What is the Oreo drink at Starbucks called? (What is in it, how to make it, what does it taste like + more information)

If you’re aware of the famous cookies, Oreos, you might also be aware that Starbucks released a drink inspired by these cookies. So, what is the Oreo drink at Starbucks called?

The Oreo drink at Starbucks is the Cookies and Crème Frappuccino a.k.a Oreo Frappuccino made with cookies, ice and milk. This Frappuccino is topped with whipped cream and cookie crumbles. The Oreo Frappuccino or Cookies and Cream Frappuccino is among the most popular, simplest and most versatile frappuccinos at Starbucks.

Oreos are among my favourite cookies and when I learned that Starbucks had an Oreo-inspired beverage, I immediately visited the store to try one. I loved it. To learn more about this Frappuccino’s nutritional content, how it tastes, how to order it and how you can prepare it at home, continue reading.

What is in the Starbucks Oreo Frappuccino?

The Starbucks Oreo Frappuccino consists of ice, java chips and milk with whipped cream and cookie crumbles as the toppings. Starbucks provides allergen warning against wheat, egg, milk and soya. It is crucial to note that allergens may change due to customizations made on the beverage. Therefore, customers susceptible to allergic reactions to the mentioned foods should steer clear of this beverage.

What is Starbucks Oreo Frappuccino nutrition?

What is Starbucks Oreo Frappuccino nutrition?

The Starbucks Oreo Frappuccino has 270 calories in a tall (12fl oz.), 379 calories in a grande (16fl oz.) and 447 calories in a venti (24fl oz.)

Other nutritional contents of a tall Oreo Frappuccino are; fat- 14.3g, saturated fat- 9.7g, carbohydrates- 30.3g, sugars- 25.7g, dietary fibre- 0.3g, Protein- 5.2g, salt- 0.53g and caffeine- 0mg.

The other dietary values of the grande Oreo Frappuccino are; fat- 19.8g, saturated fat- 13.4g, carbs- 43.4g, sugars- 36.7g, dietary fibre- 0.4g, Protein- 7g, salt- 0.75g and caffeine- 0mg.

The venti Starbucks Oreo Frappuccino dietary contents are; fat- 21.7g, saturated fat- 14.7g, carbohydrates- 54.6g, sugars- 46g, dietary fibre- 0.5g, protein- 8.2g, salt- 0.95g and caffeine- 0mg.

The values given are based on a daily caloric diet of 2000 calories.

How does Starbucks make Oreo Frappuccino (Recipe)?

At the store, Starbucks makes the Oreo Frappuccino by blending cookies, ice and milk and topping the beverage with whipped cream and cookie crumbles. However, you can also prepare the Starbucks Oreo Frappuccino at home.

To make the Cookies and Cream Frappuccino at home the ingredients needed are; 3 Oreos or any Oreo-type cookies, 2 tablespoons of coconut sugar, ½ cup of ice, 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder or cacao, ½ tablespoon of xanthan gum (optional), 1 ½ cup of milk (your preferred kind) and crushed Oreos and whipped cream for the topping.

Place all the ingredients except the whipped cream and crushed Oreo cookies in a blender and blend until you get a thick, ice-creamy cookie texture or consistency. If you’d like a thicker Frappuccino, add more ice. Also, if you’d like your Frappuccino caffeinated, incorporate espresso shots into the mixture when blending.

To serve, pour the Frappuccino into a large glass, top with whipped cream and sprinkle the crushed Oreos on top of the whipped cream and enjoy.

What does Starbucks Oreo Frappuccino taste like?

What does Starbucks Oreo Frappuccino taste like?

Just as the name suggests, the Starbucks Oreo Frappuccino tastes like the Oreo cookies. The Frappuccino has a thick, sugary, chocolaty taste, with a creamy, ice cream-like texture.

How to order the Starbucks Oreo drink

You can order the Oreo Frappuccino either at the store or via the Starbucks app.

To order at the store, request the barista for a double chocolaty chip crème Frappuccino blended beverage, and ask them to substitute the regular mocha with the white mocha sauce. For toppings request extra cookies on top of the whipped cream.

However, if you prefer more crème to the chocolate cookie flavour, ask for a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino Blended Beverage with java chips blended in. For toppings, request cookies and mocha syrup on top of whipped cream.

To order via the Starbucks app, log into the app and on the menu, under drinks, choose Frappuccino Blended Beverages. Scroll down to Crème Frappuccino and either choose Double Chocolaty Chip Crème Frappuccino, Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino or White Chocolate Crème Frappuccino. Then, select the drink size and proceed to customize your beverage.

Under “Milk”, select your favourite kind and if you want your Oreo Frappuccino caffeinated, under “Espresso & shots options”, choose the number of espresso shots and the roast type you want. If you want caffeine-free Frappuccino skip this step. Then, under “Blended options” select the number of Frappuccino chips you want. In the “Flavours” sections, under “Sauces”, replace the mocha sauce with white chocolate mocha sauce and choose the number of pumps you’d like. Proceed to “Toppings” and choose whipped cream, then place your order.


Does Starbucks have an Oreo drink?

Yes. Starbucks has an Oreo drink, referred to as the Oreo Frappuccino or Cookies and Crème Frappuccino. As mentioned earlier, the Oreo Frappuccino is prepared with milk, ice and cookies and garnished with whipped cream and cookie crumbles.

Is the Starbucks Oreo drink a secret menu item?

Yes. The Oreo drink at Starbucks also called the Oreo Frappuccino is a secret menu beverage. This means that this Frappuccino is not on the main menu and the Starbucks baristas aren’t trained to prepare it. It is therefore important, to master its recipe if you’d like to order it. Your barista may not know what you’re ordering if you make your order by its name since they are not trained to prepare secret menu beverages. Mastering the Frappuccino’s recipe will simplify the ordering process and eliminate confusion on the barista’s side.

Is there coffee in the Oreo Frappuccino?

The Starbucks Oreo Frappuccino is caffeine-free since no coffee is used in its preparation. Starbucks estimates the caffeine content in the Frappuccino to be 0mg. However, some argue that there might be a little bit of caffeine in this Frappuccino, even if it is in insignificant amounts, because the cookies used might have caffeine in them.

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