Does Dutch Bros pay weekly (how often does Dutch Bros pay+ more information)?

Are you interested in working at Dutch Bros as a barista? Does Dutch Bros pay weekly?

No, Dutch Bros does not pay weekly. Employees at Dutch Bros are paid bi-weekly.

Being a Dutch Bros employee for over two years, I still can’t get over people’s misconceptions about Dutch Bros payments. Everyone has a different story about their payment methods, time, and tips. Hence, I wrote this article to enlighten the curious and correct any prior misconceptions about it. In this article, you will learn how often Dutch Bros pay their employees and the tips they give. Read on!

How often are Dutch Bros employees paid?

Unlike any other false rumor you may have heard, Dutch Bros employees are paid every two weeks. The amount of money paid to each worker depends on their rank in the coffee store. The lead shifts earn the most money, and the cashier and baristas earn the least. However, the company is friendly and relates well with its employees. They make sure that they pay each employee decently. The average income for a Dutch Bros employee is $263,997 per year. This is for the 6-8 hours shifts that they work through the day, not inclusive of tips.

Does Dutch Bros pay out tips weekly?

how often does Dutch Bros pay
Dutch Bros tips. Image source: Pixabay

Regarding tips, Dutch Bros pay their employees cash tips daily. In a short shift, 6 hours a day, employees make 2-6 dollars from cash tips depending on how good or bad the day was. However, it is essential to note that tips are only offered to employees who are already employed and have passed the recipe test.

Do you get paid while training at Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros coffee shops have a friendly approach to those training new hires. Yes, Dutch Bros pays their trainees. You will get paid for training at the warehouse for four days straight, and for the additional two weeks, you will be training in the stand. However, you will not receive cash tips until you pass your recipe test and become fully employed.


Are Dutch Bros managers paid monthly?

All Dutch Bros employees are paid Bi-weekly, with the managers not being exempted.

Are all Dutch Bros employees paid at the same time?

All Dutch Bros employees are paid at the same time every fortnight. There are no exceptions made.

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