Starbucks Partner numbers – Everything you need to know. (Do Starbucks partner numbers work after you quit? how to use them + More)

Starbucks employees have each a unique identifying number which among other things helps determine who served what drink. Only they don’t call them ID numbers as you’d expect.

Starbucks employee numbers are referred to as “partner numbers.” I did not know this until I came across a discussion about the possibility of fraudulent transactions using stolen Starbucks partner numbers from receipts by people impersonating Starbucks employees. You see, the company regards its employees as people who share in the mutual successes and rewards of the business, just as any business partner would. This piqued my interest, and I went to find out more about what was in this partnership for the staff, which I’ll be sharing in this post, so read on! 

How do Starbucks partner numbers work?

 Starbucks partner numbers aid in the identification of employees in all transactions conducted in their store or at any other Starbucks corporate location. The number also gives them access to all Starbucks employee perks, including discounts, markouts, and other partner-only exclusives. In-store, the partner number is at the top of the receipt to help identify the person who took the order, although in some locations a name is used.

Where the partner number comes in handy for the employee is in the perks. Using the number, one can access staff goodies that include free food and beverage, weekly markouts and discounts, discounts at other retailers, Spotify premium subscriptions, coffeegear, partner matching gifts, commuter benefits, fitness and activities, and the Elite athlete program, as follows:

  • Free Food & Beverage: Partners working in Starbucks company-owned stores may have a maximum of four handcrafted beverages free of charge while at work. The company also temporarily allowed employees to get seven free food items per week, ranging from pastries to items from the ready-to-eat case during COVID 19.
  • Weekly Markouts & Discounts: Markouts apply to Starbucks items at company-owned stores.To get a partner markout, all you need to do is to share your partner number OR present your Partner Card together with a valid ID at the register/Point of Sale (POS) for validation. Each week you can get one tea or coffee item at no cost. Items eligible for markout include a packet of whole bean coffee; one box of VIA ready brew packets; one box flavored VIA brew packets; one box Iced VIA brew packets; and one box VIA Refreshers brew packets.

Employees can also access other Starbucks Exclusive discounts using their partner number.

  • Discounts at Other Retailers: Partners may access offers from top brands ranging from home appliances, electronics, as well as groceries and everyday essentials. Some of the popular offerings include Skechers 30% off on shoes from any Skechers retail store, including online stores; and Real Home Rewards financial rewards of between $650-$7,200 after closing for buying or selling a home.
  • Spotify Premium Subscriptions: If you love listening to music (and who doesn’t?), then this partnership between Spotify and Starbucks will excite you. As a result, as a partner, you will receive a free Spotify Premium subscription, allowing you to listen to millions of songs on your computer, phone, tablet, or other device. With Spotify, you will always have the right music at every moment. This perk is available to all partners upon hire.
  • Coffeegear: Accessible to all partners, this offer gets you branded gifts, such as T-shirts (all dress code approved, both Starbucks branded or unbranded) and more. This comes with free shipping for orders above $25.
  • Partner Matching Gift: If you as a Starbucks employee have a cause that you support financially or by volunteering time for, then Starbucks will support your efforts through the company’s Giving Match program, and this is how it works:

Financial donations: the non-profit organization you support must be qualified under the program. You make a request for financial donations and the company will match your monetary donation; the minimum amount is $25.

Volunteer time: You apply to Starbucks Giving Match for a match on your community service hours. All partners can request a $5 grant for every volunteer hour tracked. The non-profit organization must be qualified under the guidelines issued by the program.

  • Commuter Benefits: whichever way you commute to work-riding the subway, by bus, or paying for your car’s parking when you work, you can save by using the Commuter Benefit Program that provides you with pre-tax payroll deductions for your commuting expenses. This can end up saving you up to 2 months’ worth of expenses in a year.
  • Fitness and Activities: All US partners can get up to $240 in reimbursements using their partner numbers for fitness events they take part in, such as walks, runs, and cycling events. Although the company gains from a healthy workforce, the benefits to you as a partner are even greater: you get to have fun and stay healthy—at the company’s expense, a win-win situation if you ask me!
  • Elite Athlete Program: if you are accepted into this program, you will receive a monthly stipend in your regular paycheck. This is supposed to help you cover competition costs and other expenses such as equipment, entry fees, travel, and accommodation. The Starbucks Elite Athlete program is one way that the company employs to inspire partners to fulfill their dreams and become their very best in endeavours outside of the workplace. Transactions with the partner are channeled using the partner’s number. The Elite program supports partners competing at a world-class level in athletics. Most of the partners in this program are ranked nationally or internationally in their individual sports.

Do Starbucks partner numbers work internationally?

Starbucks Partner numbers – Everything you need to know.

Starbucks partner numbers work internationally in some countries, and even then, only in some Starbucks corporate stores. Countries where it works include Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and some European, Middle East, and African (EMEA) locations. Make sure to have your ID or partner card handy in case they ask.

How do I add my partner number to my Starbucks app?

To add your partner number to your Starbucks app, you need to use a computer rather than your phone. Login to Sign in and go to account settings. Scroll and search for the spot to add partner number. With this, you will be able to get your discount automatically when you order using the Starbucks App.

If you want to scan your Starbucks app at the register and link your partner information, you need to follow a different process, which requires you to first add your digital partner card onto the app. To do this, go to the partner hub and login to mypartnerinfo. Next, click on “partner card” and follow the prompts.

However, if your intention is to get your daily or weekly markouts, you just give the barista your partner number at the register so that they can apply it.

How long do Starbucks partners get free drinks?

Do Starbucks partner numbers work after you quit?

Starbucks partners get free drinks when they are on shift. They can have a drink up to half an hour before the start of a shift, up to half an hour after completing a shift and during breaks in the course of a shift. A COVID-19 perk also included one free meal and drink every day of the week, whether the partner worked that day or not.

When will my partner number stop working?

Your partner number stops working when someone, in most cases, your manager, files your exit paperwork into the system.

Do Starbucks partner numbers work after you quit?

No, they don’t. Your partner number will stop working upon your resignation or termination as soon as the manager files your paperwork into the system. The exact time will depend on the manager’s speed at completing this task.


How many free drinks do Starbucks partners get?

For each shift, you can get up to 4 free coffee drinks and 1 food item. In addition to this, as a COVID-19 relief measure, Starbucks extended the benefit to one drink and one meal per day to staff not on shift. This offer was for a limited period.

 Where can I use my Starbucks partner discount?

You can use your Starbucks 30% discount for all drinks in your store or at any Starbucks location when you are not working, as well as at participating retail merchandisers such as Sketchers.

 Can I use my Starbucks partner discount at Target?

No. If you are a regular Starbucks employee, you can’t get a discount at Target Starbucks. This is because Target can only use the Starbucks brand name under license but are technically not Starbucks locations. Staff at the Target Starbucks are Target employees, not Starbucks.

How long is a Starbucks partner number?

The Starbucks partner number is a 16-digit number.

How to use partner numbers at Starbucks?

You use your partner number for identification at Starbucks locations, for human resource and finance purposes, and to access Starbucks partner perks. Free food and beverages, weekly markdowns and discounts, discounts at other retailers, Spotify premium subscriptions, coffeegear, partner matching gifts, commuter benefits, fitness and activities, and Elite athlete program awards are among the benefits.

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