Starbucks coffee beans grinding requirements? (Will Starbucks grind my coffee? + What you need to know)

Do you have coffee beans and looking for where you can grind them? Will Starbucks grind your coffee beans? What are Starbucks coffee beans grinding requirements?

Yes, Starbucks will grind your coffee only if they are original Starbucks coffee beans and they are new and sealed. Furthermore, Starbucks will not grind your coffee beans if they have expired or nearing the expiration date. I recently discovered that Starbucks could grind coffee beans when I visited a folk of mine. He had coffee beans that needed to be grounded, and I was curious about where he grinds his coffee. That is when I knew that Starbucks could grind your new and sealed coffee so long as it is their original product.

Will Starbucks grind my beans?

Yes Starbucks can grind your beans. However, the beans must be Starbucks original products and bag new and sealed. Starbucks does not grind beans from other brands. The beans must also not be nearing the expiration date or have expired.

Does Starbucks have coffee grinders?

Starbucks coffee beans grinding requirements?

Yes, Starbucks has coffee grinders. The coffee grinders at Starbucks have a conical burr grinder which gives the best grinding results compared to the aggressive blade grinders. Starbucks invests in their blinders as they believe an exceptional grinder is the beginning of an extraordinary brew. The machine used for grinding at Starbucks is the Mastrena which adjusts brewing time and temperature automatically.

Does Starbucks grind coffee from Costco?

If the coffee beans you bought from Costco are Starbucks coffee beans, then they will be grounded for you. However, if they are from other brands, Starbucks will not grind them as it only grinds Starbucks coffee beans.

What are Starbucks coffee beans grinding requirements?

First, Starbucks grinds whole beans depending on the grind options of the coffee, which include; espresso, pour-over, coffee brewer, and coffee press. If your beans are from Starbucks, they will grind them for you for free. Furthermore, it can be done upon request if you want a Universal or Turkish grind.

Other requirements needed before Starbucks grinds your coffee include;

  • The whole coffee beans bag must be sealed, and new as Starbucks cannot grind opened coffee.
  • The coffee beans should not have expired or neared the expiration date.
  • The coffee beans must be original products from Starbucks.

What type of coffee grinder does Starbucks use?

Will Starbucks grind my coffee?

The grinder used by Starbucks is called a Mastrena. It is a machine developed exclusively for Starbucks by Thermoplan Ag, a Swiss company. The super-automatic machines used at Starbucks have a computerized menu and in-built grinders that make the process of making espresso as quick and easy as possible.

Why does Starbucks not grind coffee beans from other brands?

Starbucks does not grind coffee beans from other brands to evade possible damage to their grinders and also to avoid bad grind. This is because Starbucks produces quality products and cannot let products that lack quality assurance ruin its reputation. Furthermore, because the machine used for grinding coffee beans at Starbucks was made exclusively for it, it might get damaged when used to grind coffee beans from other brands.


If you are wondering where to grind your coffee beans, then Starbucks is your solution. However, for Starbucks to grind your beans, they must be new and sealed, and are Starbucks original products.


Can you ask Starbucks to grind coffee?

If your coffee beans are from Starbucks, you can ask them to grind your unopened bag of coffee beans at no charge.

Can you get beans ground at Starbucks?

You can only get coffee beans ground at Starbucks if they are from there, and they are new and sealed.

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