espresso used to make it is concentrated. The espresso is made by forcing pressurized water via coffee beans.

How To Make A Starbucks Red Eye Coffee (recipe)

How To Make A Starbucks Red Eye Coffee

If you don’t want to keep on buying red eye from Starbucks, you can learn how to make it at home. To make ground espresso, you need to invest in an espresso machine or drip coffee maker.

Start the process with 1 cup of coffee, then pull one shot of espresso. Transfer the coffee into a mug, then add the shot of espresso. Feel free to use either hot or cold coffee as you make this beverage. Do you prefer your coffee with dairy? If yes, you can add cream or milk and then sweeten it.

Making this drink is easy since you don’t have to froth milk. Ensure you use good beans to make red eye so that you can enjoy its taste. You can even experiment with different flavors.

What is the nutritional information of the Starbucks red eye?

If you are on a low diet and watching your weight, you can take Starbucks red eye without any concerns. This is because the coffee does not have any calories. This drink is, however, high in caffeine. One cup of Starbucks red eye contains between 200 and 350 mg of caffeine. Since experts recommend around 400 mg of caffeine every day, you should avoid taking too many cups of red eye coffee.

What does a Starbucks Red Eye taste like?

What does a Starbucks Red Eye taste like?

Starbucks red eye has a mild sweetness from ground coffee and a bitter strength from ground espresso. This regular black coffee is thin in terms of texture. The espresso in it makes it darker than a regular brew. It has a richer flavor than a regular cup of coffee.

The type of roast also determines the taste of red eye. When a dark roast is used to make red eye, it will have a bitter taste than when the drink is made using a light roast. Since not everyone likes the bitter taste, you can change it by adding a sweetener.

How do you order a Red Eye at Starbucks?

Since this drink comes with few ingredients, ordering it from a Starbucks shop is easy. You can tell the barista the drink’s name or simply ask for a cup of brewed coffee and a shot of espresso. You can also customize this Starbucks drink as you please. For instance, you can ask the barista to add a dairy product to the drink like milk or creamer.

Feel free to order the drink with a sweetener such as your favorite syrup if you have a sweet tooth. Adding flavorings like cinnamon can give the red eye a spicy taste. Since the red eye is quite popular, you can get it at all Starbucks locations. It falls under the Starbucks secret menu.

This company serves it hot or iced to appeal to the preferences of different customers.

Do you prefer ordering Starbucks drinks online? If yes, start by opening the app, then pick brewed coffee and specify the type of roast. You can then choose one shot of espresso and specify the cup size you want for the drink. Choose the nearest Starbucks location, then go for the red eye. Once you get to the store, your order will be ready, so you don’t have to wait in a queue.

Final thoughts

What is a red eye at Starbucks? This is a strong beverage that is made with drip coffee and a shot of espresso. It differs from Americano because it uses brewed coffee instead of hot water. You can order it from Starbucks or make it home with a coffee machine. It is a favorite drink among many coffee lovers due to the caffeine boost.

FAQ section

How much is a red eye at Starbucks?

A venti red eye at Starbucks costs $2.25. If you order the drink with an extra shot of espresso, you will be charged an additional $.75.

How much caffeine is in a red eye from Starbucks?

One cup of red eye coffee at Starbucks has between 200 and 350 mg of caffeine. The amount of caffeine in this beverage can vary based on the types of beans used and the brewing method implemented. Though this beverage can keep you alert for hours, you should take it in moderation.

How Strong Is Red Eye coffee?

This is stronger than other coffee drinks at Starbucks since it is made of drip coffee and espresso. Even the short size of this drink contains almost half the amount of caffeine you should take in a day.

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