How to pay with Starbucks app (Can you pay for your order on the Starbucks app?) ☕️

Are you craving your favorite Starbucks coffee and want to use the app to pay? Here’s how to pay with Starbucks app and enjoy a hassle-free purchase.

Curious about whether you can conveniently pay for your Starbucks order using the Starbucks app? The answer is a resounding yes! To pay with the Starbucks app, simply log in to your account, place your order, customize it if needed, and proceed to make payment through your saved payment methods or add a new mode of payment.

If there’s one thing I can’t start my day without, it’s my daily coffee-fix, and the Starbucks app is my go-to solution for a seamless experience. With an almost never-ending to-do list, I value the convenience of placing my order swiftly and getting on with my tasks. I must admit, the level of convenience the app offers is nothing short of amazing 😎. I have written this article to share how I have conveniently made payments through the Starbucks app. So, if you’re curious about the payment options available on the app and how they simplify your Starbucks order experience, keep reading.

Can you pay for your order on the Starbucks app?

Pay with Starbucks app 
How to pay at Starbucks. Image source: Starbucks

Yes, you can pay for your order on the Starbucks app. Gone are the days of rummaging through your wallet for cash or fishing out your credit card from the depths of your bag. With the Starbucks app, you hold the power to pay for your order with a simple tap on your smartphone screen 📱. It’s like having a digital barista at your beck and call, ready to whisk away your payment woes and make your coffee dreams come true.

What payments are accepted on the Starbucks app?

How to pay with Starbucks app 
Starbucks Mobile App payment. Image source: Starbucks

When it comes to paying for your order on the Starbucks app, you’ll be delighted to know that there are numerous payment options available to suit your preferences. Amazing, right? Let’s dive into the various payment systems integrated on the app.

Starbucks Cards:

can you pay for your order on the Starbucks app?
Pay with Starbucks Card. Image source: Starbucks

With the Starbucks app, you can load funds onto your Starbucks Card within the app. By using a credit or debit card or transferring the balance from an existing physical card, you can easily top up your Starbucks card. When it’s time to pay for your order, simply scan the barcode on your app at the counter or drive-thru, and the amount will be deducted from your Starbucks Card balance.

Credit/Debit Cards:

You can also add and save your credit or debit card information within the Starbucks app. You can then make quick and secure payments with your preferred card. When you’re ready to pay, select your desired card from the payment options, and your order will be charged to the selected card. It’s a hassle-free way to enjoy your Starbucks experience without the need for physical cards.

Mobile Wallets:

Additionally, the Starbucks app seamlessly integrates with popular mobile wallets such as Google Pay and Samsung Pay. By linking your mobile wallet to the app, you can conveniently make payments with just a tap on your smartphone. Make sure that your preferred mobile wallet is set up and linked to your Starbucks app before attempting to use it for payment.

Apple Pay:

If you have an Apple device, the Starbucks app fully supports Apple Pay. Apple Pay offers you the convenience of reloading your Starbucks card directly through the Starbucks app on your iOS devices. This allows you to easily add funds to your Starbucks card for seamless transactions within the app.

All you need to do is simply select Apple Pay as your payment method within the Starbucks app. When it’s time to pay, authenticate the transaction using Face ID, Touch ID, or your device passcode. The payment will be seamlessly processed, allowing you to enjoy your Starbucks order effortlessly. Furthermore, Apple Pay can be used as a payment method at participating Starbucks locations.

How do you pay using your Starbucks app in a drive-thru?

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The good thing about the Starbucks app is that not only is it convenient for cutting down your time standing in line at the store, but you can also skip ordering through multiple windows at the drive-thru. Here’s how it works: when you’re near the front of the drive-thru line, place your order through the app. Once you reach the drive-thru speaker, simply let the Starbucks team know that you’re there for your mobile order.

I enjoy getting my order from the drive-thru when I’m on my way to a meeting, and it’s great that the baristas are not affected by someone placing a mobile order ahead of time in the drive-thru. This means I can expect faster service without causing any inconvenience 😊.


Does Starbucks app accept credit cards?

Yes, the Starbucks app accepts credit cards as a payment method.

Can you use your Starbucks app without reloading it?

Yes, you can use the Starbucks app without specifically reloading it.

Can you pay for your Starbucks app order using cash?

No, you cannot pay for your Starbucks order using cash. Payment is completed on the app.

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